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X-treme Map Quest is the 7th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 56th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 2nd episode of the 4-part Caribbean Sea arc.


As the D-Team and Jim flee the stray boulder rolling at them, Max trips, but the boulder is deflected on its own and Chomp accidentally bites Max. Aboard Blackbeard's pirate ship, the sea and Space pirates discuss their shares of the treasure.

Max and Jim argue over whether Chomp is responsible for their predicament, but Jim is distracted by Zoe's encouragement, swooning and trying to kiss her; she ducks and he kisses Max by accident. Later, a new ship appears on the horizon: the Alpha Pirate Ship, helmed by Captain Whitebeard (Dr. Z, who only cooperates if you call him 'Whitebeard'); save the Alpha Droids rowing the ship, it was all Ed's idea, secretly loving pirate stuff since childhood. After failing to understand how radar works, Jim tries to kiss Zoe again, but gets slapped spinning across the cheek.

With the pirates lost in a fog, Blackbeard ensures first mate Copper only fears him, not imagined ghosts. Meanwhile, a British Navy warship attacks the Alpha Pirate Ship with cannons; Jim manages to talk its captain down by explaining his situation, and they're going to be left alone, but 'Whitebeard' is a bit too in-character, and responds with his own cannons…which were from Ed's 10th birthday and only shoot fireworks and streams of flags. The Navy captain retaliates against the perceived mockery, forcing the Alpha Pirate Ship to flee (dropping Ursula and Zander down to row with the Droids), Jim saving Zoe from falling over the side as its masts are damaged; the Navy captain vows revenge.

Blackbeard's ship approaches a tyrannosaur shape in the fog, Gabbro summoning Diceratops, whose weight almost capsizes the ship before it jumps off, but recalls it from the water when the shape turns out to be a rock formation…one from the map. Jim points out that they're following Blackbeard into the infamous Bermuda Triangle; as they argue over which Triangle stories are true, they see Blackbeard land over radar, going ashore. Then the crew returns and heads to the next island, seemingly uncertain as to the exact island, as his half of the map provides too little context. Arriving on the far side, the D-Team and Jim climb ashore on a cannon's rope bridge, arguing over how much Jim can tell from the map before they run into several pirates, getting chased in different directions.

Jim and Zoe run onto the beach where Blackbeard's crew is digging, summoning Paris to hold them back, but Diceratops is summoned to fight. Meanwhile, Chomp's Lightning Strike easily chases off the pirates chasing Max and Rex. Paris manages to defeat Diceratops, Zoe reclaiming its card. Jim tries to kiss Zoe again, but she slaps him away…sky-high, right into the waiting arms of Gabbro, who delivers him to Blackbeard's departing ship. Luckily, Jim doesn't have the map anymore, Zoe does; Blackbeard, however, plans on forcing a trade.

As the Alpha Pirate Ship speeds through the fog after Blackbeard, something becomes visible in front of them: a giant wall of stone…


Zoe/Paris vs. Gabbro/Diceratops[]

Zoe summons Paris against Blackbeard's pirates, but Gabbro summons Diceratops, adding Spectral Armor and prompting Zoe to debut DinoTector Paris. Diceratops charges, but Paris dodges, Diceratops knocking over a palm tree with the impact.

Diceratops charges again, getting hit back by Paris' tail, then rammed over. Paris is redirected to chase away the pirates grabbing Jim, but is blindsided by Diceratops, getting knocked to the ground and stomped on repeatedly. Paris manages to kick Diceratops back, knocking it over with a tail swipe before defeating it with Ultimate Leaf, destroying its Spectral Armor. Zoe reclaims its card.

Zoe/Paris win

New Cards[]


-Zoe: "Since when did the Alpha Gang become Alpha Pirates?"
-Max (flatly): "Since they realized they could buy pirate costumes."
-Rex: "At least they're not making us wear them."

(DinoTector Paris has just been summoned)
-Jim: "Whoa. Zoe, Paris is just as beautiful as you are."
-Zoe: "Quiet, Jim, I've got a battle to win."


  • The episode's English title may be a reference to the navigation app MapQuest.
  • Despite the arc generally being set in the Caribbean Sea, the Bermuda Triangle where the characters find themselves here (in some stretch of the Bahamas, according to their radar map) is not part of the Caribbean.
  • When Zoe fights Gabbro, Terry's summoning theme plays when Diceratops is given its Spectral Armor. Seconds later, Spiny's theme plays when Zoe prepares to trigger Paris' Element Booster.



X-treme Map Quest

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 7


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