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There's No Place Like Rome is the 5th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 54th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 4th episode of the 4-part Ancient Rome arc.


Fleeing from the Roman Army, the D-Team and Sophia turn down a dead-end alley. Pet-sized Chomp tries climbing out, but can't get a grip; as the soldiers corner them, the wall behind them collapses to reveal a Yangchuanosaurus!

Chased into the street, Shear snatches Sophia into her ship, armoring "Yang" for a fight, but recalls him when faced with a Fusion Move and leaves. Trapped in a barn, Sophia is interrogated with Shear dropping swords around her closer and closer. Dictator Sulla orders his soldiers to retrieve the giant lizards, resulting in the Alpha Trio's swift recapture (after Ursula tries fighting a cat for the pizza it was stealing). The D-Team hitches a ride to follow Shear, finding Sophia after the Space Pirate leaves; she had to spill about Spartacus having the Yellow Cosmos Stone.

Meanwhile at the Colosseum again, Sulla forces the Alpha Trio to summon their giant lizard to fight Spartacus; at spearpoint, they agree in exchange for the pizza they've been after. They summon Spiny instead, but Spartacus places the Yellow Cosmos Stone into his sword, making an energized blade that zaps Spiny down easily. Watching, Shear sends Yang into the ring, Sulla assuming it to be the Trio trying to avoid losing, who instead quickly recall Spiny and flee. The Cosmos Stone gives Spartacus no advantage against Yang, his sword breaking, and he's quickly pushed against the wall before the D-Team arrives. The battle soon leaves only Chomp facing Yang as Sophia escapes with Spartacus, Dr. Z teleporting in just in time to unveil his newly created Element Boosters…that are meant for the Alpha Trio not Max, but Yang snatches him up and Max catches the briefcase, Dr. Z quickly instructing him how to use the yellow Booster with the Dino Bracer to debut Chomp's DinoTector Armor. Yang tosses Dr. Z aside but quickly loses the fight to Chomp's new Ultimate Move. And the crowd cheers.

Spartacus and Sophia free the other slaves, but Shear appears and snatches the sword hilt with the Cosmos Stone using her crescent boomerang, then leaves. Despite the loss, they will continue with their rebellion; though offered to join, the D-Team passes up to continue the quest for their parents, as the TPS says they're leaving this time period, the Backlander teleporting them aboard and entering the timestream.

Though failing to find pizza, the Alpha Trio at least managed to get some soda, but Dr. Z promptly steals Zander's, leading to a fight that sends the bottle breaking and spilling all over Jonathan's console! He loses all control of the ship, and it spirals through the vortex…


Max/Rex vs. Shear/Yang[]

"Yang" leaps over the D-Team to block them from Shear, so Max summons Chomp; Shear adds Spectral Armor. Chomp rams Yang, but Yang grabs and throws him by the horns, Rex summoning Ace into the battle. They shove, but Yang kicks Ace back, next swatting away the pair's double charge with his tail. Chomp and Ace unleash Thunder Storm Bazooka, but Yang is recalled and the attack misses as Shear leaves.

No result

Spartacus & D-Team vs. Ursula/Spiny & Shear/Yang[]

The Alpha Trio summons Spiny to face Spartacus, but he uses the Yellow Cosmos Stone to grow his sword into an energy blade, slicing Spiny down with its electrical power. He dodges a lurch from Spiny, sending an electric shockwave along the ground to down Spiny again.

Shear summons Yang, adding Spectral Armor to block a crescent slice projectile, the Armor dampening the Cosmos Stone's elemental power. Nervous, Ursula recalls Spiny and they flee. Spartacus' next slice breaks his sword, and he's knocked into the wall by a tail swipe. As Yang closes in, Chomp blindsides him with Lightning Strike.

Shear responds with Venom Fang, Piatnitzkysaurus occupying Chomp with a poison cloud while Paris and Ace are summoned to fight Yang, letting Spartacus escape. Yang trades hits with them before tail-swatting Paris away, shoving with Ace as Chomp kicks Piatnitzkysaurus and defeats it with Thunder Bazooka. Yang then uses Burning Dash to grab Paris and ram her into Ace, defeating both against a Battlefield-only boulder.

Zoe and Rex lose

After Max gets his Element Booster from Dr. Z, he unlocks DinoTector Armor Chomp, who charges and rams Yang. After a shove off, Yang swings his tail, but Chomp bites and throws him with it. He then uses Ultimate Thunder to easily defeat Yangchuanosaurus, destroying its Spectral Armor. Max reclamis its card and probably Piatnitzkysaurus' too.

Max/Chomp win

New Cards[]


(the D-Team is riding on a farmer's wagon to follow Shear)
-Max: "Uhh, no offense but won't this thing go any faster?"
-Farmer: "Sorry, but my racing ox is in the shop."

(Sulla has recaptured the Alpha Trio)
-Sulla: "You three. I want you to bring that giant lizard back to do battle. Oh guard, say please for me."
(guard points a spear at them)


  • The English name of the episode is based on the phrase "there's no place like home", which was made famous in the 1939 MGM film The Wizard of Oz. Coincidentally, another episode is named "Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!" after another famous Oz quote.
  • This is the first episode of season 2 and the first since Full Scheme Ahead to not feature a narrated "Previously on…" segment at the beginning. Such segments won't be used again for the duration of the series, though some footage from the prior episode's cliffhanger may be repeated without narration.
  • Zoe mentions the Pterodactylus, a genus of flying reptile not featured in Dinosaur King, when trying to find an escape route from the Roman army in the dead end alley; however, she mispronounces it as a "Ptero-du-actylus", when the name has no extra vowel at that point.
  • When Yang is summoned in the Colosseum, a Battlefield appears even though he and Spiny aren't fighting each other. It had been previously established that Battlefields required opposing dinosaurs to form, not simply multiple dinosaurs. The Battlefield also remains after Spiny is recalled, though the Yellow Cosmos Stone held by Spartacus may be keeping it active, though why it didn't trigger one for Spiny makes this more likely to be an error.
  • This episode is one of the first times the interrelationships between Attributes are clearly addressed, when Shear indicated that the Yellow Cosmos Stone is very powerful against a Water Dinosaur like Spiny, since the Cosmos Stone's Attribute, Lightning, has an advantage over Water. If Ursula had summoned Tank instead, the effect of the Cosmos Stone would have been even less than with Yang, since an Earth Dinosaur like Tank has an advantage over Lightning (though being the Alpha Gang, it would likely still be enough to defeat them).
  • This is one of the few episodes in which a dinosaur threatens to eat a human, but since Yang was under Shear's control, this may not be part of his true personality.
  • This is the first episode in which a Space Pirate dinosaur (Yang) defeats one of the six main dinosaurs (Ace and Paris) and the first episode in which the Space Pirates use a Move Card Dinosaur (Piatnitzkysaurus).



There's No Place Like Rome

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 5


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