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The Haunted Hunt is the 25th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 74th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 4th episode of the 4-part Renaissance Paris arc.


As the bridge falls out from beneath the D-Team, Ursula and Zander summon Spiny and Tank to use Anhanguera Dive and Tupuxuara Dive, a pair of Anhanguera and a Tupuxuara swooping in and catching Rex and Zoe. And Max on a second pass. Foolscap tries flying past them, but the pterosaurs attack and knock him into the hanging bridge, getting him tied up in the ropes.

Everyone shakes off their nerves at the chilling sight of Vasasi Castle and heads into the abandoned castle's courtyard…as the gates open on their own. Paris sprints ahead, Rex suspecting she's drawn to the Cosmos Stone; after arguing whether Ursula should be left behind because she's too beautiful or too old, the Alpha Trio stays in the courtyard while the others head inside. After getting scared by a statue covered in luminescent moss, they find the moss completely covering a large room farther in, knowing they're getting close.

Back at the former bridge, Shear and Gabbro bypass Foolscap, Shear's boomerang slicing the rope and dropping him into the river below; he's rescued by Richelieu (taking the long way across the ravine) after he promises to obey him. On lookout duty, the Space Pirates spook the Alpha Trio with voices from a Medusa statue, the Trio summoning their dinosaurs as Gigas is sent against them. Seeing the fight, Max and Rex head outside, Ursula recalling Terry to follow Shear inside and the boys joining the fight after Tank's defeat. Shear finds the others searching, unleashing her upgraded Spectral Armored Triceratops, Maximus, to tear the room apart for the Cosmos Stone; Paris stands in its way, but as the Teen Musketeers settle on calling Ursula "pruney" instead of "old lady", new arrival Terry is quickly defeated. Richelieu reaches the front gates, Foolscap trying to fly past the outside battle, but Gabbro starts wrestling him.

Losing the inside battle, Zoe spots the Green Cosmos Stone in the eye of a statue, realizing it can help Paris. The Musketeers toss rocks to distract Shear, Ursula lifting a slab of rock when called "old lady", but Maximus chases them away; Zoe leads Paris to the Stone, but Shear notices and flies in. She shakes Zoe off, but is grabbed by Lady Constance and Princess Anne, letting Paris tackle the statue and swallow the Cosmos Stone, getting a surge of power. She easily defeats Maximus while outside Gigas is also overpowered with teamwork, but the influence of the Stone sends Paris charging outside, being recalled before she can attack her allies. As Max goes for the loose Cosmos Stone, however, Richelieu's soldiers surrounds them; they warn him against grabbing it with his bare hands, but he ignores them. Then King Louis orders him to stop.

Louis has no interest in controlling Europe, having everything he wants here in France (especially the candy), and exerts his kingly authority to overrule mumsy's wishes, who accompanied him here. He follows the connection Princess Anne saw between the Blue Eye and dinosaurs and gives the Green Cosmos Stone to the D-Team. The Teen Musketeers are now sworn to protect King Louis in addition to Princess Anne, and they all leave.

However, staying back at the castle, no one's Dino Bracers can contact the Backlander, when suddenly the Space Pirates break through a wall with Armatus, Maximus, and Gigas…


Alpha Gang & Max/Rex vs. Gabbro/Gigas[]

The Alpha Trio summons Terry, Spiny, and Tank, Gabbro responding by summoning Gigas; Terry is knocked into a wall. Ursula recalls Terry to follow Shear inside the castle, Zander and Ed upgrading to DinoTector Spiny and Tank.

Gigas bites and swings Tank by the tail through the castle doors, then uses Spectral Lancer on Spiny. Max and Rex arrive, Max suggesting a Combo Move; Tank and Spiny use Ultimate Earth and Ultimate Water on Gigas from opposite directions, but he holds back both attacks and knocks them back with a tail swing. Gigas uses Spectral Lancer again and defeats Tank. Max and Rex summon DinoTector Chomp and Ace.

Gigas is thrown into the front gate as Richelieu arrives. Gigas heads for Spiny, Ace jumping on him but getting thrown off. Foolscap tries flying past the battle, but Gabbro wrestles him for not helping.

Gigas is shoved back and finally getting tired out, the also tired Chomp, Ace, and Spiny combining Ultimate Thunder, Ultimate Wind, and Ultimate Water to defeat him, his Spectral Armor returning with him into his card. Still wrestling, pet-sized Tank leaps up and bounces on Foolscap and Gabbro's heads.

Max/Rex & Zander/Spiny win, however…

Zoe/Paris & Ursula/Terry vs. Shear/Maximus[]

Shear summons the permanently Spectral Armored Maximus, who charges the Teen Musketeers, Zoe summoning DinoTector Paris to kick him aside. He charges again, ramming and tossing her into the wall.

Maximus starts wrecking the room with his horn armor to find the Cosmos Stone, knocking Paris aside again when she tries interfering. Ursula arrives and summons DinoTector Terry, who tail smacks Maximus away from standing on Paris. Maximus uses Spectral Punisher, Paris racing aside as the attack catches and defeats Terry.

