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Desperately Seeking Spartacus is the 3rd episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 52nd episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 2nd episode of the 4-part Ancient Rome arc.


Before the D-Team can worry too much about Chomp possibly going over the cliff, Sophia brings him back; he'd followed her, drawn to the Yellow Cosmos Stone. As she leaves again, Jonathan alerts them of an incoming communication, possibly the kidnappers.

It turns out, however, to be Reese communicating through time from the D-Lab, locking onto Rex's TPS. They swap info, but Reese is unable to relay the exact date of Spartacus' rebellion before the connection breaks. Meanwhile, Dr. Z is creating new and improved Move Cards, including a Volcano Burst/Shockwave Fusion Move that never gets used again, as well as attempting to engineer dinosaur armor to match Torvosaurus'. Realizing Gabbro was likely after Sophia's Cosmos Stone before, Max grabs some of the new cards as the D-Team heads out to find her again. Helga also sends the Alpha Trio out to get dinner.

As the D-Team catches up and warns Sophia, Foolscap swoops in at them, gloating about being a Spectral Space Pirate and unleashing a Shunosaurus on them. After a brief battle with Chomp, however, some rubble knocks Foolscap out of the sky and he retreats, insisting he's only getting a bandaid. Sophia and the D-Team recap what they know and agree to head to Rome together, Max getting an idea for Sophia's bag. The boys and girls split up, Foolscap seeing that Sophia no longer has the Cosmos Stone's bag and leaving to find it. The girls wait in a barn, but Sophia overhears from villagers outside that the new gladiators start fighting at the Colosseum tomorrow, and sneaks off. Meanwhile, the Alpha Trio finds someone finishing an apparently delicious pizza too quickly to mooch any from him, but he directs them towards the 'Leaning Tower of Pizza' in downtown Rome for more; Ursula summons Terry to take them there faster, but the nearby Roman Army trips him with a net and captures the Trio, taking their Alpha Scanner. Back to the story, Foolscap tracks down Sophia's bag with the boys; they play keep away until Chomp grabs it, letting Foolscap snatch it up to discover it's a decoy full of rocks and he promptly leaves. Then Zoe catches up to reveal that Sophia's gone.

Sophia had stowed away in a cart, getting taken to a village where slaves are being trained as gladiators, discovering Spartacus had already been moved on to Rome, among those sentenced to fight to the finish. Suddenly Shunosaurus breaks through the village's wall to get to her, but while guards and citizens annoy it with sticks, the slaves flee through broken fences, keeping Foolscap away from Sophia until he summons Majungasaurus. The D-Team arrives and summons their dinosaurs, Foolscap's Spectral Armor still giving him an advantage; however, he's distracted long enough for Sophia to slip away, and Dr. Z's new Move Cards manage to turn the tide and defeat Foolscap's dinos.

With her bag returned, Sophia informs the D-Team of their time limit, but before they can set off to Rome again, they are trapped under a net! A group of villagers is planning on turning these "sorcerers" and their monsters over to the Roman Army…


Max/Chomp vs. Foolscap/Shunosaurus[]

Foolscap summons Shunosaurus as Max summons Chomp, who charges and rams Shunosaurus crashing through a house. Foolscap upgrades to Spectral Armor Shunosaurus, who chases the D-Team until Chomp catches up and continues the fight. A hit sends Shunosaurus' tail crashing into a roof, spraying wood planks and stones onto Foolscap. As the battle continues, Foolscap gives up and recalls Shunosaurus, insisting he isn't beaten as he retreats.

No result

D-Team vs. Foolscap/Shunosaurus/Majungasaurus[]

Foolscap's Shunosaurus and Majungasaurus were already summoned trying to corner Sophia, and the D-Team summons Chomp, Ace, and Paris; Foolscap upgrades his dinosaurs with Spectral Armor. Chomp faces Majungasaurus as Ace and Paris ram Shunosaurus. Paris charges Foolscap to drive him away from Sophia, but Shunosaurus catches her in Aqua Vortex. Ace keeps Shunosaurus away until Majungasaurus attacks, but it gets distracted by Chomp.

Foolscap being frustrated at Sophia's escape, Majungasaurus pummels Ace with Kagerou (Mayfly). Max then takes out Dr. Z's new Moves: Paris hits Shunosaurus with a strengthened Emerald Garden and Chomp hits Majungasaurus with the new Plasma Anchor, destroying their Spectral Armor and defeating them both.

D-Team wins

New Cards[]


-Dr. Z: "Those Pirates had very advanced weapons. If we're going to battle them, we have to upgrade!"
-Ursula: "Do you think you could design an upgrade that doesn't involve us getting blasted?"
-Zander: "Yeah. I'm a member of the 'We Do Not Test On Real Villains' Group."
-Ed: "Me too, and we're gonna report you."
-Dr. Z: "Pipe down or you'll be the target!"

-Villager: "Ah, so it's pizza you want, is it? Too bad, I had some here just a few minutes ago. But I'll tell you where to get the best pizza in the empire."
-Ursula: (eager) "Yeah? Why is it so fantastic?"
-Villager: "The folks around here, they call it 'horse pizza'."
-Zander: "That's not very catchy, how did it get a name like that?"
-Villager: "Once you taste it, why you'd sell your horse to get some more. Come to think of it, that's what I did…"
-Ursula: "We don't have a horse, but I'd certainly trade these two lugs for some."


  • The English title is based on the movie Desperately Seeking Susan.
  • Early in the episode, various D-Team members refer to the villains as "the Space Pirates", despite Foolscap not revealing the group's name until later in the episode and Gabbro having never described them last time. It may be a script mistake or merely a description they came up with that happened to match the actual name.
  • A villager mentions a pizza restaurant whose name is a pun on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, despite said tower not starting construction until over 1200 years after when the episode is set.
    • The pun, the "Leaning Tower of Pizza", is naturally also the name of several real-world pizzerias.
  • This episode features Aqua Vortex hitting its fourth target, Paris, the first to not be a Fire Dinosaur (after Terry, Saurophaganax, and Black T. rex).
  • One of Majungasaurus' Spectral Armor back spikes is erroneously facing forward instead of backward when it's being thrown by Plasma Anchor.
  • Shunosaurus glows a Wind Dinosaur's light blue instead of a Water Dinosaur's dark blue when defeated, though its card glows correctly in the next shot.



Desperately Seeking Spartacus

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 3


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