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Dinosaurs of the Caribbean is the 6th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 55th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 1st episode of the 4-part Caribbean Sea arc.


After the soda Dr. Z snatched spills onto the control console and the Backlander spirals through the time vortex, Jonathan takes a huge breath and blows the circuitry dry, revealing his motherboard was from a weather simulation droid. The Pterosaur then guides them to a new time period, neglecting to answer any of the D-Team's questions.

They arrive over the Caribbean Sea in 1718; their parents are here, indicating the Space Pirates are as well, looking to steal something. They detect a dinosaur on an island, and Dr. Z wants to fight it, but Helga forces him to use SPF 80 sunblock first or she'll tear up an unspecified Water Move Card. The D-Team teleport into the way of a group of running British soldiers, Zoe getting separated before a boy named Jim crashes into her, instantly falling in love with her. He leads her away as an Edmontonia with the Space Pirate insignia crashes out of the forest, but it's recalled before the others can fight it. The soldiers then return to their pursuit of Jim and his father, the D-Team following them.

Elsewhere, the Space Pirates are disappointed that Gabbro had them dig in the wrong spot, then hear the British army shooting. As Jim and the D-Team evade the British, they get cornered by a band of pirates led by Blackbeard, Jim's father falling down a ravine and getting grabbed. Max summons Chomp to scare the pirates off, but Blackbeard isn't fazed, drawing his gun. As the British arrive and shoot at the D-Team instead of the pirates, Jim's father shifts their mission to Jim, and the kids flee. Blackbeard and the British officer are working together to find a yellow jewel Jim's father was supposed to have the map to, the Space Pirates overhearing and offering their assistance in finding it.

As they walk, Jim tries complementing Zoe and Paris, snapping at Max and Rex for responding to their (out loud) 'private' conversation. Jim tells the group his story (only when Zoe asks): his father and him are here with a map looking for a mystical jewel that can cure a sickness in their village across the ocean, but Blackbeard burned and sank their ship when they arrived, wanting it himself, and a corrupt British officer tried to capture instead of save them, chasing them into the Edmontonia, who sent them all running. Max and Rex assume Jim's father to have the map, but Jim has led Zoe away to a cliffside. He asks her to be his girlfriend and reveals he has the map, but then gets embarrassed that he may have overdone it; though flattered, Zoe says no. However, Blackbeard overhears her calling to the others that they have the map.

Max and Rex are cut off by Edmontonia and Gabbro, Rex staying to fight with Ace in his new armor. Zoe is about to summon Paris, but Jim step in, tossing sand in Blackbeard's face and leading him away; then Zoe summons Paris against the pirates. As Gabbro summons Diceratops into the battle, the Alpha Gang teleport in and add Terry. While running, Jim trips, and though Max wrestles Blackbeard, he still takes the map from inside Jim's belt, but Chomp grabs it and runs off…as the dinosaur battle spills onto the beach in front of him. Edmontonia gets defeated and reclaimed by the Alpha Gang, but Diceratops ends up stepping on the map, and Chomp tears it in half trying to pull it free, leading Gabbro to snatch the loose half with his glove's extending suction cup as he retreats with Diceratops. Blackbeard is forced to retreat as well by Ace and Paris.

Meanwhile, Helga realizes Dr. Z used SPF 15 instead of 80 (Ursula wanted a tan) and teleports the Alpha Gang back to the ship; Jim is told they're from the circus. As Jim realizes the map half they still have doesn't have the treasure's location, the boulder from Edmontonia's deflected Rock Roller, perched atop the nearby cliff, begins to roll down at them…


Gabbro vs. Rex/Dr. Z[]

Edmontonia and Gabbro confront Rex, who summons Ace, headbutting Edmontonia's face before Gabbro adds Spectral Armor, Ace then debuting his DinoTector form.

Ace sends Edmontonia flying and Rex prepares a Wind Move, but Gabbro summons Spectral Armor Diceratops. The Alpha Gang then teleports in, Dr. Z summoning Terry and debuting his DinoTector form; Terry charges into battle offscreen as focus stays with the Alpha Trio discussing going to the beach. Ace crosses the screen to follow him. Edmontonia is sent rolling into frame and skids out again. Terry runs across after it.

As the four dinosaurs spill out onto the beach, Edmontonia uses Rock Roller, sending a boulder at Terry, who responds with Ultimate Fire, deflecting the boulder and defeating Edmontonia, destroying its Spectral Armor, allowing the Alpha Gang to presumably reclaim its card. However, the boulder lands atop the nearby cliff. Ace and Diceratops continue shoving, Diceratops being flipped over and stepping on the map pet-sized Chomp is biting as it stands up, Chomp tearing it in half before Diceratops is recalled.

Rex/Dr. Z win

New Cards[]


(the Space Pirates are hovering over a huge hole)
-Gabbro: "It's not here. I guess we dug this hole in the wrong place."
-Shear: "After all that?"
-Foolscap: "Yup. No apology for making us dig fifty feet, just, 'Oh, duh, I guess it's the wrong place'."
(after another scene, same spot)
-Gabbro: "I don't get it, Boss told me to follow my gut. I looked down, watched it, and dug."
-Shear: "Gabbro, he meant use your instincts, not look down at your stomach."

-Rex: "It's time to throw in the towel!"
-Gabbro: "Sorry, I don't have any towels to throw. But I do have another dinosaur." (summons Diceratops)


  • Both versions of the title are references to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
    • This episode is easily the closest the Japanese and English titles come to being the same, only excluding one word between them.
  • Despite referring to a "yellow jewel", the actual treasure is the Blue Cosmos Stone, leaving no indication as to the reason for the color mix-up in- or out-of-universe. It's possibly a script/dubbing mistake leftover from last arc's Yellow Cosmos Stone, or simply mistaken legends in-story (not the last time).
  • This episode features the only mention of Paris' unexplained "Spring Awakening" power, a name which belongs to nothing in any branch of the franchise, possibly being a script mistake.
  • Max mentions similarities to a movie called "Treasure Chest", a rather generic name not close enough to match any real world pirate movie over another save possibly "Treasure Island" or “Treasure Planet”.
  • Despite Diceratops debuting in this episode, its species name is never said until its appearance next episode.
  • When Dr. Z activates Ultimate Fire, if you look closely, the card he is slashing is a regular Fire Dinosaur card; this is a result of recycled animation.
  • Diceratops mistakenly glows yellow like a regular Lightning Dinosaur when recalled, despite Space Pirate dinosaurs glowing a pinkish purple due to their Spectral Armor regardless of Element (which is correctly used after the scene cut as it returns to his hand).
  • When the boulder on the cliff is seen in the background of a shot, it is placed too low on the screen and appears to be floating in front of it instead.
  • When Gabbro first sees Terry, he wonders if he's an ally. Ironically, he will control a Tyrannosaurus himself much later in the season.




Dinosaurs of the Caribbean

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 6


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