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Bad Deal is the 26th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 75th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 1st episode of the 5-part Season 2 Finale arc, the 1st of the 2-part Jurassic Period sub-arc.


Surprise-attacked by the Space Pirates, the D-Team and Alpha Trio are teleported away just in time, the Backlander jumping into the time vortex; they discover their communication issues were caused by random gunk in their Dino Bracers.

Meanwhile, the Space Pirates get berated by Spectre for their failure, unsuccessfully arguing for an 'A for effort'; he then plans to use something instead of them to get the D-Team's Cosmos Stones back. The parents also realize Spectre's anger means their kids have found all of the recent Cosmos Stones, and they start trying to hack his communication system. Dr. Z examines the new Green Cosmos Stone while the D-Team plan how to trade it and the Red Stone for their parents, Rex having Jonathan contact the Space Pirates using the TPS coordinates.

Spectre answers their call (with Brontikens biting the camera), commenting on how young the D-Team is before discussing the trade, but insisting on dental coverage for Brontikens instead of the Cosmos Stones. He eventually agrees to trade the Stones for their parents…and they floss Brontikens' teeth. After a silent signal from the other Pirates, he says he needs to chew on their offer, and his cape, then buy a scale to weigh his options, before revealing that he was only stalling until they locked onto the Backlander's transmission, the Space Pirate Ship opening fire with lasers. Having no weapons themselves, they manage to dive out of the vortex, crashing to the ground in the Jurassic Period. Wild Chinese dinosaurs wander nearby, but a Pod Ship swerves overhead and lands, Seth emerging.

Seth's gel dino chibi

Seth's gel dino

Seth climbs out of the ship with a robotic gel pet-sized nondescript theropod, but then collapses. He is brought onto the Backlander (with Helga restraining Dr. Z, until the Doctor is distracted into playing with the cute robotic dino and leaves), where he apologizes for his betrayal, revealing he had just escaped from Spectre. After being sucked into the portal, he'd been rescued in the time vortex by the Space Pirates and put to work providing them with dinosaurs, but discovered their true plan with the Cosmos Stones, whose power is capable not only of destroying the entire Universe, but entire dimensions beyond it. The Cosmos Stones are a negative force opposite the Stone Plates' positive force, both created in an ancient explosion and brought to Earth within the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs. Spectre had been chasing the meteor, but was too close during impact and was thrown into the time vortex. Seth escaped when they attacked the Backlander, seeking safe refuge.

After being locked in his room to rest (for security reasons), Seth signals his robotic dino to lose Dr. Z, reveal its true form as a Gel Jark, trap the Alpha Trio, and free him. As Jonathan repairs the Backlander, the D-Team and their dinos explore the Jurassic landscape; Dr. Z catches Seth stealing the Cosmos Stones, but is trapped by the Gel Jark as Seth escapes. When Helga frees Dr. Z, the D-Team see and chase Seth, but are intercepted by Gigas. They battle him back, but he ends up starting a forest fire with Magma Blaster, causing all combatants and nearby wild dinosaurs to run. The Backlander lifts off and tries to corner Seth, but the Space Pirate Ship shoots and forces it away. The parents, having hacked into Spectre's imaging system, watch as, luckily, the D-Team is teleported out of the fire by Jonathan and the Backlander escapes into the time vortex, but leaves the fire burning.

Back in the present, Reese, Rod, Laura, Dr. Owen, and Patrick are at the D-Lab enjoying a pizza, when plants begin to sprout and grow. Then the Backlander gets a staticy transmission from Reese, saying that the fate of the world is changing…


Gabbro/Gigas vs. Max/Rex[]

Max and Rex encounter Gigas and Gabbro blocking them from chasing Seth, so they summon Chomp and Ace and equip their DinoTector forms to fight him.

Chomp and Ace surround Gigas, both attacking, but he stops them with his head and easily shoves them back, Ace slamming into a tree and Chomp skidding along the ground. Gigas then uses Magma Blaster, but Chomp dodges the attack. Chomp uses Lightning Strike and sends Gigas flying into Seth's Pod Ship before he can reach it, destroying it.

Gigas uses Magma Blaster again, hitting no one but lighting a forest fire, making all the wild dinosaurs nearby flee. Chomp and Ace are recalled as Gigas tries biting them, the D-Team getting teleported away from the fire.

No Result


(Spectre is shouting at the Space Pirates for their failure)
-Spectre: "If I were to grade any of you nincompoops, you all would've flunked out!"

(Dr. Z is trying to get at Seth)
-Helga: "Calm down, Doctor. Can't you see that Seth iz not well? Let him regain his strength, und zen you can pulverize him!"


  • Despite there being a 22-way tie for the shortest English title by words, each with two words, this episode's title is the shortest by characters (including spaces), at only 8.
  • The source of the glowing gunk jamming the Dino Bracers is never identified. Though it's possible the glow was only present because of censoring of the original substance for the dub, if the glow is taken as fact it may suggest the origin to be the bio-luminescent moss in Vasasi Castle from the previous episode.
Rock Paper Scissors Pirates

The Space Pirates holding up their Signs.

  • When Shear, Gabbro, and Foolscap silently indicate to Spectre they've located the Backlander during his stall conversation, they hold up hand signals that reflect the Rock-Paper-Scissors Signs their designs reference: Shear holds a finger 'V' like Scissors, Gabbro holds up a fist like Rock, and Foolscap punches into his open palm like Paper.
  • When Seth tells how he gave the Space Pirates their dinosaur cards, a Carcharodontosaurus can be seen among the captured dinosaurs in his flashback. If it was the same as Gabbro used in China, it would be the only dinosaur shown in a cage that the Space Pirates used.
  • Rex pronounces Tuojiangosaurus' name differently (twa-jung-o-saur-us) than Foolscap had previously (too-yang-o-saur-us), similar to Anhanguera's differing pronunciations between characters.
  • When Seth explains the origins of the Cosmos Stones, a Ceratosaurus can be seen among the dinosaurs who looks up at the approaching meteor. This is the only appearance of Ceratosaurus in season 2.
    • However, the gathering makes no real sense, as most of them lived in different eras, so they could not have had this event together. Only Baryonyx and Iguanodon actually lived in the same time and place together, but in the early Cretaceous Period, not the date of the meteor.
  • With the exception of Saurophaganax, all of the wild Jurassic Period dinosaurs that appear in this episode are from season 2.
    • Lexovisaurus and Yangchuanosaurus are the only wild dinosaurs whose coloration is similar to that of their card dinosaur counterparts, even if they do not exactly match, as all of Lexovisaurus' yellow and red is now orange, and Yangchuanosaurus' crests are blue instead of red.
  • The peaceful encounters between Paris and Shunosaurus and Chomp and Lexovisaurus can be seen as somewhat ironic, as Paris defeated Foolscap's Shunosaurus while Chomp was defeated by Shear's Lexovisaurus. However, both events only took place because Shunosaurus and Lexovisaurus were under the control of the Space Pirates.



Dinosaur King Season 2 Episode 26 Bad Deal

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 26


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