All for One is the 24th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown, and the 73rd episode of Dinosaur King.


The D-Team help to officially establish a Musketeers team and set off toward Vasasi Castle where the Blue Eye of Gaia (Green Cosmos Stone) is said to be located. The Alpha Gang runs into Cardinal Richelieu's guards and sets Tank upon them. Foolscap arrives and uses Ankylosaurus to attack Tank. After the Ankylosaurus defeats Tank, Foolscap withdraws it and continues looking for the Cosmos Stone.

Cardinal Richelieu's guards run into the D-Team and Musketeers, only for Lady Constance and Princess Anne to end up requesting an audience with Cardinal Richelieu. After Cardinal Richelieu basically shuts up Anne and Constance, the Alpha Gang and Musketeers separately infiltrate the building and Ursula unleashes Terry to attack the guards. When Cardinal Richelieu takes the Musketeers prisoners, the D-Team and the Alpha Gang go after them and eventually catch up.

Foolscap arrives and summons Ankylosaurus, then activates his Element Boosters after Ace is summoned. Rex also applies DinoTector to Ace. Foolscap unleashes Armatus, an altered Stegosaurus created by Seth, to attack Ace, but Max and Zoe summon and armor up Chomp and Paris. As they fight (and nearly lose to) Foolscap, the wagon the Musketeers are in is sent rolling over the cliff, but the Alpha Gang manage to use the Alpha Jet to get the Teen Musketeers to safety. Foolscap withdraws both his dinosaurs as soon as he learns the Cosmos Stone's location from Richelieu, and the D-Team try to cross the bridge, but Richelieu's men cut it out from under them and they begin falling into the gorge!


Foolscap vs. UrsulaEdit

Ursula summons Tank to scare away Richelieu's men, but then Foolscap shows up with Ankylosaurus and fights Tank. The Alpha Gang try to run from their attackers, but are too slow. Tank knocks Ankylosaurus away, but he uses Mole Attack, sending Tank careening into the Alpha Gang's wagon, defeating her and knocking them into the forest.

Foolscap wins

Foolscap vs. D-TeamEdit

Foolscap summons Ankylosaurus. Rex summons Ace. Ace tries to attack Ankylosaurs, but is knocked away by him. Foolscap activates its Spectral Armor form, while Rex activates Ace's DinoTector form. Despite this, it is still not enough for Ace, especially when Foolscap summons Armatus for backup, and even though the D-Team summons Chomp and Paris, also activating their DinoTector forms, Foolscap easily begins winning the battle.

D-Team uses their Ultimate Moves in a last-ditch attempt at victory, but Foolscap recalls his dinosaurs and flies off, having learned the location of the Cosmos Stone, but not before being hit with the shock wave produced by the D-Team's attack.

No winner

New CardsEdit


  • During the dinosaur fight, when Armatus charges through Chomp to get to Ace, due to an error, Ace is missing, and his CG model spontaneously appears in-frame just before Armatus reaches him.
  • When triggering their Ultimate Moves together, the D-Team say "Dino Slash!" as if they're summoning dinosaurs instead, likely by production mistake.


All for One

All for One

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 24

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