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Michelle (みっちぇる Michelle/Mitchell) is a rather eccentric teacher from the school that Max, Zoe, Rex, and Amy attend. She is voiced by Ameran Sakiko[1] in the Japanese version and by Tara Jayne in the English dub.


She first appears in No Free Lunch leading the D-Team's class on a field trip to a set of tourist caverns, where Euoplocephalus activates. She has a run-in with a starving Alpha Gang trying to steal her lunch, where she gets into an old lady-based insult-fest with Ursula, but her lunch is stolen anyway. After leading the class to safety (leaving the D-Team behind) when a dinosaur fight triggers a shower of rocks from the ceiling, she tells the class not to mention dinosaurs when they get home for the sake of her keeping her job.

She reappears in Metal Imbalance to wake Max up from his dream in the middle of class, later leading the class on a field trip to the local ironwork that quickly gets invaded by the Alpha Gang. Upon realizing the D-Team are still inside, she races in after them, but faints when she sees Terry, getting captured by Alpha Droids along with Rex and Zoe, but is released by Seth after Max tosses the Alpha Metal ball into a vat of molten iron. She comes to in time to make it back to the bus with the D-Team as the facility explodes.


She is very lively, but, like all teachers she is very strict. She is very hyperactive, excitable and passionate for her teaching. She is petrified of dinosaurs. Michelle hates Ursula and gets wound up when Zoe calls the two 'old ladies'. It is shown that her favorite time is lunch time. It is also specified that many students seem to have a distaste towards her.




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