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The Wee Musketeers is the 23rd episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 72nd episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 2nd episode of the 4-part Renaissance Paris arc.


The boulders rolling down at the D-Team and Lady Constance shatter on rocks in the cliff and scatter in front of them. D'Artagnan and three other boys appear, the Teen Musketeers, having needed to stop the carriage to join it on the quest. "And you couldn't have just yelled 'stop'?"

Chancellor Richelieu heads off to the Dumas Chateau. Meanwhile, D'Artagnan keeps blaming Max for the orphanage, Max almost falling out the carriage window arguing back. On the Space Pirate Ship, Seth describes his newly enhanced Spectral Armor and dinosaurs engineered to handle using it, holding the card of a white Tyrannosaurus. Gabbro has been dispatched to aid Richelieu in Shear's place; spotting Richelieu's posse passing them, D'Artagnan directs the carriage to a faster route. Max updates the Backlander about the likely Cosmos Stone, Dr. Z overhearing and sending the Alpha Trio after it under the guise of going for French bread; however, their new "no fuel" rocket was actually just on empty and falls from the sky. The carriage is in sight of the chateau, but D'Artagnan dismisses Aramis noticing a loose wheel, which comes off seconds later, the carriage skidding to a halt.

After hammering the wheel back on, D'Artagnan blames Aramis, Max stepping in and getting into a scuffle over responsibility and teamwork, D'Artagnan claiming not to need others. The Alpha Trio casually walks by the scene, ignoring Ed's horse-drawn rocket idea to bypass needing fuel. At the chateau, Duke Dumas shows King Louis and Princess Anne a greenish crystal orb family treasure he found behind a bookshelf, as Richelieu enters the premises, Gabbro hanging back to snatch the Cosmos Stone after it's found. Richelieu announces his Blue Eye of Gaia search to the three, Princess Anne remembering the orb but failing to convince the nervous Louis to overrule "mumsy's" orders. Outside, the Alpha Trio decide to bash into the chateau with Spiny, Gabbro summoning Anchiceratops, and the battle breaks the wall of the collection room with the orb, getting Richelieu's attention. The D-Team arrive and get involved, but Gabbro unleashes the new permanent Spectral Armor of Gigas, easily beating Spiny.

During the fight, D'Artagnan notices Richelieu entering the damaged collection room and goes in alone, the Alpha Trio sneaking in behind them. Richelieu goes for the crystal orb but is stopped by D'Artagnan with a stick, responding with a sword and disarming him with effort. However, the other Musketeers race in with more sticks, D'Artagnan finally realizing the strength of a team, all for one and one for all. The Alpha Trio reach for the orb, but stop when they hear the Musketeers are orphans; Richelieu pulls out a gun, but Ursula knocks him down with a heavy vase. Richelieu grabs the orb anyway, but Gabbro mocks that this isn't a Cosmos Stone and leaves, recalling Gigas from the battle after Anchiceratops' loss; Richelieu tosses it and also leaves, Max catching it before it hits the ground. D'Artagnan also apologizes for his behavior, reaffirming the teamwork of the Teen Musketeers.

While the Alpha Trio are awarded with their French bread, Princess Anne resolves to stop the Royal Mother's plot. Duke Dumas has also let the Teen Musketeers have a set of matching blue uniforms and small swords, D'Artagnan giving them to the D-Team as well. As they unite their swords, however, the crumbling wall behind Max gives way and collapses onto him…


Ursula/Spiny vs. Gabbro/Anchiceratops/Gigas[]

Ursula summons Spiny, who charges into the chateau, but Gabbro summons Anchiceratops; it jumps over a tail swing, then tackles Spiny and rams him into a tower wall. It tackles again, but Spiny catapults it away with a kick, Anchiceratops landing on its feet and headbutting with Spiny after he charges over. Spiny is soon sent flying into the collection room wall. He sidesteps another tackle, Anchiceratops crashing into the wall, where he stamps it repeatedly.

With Spiny holding it back by grabbing its frill, Max summons Chomp to ram and toss Anchiceratops away, which lands on its feet again. Gabbro summons the permanently Spectral Armored Gigas, using Spectral Lancer to defeat a charging Spiny.

Gabbro wins

D-Team vs. Gabbro/Anchiceratops/Gigas[]

Rex and Zoe summon Ace and Paris into the battle; Gabbro upgrades to Spectral Armor Anchiceratops as the D-Team upgrade to DinoTector Chomp, Ace, and Paris. Gigas easily smacks Paris away with his tail before getting tripped by Ace, who bites Gigas' neck. Anchiceratops races in but is tackled and tossed away by Chomp, getting kicked repeatedly by Paris as it tries getting up. Gigas charges Chomp as the scene cuts away.

Chomp goes to help as Anchiceratops turns the tables and topples Paris to begin hitting her, but Gigas rams Chomp aside. Ace uses Sonic Blast to shove a charging Gigas into the air, Paris following up with Green Impulse, summoning a ring of 7 Tupuxuara to hit him on the way down. Chomp uses Thunder Driver, destroying Anchiceratops' Spectral Armor and defeating it. Max presumably reclaims its card.

Unfazed, Gigas roars to keep the three at bay. Gigas charges the hopeless D-Team, but is recalled as Gabbro leaves.

No result (Gabbro was winning)

New Cards[]


  • Both title versions reference The Three Musketeers.
  • This is the second episode with a fight between Spiny, Chomp, and an Anchiceratops in France, but in contrast to the first episode, Chomp fights the Anchiceratops together with Spiny. Though the same two are defeated in the same order, Spiny then Anchiceratops, there are other combatants in the second episode.
  • This marks the first appearance of a Space Pirate main dinosaur, Gigas.
  • In the dub, Gigas is called "Gigasaurus" by mistake when he is being summoned; the name is never used again.



The Wee Musketeers

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 23


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