The French Conniption is the 22nd of Mesozoic Meltdown, and the 71st episode of Dinosaur King.


The "Cosmos Stone" Max had grabbed at the end of the last episode turned out only to be a red light bulb; the real Red Cosmos Stone was in the washing machine (Helga had mistaken it for the laundry 'detangler' ball). After it is retrieved, Terry grabs it and goes wild before being restrained. The Pterosaur congradulates them for finding it, and leads the Backlander to Paris, France, in 1615.

The Space Pirates soon follow. Spectre sends Shear after the next Cosmos Stone with the coordinates from Dr. Ancient's Cosmos Stone Detector (which Dr. Ancient had secretly disabled by removing a small computer chip).

Meanwhile, the childish King Louis is leaving for the chateau of Duke Dumas (his uncle) with Princess Anne, his bride-to-be. Immediately after his departure, Shear arrives and overhears through an open window a discussion between the Royal Mother (Louis' mom, who is using Louis as a figurehead) and Richelieu about a "Blue Eye of Gaia" located "in a building of the old regime". Assuming this is the Cosmos Stone, she gets herself in on the agreement after a "friendly hint" from her Rajasaurus. A plan is made to demolish the old (and currently in use) orphanage to find it, although the Royal Mother plans to double-cross Shear and use the gemstone to let her son rule all of Europe.

As the D-Team exits the time vortex, they figure out the connection between Cosmos Stone colors and Dinosaur Elements. Then they see a group of children fighting soldiers. It's the orphans trying to stop Richelieu from getting to their home! Lady Constance tries to make Richelieu back down, but he points out that his orders come all the way from the Royal Mother herself, and has Shear call out Rajasaurus, which starts bashing the orphanage.

The D-Team shows up and Max tries to make Sheer trade the Red Cosmos Stone for their parents, but she is unwilling to trade when there are still two unclaimed Cosmos Stones, so Max summons Chomp instead. It fights Rajasaurus, trying to protect the orphanage, and eventually defeats Rajasaurus, but accidentally ends up basically destroying the building anyways in the process. Max reclaims cautiously its card.

This leaves D'Artangnan very angry at Max, and allows Richelieu's men to search the wreckage and realize the Blue Eye of Gaia isn't there. They leave, including Shear since the Stone is not there and she lost her dinosaur card to Max, and one of the orphanage's nurses points out that Duke Dumas' chateau also meets the description of the Blue Eye's hiding place. So that night, Lady Constance and the D-Team head out to intercept Richelieu there, but a rock slide begins heading right towards the carriage…


Shear vs. MaxEdit

After negotiations fail with Shear, Max summons Chomp to fight Rajasaurus. The dinosaur jumps down to fight, but is quickly knocked back (into the building). It throws a rock and hits Chomp, but he shakes it off. Max activates Chomp's DinoTector form, while Shear, saying that it won't help, gives Rajasaurus his Spectral Armor form. Rajasaurus charges, but Chomp knocks him back (into the building) again. Then Shear activates Blazing Spin Attack, and Rajasaurus throws Chomp into the building this time.

Chomp charges Rajasaurus, launching it into the air, and hitting and destroying its Spectral Armor with Lightning Strike, but it hits the building again! Rajasaurus roars one last time, as the top of one of the towers falls onto it, finally defeating it.

Max wins

New CardsEdit


  • The episode's English name "The French Conniption" is based on the book and movie title The French Connection.
  • The whole Renaissance Paris Arc is dedicated on the book The Three Musketeers.
  • When Chomp is first summoned and charges at Rajasaurus, he hits and launches him into the air with an animation as if he were using Electric Charge. Chomp also throws Rajasaurus into the air before using Lightning Strike with the same animation as he did with Terry in Rhino or Dino? before he and Torosaurus also both used Lightning Strike.
  • In this episode, Shear is seen with several different handfuls of Dinosaur and Move Cards beyond Rajasaurus and Blazing Spin Attack, none of which were used here or later, but most had previously been used by the Space Pirates. Specifically, they were the Spectral Armor Dinosaur Cards of Megaraptor, Tuojiangosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Baryonyx, Jobaria, and Achelousaurus in one handful; the Spectral Armor Dinosaur Cards of Afrovenator, Pachyrhinosaurus again, Megalosaurus, Majungasaurus, Lanzhousaurus, and Diceratops in another; and a group of all Elements of Move Cards, of which only several copies of each Tail Smash and Ninja Attack are clearly seen.
  • During Rajasaurus's battle with Chomp, an animation error causes the inside of Rajasaurus's mouth to briefly clip through the bottom of its jaws next to the neck, as seen in the picture above.
  • When the D-Team discuss the interaction of the Cosmos Stones, they noted that the Red Cosmos Stone seemed to strengthen Terry, but had the opposite effect on Ace. This is due to the interaction of the Attributes, since a Wind Dinosaur like Ace is weak to Fire, the Attribute that the Red Cosmos Stone represents.
    • Despite them talking about it weakening Ace, however, Ace and Spiny had simply jumped out of the way, and as Genie had contained it with his Water Attribute, Spiny shouldn't have been affected, so why Ace was singled out as being weakened for doing the same thing is unclear. Perhaps the dub simply chose dialogue that was true for dinosaur Attributes in general but didn't match the scene.
    • Notably, none of the dinos whose Elements aren't next to Fire were affected one way or another.


The French Conniption

The French Conniption

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 22


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