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Amazing Treasure Race! is the 9th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 58th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 4th episode of the 4-part Caribbean Sea arc.


The British Navy Captain's cannonfire is falling short of the Alpha Pirate Ship, but not for long. Then Ed remembers this ship can raise a clear dome and go submarine mode (put on Ursula's charge card this time), sinking underwater to safety.

Meanwhile, both Blackbeard and Copper (who's revealed to be wearing a fake eyepatch, a sign of a fake pirate to Blackbeard) have forgotten what the treasure map looked like, a frustrated Shear giving them a copy Foolscap made. The D-Team and Jim make it to the treasure island first, going ashore away from the reefs, thus leaving them a mountain to scale on foot. 'Whitebeard' gives the Alpha Trio the Alpha Pedal Glider to use to get him the treasure first to build his pirate reputation with. Jim and Max get into another argument about how fast they should be going, Zoe settling them (or at least Jim) again. On the Glider, Ed realizes he grabbed a Pirate Fan magazine instead of a copy of the treasure map, Ursula kicking him in the face…and snapping the Glider in half, plummeting them to the ground.

The D-Team reaches the opposite coast's cliff, which doesn't match their map, but Shear attacks them with Megaraptor. Jim sees Blackbeard's ship sailing into a cave also not on the map, secretly jumping aboard as Shear recalls "Meg" from the distraction battle. As whirlpools appear around the island, the D-Team returns to the Alpha Pirate Ship to follow Blackbeard, whose ship hits an underwater stalagmite which triggers an earthquake that seems to begin sinking the entire island, flooding the cave with both ships. Shear abandons the pirate ship and Jim is discovered, Blackbeard aiming an aft cannon at the Alpha Pirate Ship, but Jim slips away and turns the cannon at the wall. Both ships somehow exit atop a mountain peak, the winding river almost acting like a water park ride as it heads straight for a waterfall! 'Whitebeard' activates every wrong button trying to go submarine mode again, Blackbeard's ship going over the falls and splintering before the Alpha Ship gets the dome up on its way down.

Full treasure map

Treasure map properly read

Jim paddles a wooden plank to the ship, while the Alpha Trio returns in a "repaired" Pedal Glider that breaks again feet from landing. With most of the island underwater, Jim begins to despair, but Rex realizes that the wet map shows the back side through the front, the combined image now properly looking like the half-sunken island. Jim deduces where 'X' marks the spot, and 'Whitebeard' sets sail. Shear meets them there, however, sending Meg to keep them busy while she goes ahead, Jim racing after her. Copper sees the battle, but gets kicked off the pirate ship's last remaining square of wood with the helm wheel by Blackbeard for talking out of turn. Jim finds the treasure cave with the jewel sitting in a chest, but Shear's boomerang snatches up the whole thing. As Shear departs, the D-Team realizes the jewel looks like a blue version of the Yellow Cosmos Stone; they're left with Meg to deal with, finally managing to overpower her. With the Cosmos Stone gone, the island shakes again, 'Whitebeard' submarining the Alpha Ship out of harm's way without them.

Copper has made it back to what's left of the ship, and Blackbeard accepts him as a real pirate, as the British Navy Captain arrives to arrest them both; spied aboard his ship by the D-Team, however, is also Jim's father. The Navy Captain has arrested the corrupt Army Officer, realizing the full story, and frees Jim's father to him and the D-Team; Jim's father reveals another lead on another healing jewel to pursue. As the Backlander flies overhead to teleport the D-Team back aboard, Jim tells Zoe he'll always remember her and hopes to meet again, Zoe giving him a quick kiss to the others' shock.

Back in the time vortex, Zoe taunts Max's inability to address the kiss directly and goes in for a harmless kiss on the cheek to prove it. Max backs away into a lever on a control console and breaks it off, causing to ship to start a one minute countdown to shutting down…


Rex/Max vs. Shear/Meg[]

Shear sends "Meg" after the D-Team, Rex summoning Ace into a shoving stalemate. Meg knocks Ace flying with a powerful tail swing, Max summoning Chomp to charge and toss her. He rushes again, but Meg sidesteps and bites his tail, swinging and throwing him.

