High Sea Chase is the 8th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown, and the 57th episode of Dinosaur King.



Blackbeard sees the jet-propelled ship

The D-Team and the Alpha Gang pursue Blackbeard and Gavro after they captured Jimmy. After a visit from Blackbeard's parrot, the D-Team is forced to make a trade - the other half of the map in exchange for Jimmy's safety. Soon after the trade, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang pursue them again, with Ed activating the jets to catch up with Blackbeard. The pirates discover this with surprise, with Blackbeard remarking, "They're faster than the wind!".

When a storm hits, both parties struggle to survive. Foolscap activates Jobaria to pull Blackbeard's ship through the storm as Max activates Chomp, using Lightning Strike to clear the clouds and dispel the storm.

As Foolscap commands Jobaria to attack the D-Team, Ursula unleashes Spiny and gives him his DinoTector form as Foolscap activates Ocean Panic, which summons 5 Ophthalmosaurus, to attack Spiny only to be countered by Futaba Super Cannon. Using the Pteranodons, Jimmy recovers the map with Max, nearly getting caught, but getting rescued by Max at the last second. Ursula defeats Jobaria and Ophthalmosaurus. Their cards were then reclaimed by Zoe (Ursula arguing they should be hers for beating them).

DK episode cut 58 2

Foolscap before leaving

Meanwhile, Foolscap escapes the fray, vowing revenge for his opponent's victory. However, just as Blackbeard makes his escape, the British Military catches up with them, thinking that the Alpha Gang and D-Team are pirates.


Foolscap vs. UrsulaEdit

Ursula summons Spiny to battle Jobaria. Foolscap activates Jobaria's Spectral Armor form, but Ursula gives Spiny his DinoTector form.

Foolscap uses Ocean Panic, summoning 5 Ophthalmosaurus to attack Spiny. Ursula counters with Futaba Super Cannon, summoning Futabasaurus who shoots the Opthalmosaurus from Spiny away with a powerful jet of water. Futabasaurus distracts the Opthalmosaurus as Spiny fights Jobaria. When they circle around each other, Foolscap uses Shockwave, but Ursula counters it with Water Sword. Stalemate ensues.

As Futaba sees Jimmy rescued, it goes on to distract the Ophthalmosaurus, leading it on a chase. When he lured them into the air, Ursula uses Ultimate Water defeating both Jobaria (destroying its Spectral Armor) and the 5 Opthalmosaurus.

Ursula wins

New CardsEdit


  • Though Spiny and Jobaria swim in the open ocean in this episode, this would have been difficult in real life. While sauropods' air sacs made them buoyant and Spinosaurus could stay at the surface, neither would be competent swimmers, instead awkwardly paddling to stay upright. Neither group would have likely ventured past shallow water by choice.


High Sea Chase

High Sea Chase

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 8

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