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High Sea Chase is the 8th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 57th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 3rd episode of the 4-part Caribbean Sea arc.


The Alpha Pirate Ship is about to crash into the cliff wall, until Ed tells the Alpha Droids to row in reverse, stopping the ship safely.

Max spies Jim held aboard Blackbeard's pirate ship through the fog, but Blackbeard's parrot brings them a message: exchange the other half of the map for Jim or he walks the plank, dropping an egg on 'Whitebeard''s head as it leaves. The D-Team discusses trading the map for Jim and then following Blackbeard, Rex saying they use the chance to get their parents back from the Space Pirates, but Max is more concerned about getting the healing jewel for Jim's village. They make the trade to Jim's disappointment (until seeing Zoe again), the pirates keeping their word and both sides leaving. Now with the full map, Blackbeard orders to wait until after a brewing storm, until Foolscap goads him into sailing through it instead.


Blackbeard sees the jet-propelled ship

Jim and the D-Team argue for a bit about whether the trade was a good idea and who has what at stake before following Blackbeard. As they start falling behind, a comment by Ursula reminds Ed of one of the Alpha Pirate Ship's features, and he switches on the jets (put on Zander's charge card, as always): the pirate ship is resting atop a turtle shape three times bigger, and rocket boosters send them streaking across the ocean, startling Blackbeard and Copper with their speed…until they run out of batteries and stop. The storm, however, is growing, and starts tossing around both ships.

Amidst the rolling seas, 'Whitebeard' pulls off the Alpha Ship's steering wheel, and Copper is forced to rescue a man overboard; amused at everyone's pitifulness, Foolscap summons Jobaria off the prow and lassos its tail, having it tow Blackbeard's ship to the treasure's island. Max plans to have Chomp help, but their dinos are all seasick; 'Whitebeard''s solution is to use pickled plums to—and he drops the jar. Everyone struggles to grab the jar as the deck rocks, 'Whitebeard' clarifying that the plum must be put on one's bellybutton to cure seasickness. Ed grabs the jar, but realizes Chomp has no bellybutton (only mammals do, not reptiles); Max uses a placebo by drawing an 'X' on Chomp's stomach to substitute a bellybutton. With Chomp cured, he's summoned to use Lightning Strike at the sky, clearing out the storm clouds in ten seconds flat.

DK episode cut 58 2

Foolscap before leaving

As they close in, Foolscap sends Jobaria after them, Ursula sending Spiny into the aquatic combat, both sides pulling out Water Assist Moves, including the return of Futaba. Meanwhile, Jim suggests they take the opportunity to sneak onto Blackbeard's ship and steal the map, he and Max riding Metal Wing's Pteranodon until they're spotted and shot at, Jim dropping into the sea to climb aboard amidst Max's unwitting distraction. He grabs the map but is spotted and cornered by Copper, until Max flies by and rescues him. Spiny wins the battle, forcing Foolscap's retreat; Zoe fetches the cards, Ursula angry at this because she did all the work.

The British Navy Captain arrives on the scene, Blackbeard leaving for the treasure; the Navy captain settles for confronting 'Whitebeard' again, though, opening fire with his ship's cannons…


Ursula/Spiny vs. Foolscap/Jobaria[]

Foolscap sends Jobaria at the Alpha Pirate Ship, the D-Team knowing they'd be outmatched in the water, so Ursula summons Spiny; Jobaria is given Spectral Armor while Spiny debuts his DinoTector form.

Foolscap uses Ocean Panic to summon a squad of 5 Ophthalmosaurus, who circle and ram Spiny, all leaping in at once before Ursula uses Futaba Super Cannon, Futabasaurus catching and swinging them away with a whip of water. Futaba and the Ophthalmosaurus dive down to keep each other occupied while the dinosaurs continue fighting. Spiny bites at Jobaria, who dodges and comes around behind, getting tail swatted in the neck before ramming Spiny.

Spiny and Jobaria circle at a distance, Jobaria using Shockwave and Spiny using Water Sword at the same time, the two attacks canceling into a twisting water column between them. Futaba is chased deep, but leads the Ophthalmosaurus straight up, the group shooting out of the water around Jobaria. Spiny then uses Ultimate Water, surging forward and crashing through the falling Ophthalmosaurus to ram two of them into Jobaria, defeating all of them and destroying its Spectral Armor. Zoe snatches the cards out of the water with an extending grabber, Ursula insisting she earned the cards instead.

Ursula/Spiny win

New Cards[]


(Alpha Pirate Ship is approaching the cliff wall)
-Max: "Turn to the starboard side!"
-'Whitebeard': "Starboard's left, right?"
-Ed: "Right! D—I-I mean your right, left, is…right…"

(Ursula and Zander are recreating that famous Titanic moment)
-Ursula: "I feel like I'm a jet plane flying through the sky."
-Zander: "Huh! And if I let go of you, you're gonna feel more like a fish swimming though the water."

(Zoe grabs the cards from the water)
-Zoe: "Alright! I just got two more cards!"
-Ursula: "Heeey! I'm the one who fought the battle so those two cards belong to me!"
-Zoe (nervous): "Hey, we're all on the same team, so no worries."
(Max and Jim arrive back)
-Rex: "Hey guys, you did it."
-Max: "So your plan all along was for me to take the fire while you swam to the boat?"
-Jim (nervous): "Hey, we're all on the same team, so no worries."


  • Judging by the animation style, the parrot's parting gift of an egg likely wasn't an egg in the Japanese version.
  • Dr. Z admits the pickled plum cure came from "Grandma Z", another one-off mention of a character's unseen grandmother brought about by another character's sarcastic comment turning out to be true.
  • Though Spiny and Jobaria swim in the open ocean in this episode, this would have been difficult in real life. While sauropods' air sacs made them buoyant and Spinosaurus could stay at the surface, neither would be competent swimmers, instead awkwardly paddling to stay upright. Neither group would have likely ventured past shallow water by choice.
  • Jim suggests riding the D-Team's "flying dinos", despite Metal Wing not having been used thus far in the arc for him to know about them (he may have been told about them offscreen, though; after all, they are part of Zoe's arsenal, whom he is obsessed with).
  • Although Zoe had to summon Paris in full-size to summon the Pteranodon, Paris is only seen as a chibi in this episode.
  • In this episode, a total of 5 Water Moves are used (Ocean Panic, Futaba Super Cannon, Shockwave, Water Sword, and Ultimate Water), which makes Water the attribute which had the most Moves used in a single episode in the anime.
    • This is also the only episode in which a dinosaur other than Spiny uses Shockwave, in this case Jobaria. This makes Shockwave the only first Super Move used by a main dinosaur that was also used by another dinosaur in the anime.
  • Jobaria and Ophthalmosaurus appear to glow a Wind Dinosaur's light blue instead of a Water Dinosaur's dark blue when defeated.
  • This episode shows probably the most successful fight of an Alpha Gang main dinosaur this season and is also the only episode in which Spiny has defeated a dinosaur that is bigger than himself without help. This representation was necessary because Spiny was the only main dinosaur that could fight Jobaria due to its ability to swim in the ocean.



High Sea Chase

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 8


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