Maximus stamps on Paris repeatedly, Zoe trying to reach the Green Cosmos Stone she sees past them in a statue's eye; Maximus tosses Paris away. The Musketeers and Ursula distract Shear, who sends Maximus after them, Zoe guiding Paris to the Stone, but she's too tired. Shear tries to grab the Stone first, but is held back by Constance and Anne, Paris tackling the statue and swallowing the Stone. Flush with new power, she grabs the charging Maximus and tail smack him into the wall. Paris uses Ultimate Leaf, defeating Maximus, whose Spectral Armor returns into his card with him; Shear grabs his card while flying around the now out-of-control Paris and retreats.

Zoe/Paris win, but…

Paris/Green Cosmos Stone vs. Everyone Else[]

Shear is chased out of the castle by the Green Cosmos Stone-charged Paris, Foolscap and Gabbro (grabbing Gigas' card) also retreating. Paris turns to Spiny, Chomp, and Ace and charges, but Zoe arrives to recall her, the Cosmos Stone dropping.

Crisis averted


-Foolscap: "Great plan, destroying that bridge, now how do you plan to get to the other side?"
-Richelieu: "Uh…a piggyback ride?"
-Foolscap: "Sure, maybe when pigs fly, but I'm no pig." (flies off)

-Zoe: "Because Paris is acting like a dino on a mission."
-D'Artagnan: "Then let her lead the way."
-Max: "Right, and we'll follow."
-Ursula: "And the ghosts will no doubt be following us."
-Zander: "Too bad they're invisible most of the time, otherwise I'd find one and give up."
-D'Artagnan: "Uh, are they always like this?"
-Rex: "Whiny and snively? Yeah, pretty much. Maybe it'll annoy the ghosts enough to leave us alone."
-Ursula: "I wish."

(the Alpha Trio is on guard duty)
-Zander: "Yeah, but with the bridge out, I'd say we're A-okay."
-Ursula: "That's…right."
-Gabbro's voice: "No-o-o, that's wro-o-ong, te-e-erribly wro-o-ong…"
(Alpha Trio shiver)
-Zander: "Who goes there? Show yourself."
-Gabbro's voice: "I am the spirit of the statu-ue."
-Ursula: "But, uh, isn't that statue of a woman?"
-Gabbro's voice: "Uh, is it? Oh—uh, well, uh…I have a co-o-old."
-Ursula: "A cold?"
-Zander: "Must be a bad one."
-Shear's voice: "Look, I'm the spirit of the statue, not him."
(Alpha Trio freeze)

-Richelieu: "So, this is haunted Vasasi Castle, is it?"
-Foolscap: "That's right. What are you, scared or something?"
-Richelieu: "Me, scared? Why, you must be out of your mind, nothing scares me—" (Gigas is thrown through the gates in front of them, Richelieu's word morphing into a terrified scream) "Uh, excuse me, that was…a sneeze."
-Foolscap: "Yeah, and that thing's just my pet iguana, too."

New Cards[]


  • With the use of Tupuxuara Dive by Tank, Ace remains as the only of the six main dinosaurs who has never summoned a Move Card Dinosaur.
  • When Terry is hit aside in his brief stint in the Gigas battle, he hits the wall with what appears to be the same animation as in Metal Imbalance when he is sent into the wall by Electric Charge just before using Final Fury, just from a slightly different angle.
  • The battles in this episode each feature people of only one gender; Maximus being male in the females' battle keeps the dinosaurs from perfectly fitting this pattern too, though the "intruders" of female Tank in the males' battle and male Terry in the females' were both quickly defeated.
  • With both Tank and Spiny, the reason Gigas could hit them with Spectral Lancer was because they recklessly ran towards the attack. In the case of Spiny, this seems strange, as he was defeated by Gigas two episodes earlier due to the exact same mistake and should have learned from this experience. Tank has no excuse, as she had just seen Gigas hit Spiny when he charged in the same way she was doing. (Then again, Alpha Gang…)
  • Although Spiny was hit by Spectral Lancer, he was not defeated, making him the only one of the six main dinosaurs to survive a hit from one of the Space Pirates' altered main dinosaurs' Spectral Moves at least once. This seems ironic, as Spiny is often portrayed as particularly weak and seems to suggest that he actually has great fighting potential, but in the possession of the Alpha Gang he has never really been able to use this.
  • Unlike Genie or chibi Terry with the Red Cosmos Stone, Paris' eyes glow green after swallowing the Green Cosmos Stone, perhaps suggesting same-Element and full-sized are both required for a dinosaur to unlock its greatest power from a Cosmos Stone.
  • When Paris, under the influence of the Green Cosmos Stone, tries to attack Chomp, Ace, and Spiny, all four have strangely lost their DinoTector forms, despite having them moments before during the battle; however, this vanishing armor has been happening throughout the season, usually following the ends of battles or uses of Ultimate Moves (that end battles).



The Haunted Hunt

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 25


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