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Ancient Roman Holiday is the 2nd episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 51st episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 1st episode of the 4-part Ancient Rome arc.


While Dr. Z refuses to heed the Pterosaur's offer to guide them, Max realizes her voice sounds like those of the dinosaurs from the Stone Tablets, the D-Team's dinos being drawn to her as well. Jonathan steers the Backlander after the Pterosaur and exits the time vortex—almost right into a cliff, leading to a rough but safe landing. They have arrived in 73 B.C. in Italy near Rome, Rex's TPS confirming their parents are in this time period, but a barrier is prevnting a precise reading. Dr. Z insists they return to the Cretaceous, but as it's being pointed out his "fix" prevents accurate time travel, Helga arrives and sends him off to a nap for being cranky (the Alpha Trio, too).

The D-Team teleports to the surface, but Chomp quickly races off, finding a girl named Sophia who thought the Backlander was a monster (she's convinced it was a dream). Off in a Greek village called Trachia, Gabbro is stopped by guards and, having "learned" from Dr. Taylor, says hello by releasing several unnamed goo footsoldiers to fight them. He interrogates several farmers about a local girl with a jewel, flattening their barn in one punch for emphasis, but the Roman Army arrives to stop him. He summons Torvosaurus to greet them all at once, alerting the D-Team to dinosaurs in this time period, before scattering the soldiers with a warning Magma Blaster. Sophia overhears, revealing Trachia is her home, which was invaded by Rome, taking half its people, including her brother, who was made a gladiator. Chomp pounces her bag, making a glowing yellow gemstone fall out; a family heirloom, she calls it a Yellow Cosmos Stone, which she's taking to her brother, the only person who can touch it safely, to give him the mystical power to fight his way out. Then Jonathan alerts them to a ship approaching them at supersonic speed—Gabbro is arriving.

Sophia runs, but the ship ignores the D-Team and cuts her off, Gabbro exiting. He admits to having the Ancients, but brushes Max aside to reach Sophia. Max summons out Chomp, but Gabbro releases Torvosaurus, donning Spectral Armor for an unfair advantage. Ace joins the battle, Zoe and Paris keeping Gabbro away from Sophia, but Chomp and Ace only manage to win by pulling out the Fusion Move Thunder Storm Bazooka, forcing Gabbro to retreat. The Alpha Gang arrive on the scene with Terry too late, having seen Torvosaurus from the Backlander; Dr. Z finds a broken piece of its Spectral Armor, though. Helga then forces them back aboard for not making their beds after their naps.

The D-Team and Sophia part ways, wishing each other well in finding their missing parents and brother (name dropped as Spartacus), but Chomp seems to have disappeared, and Ace and Paris are looking over the cliff…


D-Team vs. Gabbro/Torvosaurus[]

Gabbro approaches pet-sized Chomp, so Max summons him full-sized, Gabbro responding with Torvosaurus, surprising the D-Team with having dinosaurs. They headbutt, Chomp hitting Torvosaurus back, so Gabbro adds Spectral Armor. Torvosaurus unleashes Magma Blaster, but while Chomp streaks through it with Thunder Bazooka, his attack stops hard against Torvosaurus' Spectral Armor helmet, and he gets tossed away.

Rex summons Ace to assist, struggling and failing to keep any footing in a shoving match. Gabbro gives chase to Sophia, but Zoe follows. Noticing the battle from the Backlander, Dr. Z demands to be sent down, but Rex had given Jonathan orders to keep him here. Torvosaurus hits Ace and Chomp with another Magma Blaster, pushing them across the battlefield. Zoe summons Paris, using Metal Wing's Pteranodon to drive Gabbro away from Sophia.

Backing towards the edge of a cliff, Chomp and Ace use the Fusion Move Thunder Storm Bazooka, the attack overpowering and destroying Torvosaurus' Spectral Armor, the dinosaur returning to its card. Gabbro retreats.

D-Team wins

Alpha Gang/Terry vs. …oh, too late[]

Terry drops into battle, the Alpha Gang teleporting in…only to find the battle with Torvosaurus has already ended. Disappointed, Dr. Z recalls Terry as Max picks up the cards.

Alpha Gang doesn't lose, technically

New Cards[]


(the TPS was close but not precise on their current location)
-Zoe: "Well that's sort of the same."
-Dr. Z: "No it's not! That TPS contraption's no better than a Ouija board!"
-Rex: "Well, modern Rome is part of Italy, y'know…"
-Dr. Z: "Ha! Are you sure you didn't get that thing from a gum ball machine? I guess that's to be expected since it was made by a couple of losers like the Ancients."
-Rex: "Rrr—You be quiet!!"
-Max: "The Ancients created this time machine. What've you done that's as good?"
-Dr. Z: "What!? (nervous) Eh, well there's lots of things, but…I don't like to brag, in fact I'm famous for not bragging."
-Rex: (flatly) "You're bragging now."
-Dr. Z: "Ha. Well you know, true greatness is hard to hide sometimes."

(Gabbro is chasing Sophia)
-Zoe: "Hey, big guy with wings! You leave Sophia alone, do you hear me!"
-Gabbro: "Of course I can hear you, you're screaming loudly."
-Zoe: "Then listen, because I have five words for you! Dino Slash! Spring up, Parasaurolophus!"

(Helga forces the Alpha Gang to teleport back to the Backlander)
-Sophia: "Whoa! Who are those people?"
-Zoe: "Dr. Z, Ed, Zander, and the old lady."
-Ursula (from the ship above): "I AM NOT AN OLD LADY!"


  • The English title is based on the movie Roman Holiday.
  • A real-life town of Trachia exists in modern Greece, but it is in the southern peninsula rather than the northern main body as shown on the Dino Bracer's map.
    • There is also a similarly-named Tragea valley on a Greek island, even more improperly located and likely coincidence.
  • When Torvosaurus is summoned against the D-Team in the dub, the tail end of its arcade roar can be faintly heard after its anime roar.



Ancient Roman Holiday

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 2


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