Srayders Eldritch

aka Caio Ferreira Peres

  • I live in Fortaleza - Ceará
  • I was born on April 5
  • I am Masculino
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    • Um…what? You do realize you put everything in the title bar, right?

      If you're looking for answers, then in order: Dinosaur King ended. I don't know about what other Sega franchises. This wiki is as big as it needs to be to cover everything that Dinosaur King was. I don't know about the blogs, I don't use them. Why is that last one a question and what's it asking? And what's that thing at the end there?

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    • (I hope I will not be ashamed)The first question, I wanted to know how the Sega franchises ended, disappeared from nowhere. Second question, I think this wiki is small because it has only a few things, for me it is missing the unknown place that appears in the second Japanese opening when the Spectral Space Pirates appear and the legend of that opening. Third question, well I was even thinking about type, publish my fanfics, man, but, should not they be published on the other wiki? (This "In this last ..." means I thought of things like The Seal of Orichalcos as card, The Great Leviathan and in 2 dinosaur modes: The Rising and the Orichalcos Armor). I already turned a fanfic on a home-made HQ, and I wanted to continue. Well, if I wanted to post my fanfic, I'd love someone to collaborate with me...

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    • From what I can decipher: I don't know anything about the other Sega franchises, sorry; I also don't know anything about the Japanese version of the Dinosaur King anime except what's already on this wiki, much less the Japanese opening, sorry again; and finally, this is the wiki for official information, there's another wiki I'm not part of that's for Dinosaur King fanworks and stuff here.

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