Chomp and Meg wrestle at the cliff's edge, both falling into the water. Shear recalls Meg to join Blackbeard heading toward the treasure.

No result

D-Team vs. Shear/Meg[]

Shear summons Meg while Max and Rex summon Chomp and Ace, Meg leaping over a double charge. Meg is given Spectral Armor to use Hurricane Beat against a boulder, the flying shards briefly blocking Jim from following Shear. Zoe summons Paris, who charges Meg but gets knocked away easily with a tail swipe. The D-Team then upgrades their dinosaurs to their DinoTector forms.

Chomp bites Meg's arm, but she swings him off, turning to the others racing in. As Shear leaves with the Blue Cosmos Stone, Meg swats Paris away with her tail, turning to Ace and charging him with Ninja Attack. Ace counters with Ultimate Wind, the attacks hitting head-on; in classic fashion, they both try to stand steady afterward, but Meg's Spectral Armor shatters, and she collapses and returns to her card. Max then claims the card.

D-Team wins

New Cards[]


-Max: "Get us over to that mountain peak, doctor!"
-'Whitebeard': "Call me Whitebeard or you're going nowhere."
-Max: "Okay, 'Whitebeard'. Can we go now?"


  • This episode's English title is a reference to the reality TV show, The Amazing Race.
  • According to Meg's location on the Dino Bracer, 'treasure island' is below the midpoint between Hispaniola and Jamaica, well out of range of the Bermuda Triangle they'd been looking in two episodes earlier.
  • This is the first episode in which the Space Pirates summon a dinosaur whose species already appeared in season 1, in this case Megaraptor.
    • In contrast to the first Megaraptor, Zoe's claim that Megaraptor was a "really dangerous dinosaur" was fairly easy to prove with Meg, although some of her aggressiveness was possibly due to her being under Shear's control.
  • This is the first episode where a D-Team main dinosaur's chibi form appears only through their summoning sequence, all three meeting this condition at the same time, though there have been complete individual chibi absences.
    • This also marks the first episode without any chibi form appearances outside of summoning sequences.
  • When Shear recalls Meg the first time, the entire card appears in her hand; as Meg wasn't wearing Spectral Armor, her energy should've been recalled into a grayscale version of her card, like is shown with Shantungosaurus next episode.
  • This is the only episode in which Paris fights a Wind Dinosaur, but it doesn't change the fact that no Wind or Grass Dinosaurs in the anime ever defeated each other.
  • This is one of if not the only episode to show a dinosaur's DinoTector Armor transformation scene for a second time, mashing up the D-Teams' armoring sequences.
  • Although Meg uses Ninja Attack, Shear isn't shown naming or activating the Move. In fact, as Shear had already left, it almost looks as if Meg used the Move herself (which isn't known to be possible, since only wild card dinosaurs have been shown using Moves themselves, provided their cards activated together).
  • Although Ace uses Hurricane Beat in later episodes, it's not known if it was the same copy that Meg used in this episode, as the Move Card wasn't on the ground with Meg's card. Although it's possible that a summoned dinosaur's latest Move can drop if defeated (as with Utahraptor and Atomic Bomb in A Game Show Showdown), in Meg's case this would have been Ninja Attack and not Hurricane Beat. Since the Move used by Ace was strong enough to destroy Spectral Armor, it's also possible that it was a second copy of Hurricane Beat created later by Dr. Z.
  • Despite the corrupt officer having been labeled as belonging to the British Army previously, Blackbeard comments that his testimony can't be trusted because, "He's in the Navy!", which is separate from the Army.
  • Unlike every previous time of simply zapping them from place to place, the teleport beam this time lifts the D-Team a few feet before they vanish, allowing Jim to grab Zoe's hand as she rises away.
  • Dr. Z is in the wrong position during the cliffhanger scene given what the resolution next episode claims happened.



Amazing Treasure Race

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 9


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