The 39 Thieves is the 18th episode in Mesozoic Meltdown, and the 67th episode in Dinosaur King.


Afrovenator (Spectral Armor) 2

Spectral Armor Afrovenator in the Thieves' treasure cave

After the Alpha Gang finally escapes from the bears that had been chasing them throughout the Ancient Japan story arc, the Backlander follows the Space Pirates to Ancient Persia.

There, Zahrahs caravan is attacked by the 39 Thieves (usually 40, but Fez was sick), and she is imprisoned in the Thieves' treasure cave, where (as told in a flashback story to the D-Team) she finds a gold lamp. A drop of water falls in, and activates an Isisaurus card (who is later named "Genie").

Gabbro finds the cave and summons Afrovenator to smash the door, but it can't. Gabbro then goes to China to fetch a monk to chant it open, but in the meantime, the D-Team arrives and opens the door with the right password, "Open sesame". Inside, they meet Zahrah and Genie, and together start searching for the Red Cosmos Stone (unbeknownst to them, Genie had swallowed it earlier).

Then, the Alpha Gang finds the cave and its treasure, which they try to steal before Gabbro finds them and summons Afrovenator. If battles and defeats Spiny before searching for the Cosmos Stone, and encountering the D-Team, where it faces Ace and loses, triggering a cave-in in the process.

After Rex reclaimed Afrovenator's dinosaur card, Genie, Zahrah, and the D-Team escape the cave in time, but the Alpha Gang are unlucky enough to be caught red-handed by the returning 39 Thieves while trying to steal their treasure and are taken prisoner.

The D-Team and Zahrah then start riding Genie across the Persian desert to Zahrah's father's palace, but they run into a giant sand cyclone!


Gabbro vs. UrsulaEdit

Gabbro encounters the Alpha Gang trying to find the Red Cosmos Stone and attacks them with Afrovenator, prompting Ursula to summon out Spiny, who knocks Afrovenator against a wall. This causes Gabbro to activate Afrovenator's Spectral Armor form, while Ursula gives Spiny his DinoTector form. After a stalemated shoving match, Afrovenator uses Tornado Toss and defeats Spiny.

Gabbro wins

Gabbro vs. Rex/Edit

Gabbro and Afrovenator find the D-Team searching for the Cosmos Stone and attack, but Rex summons Ace who knocks Afrovenator away. Rex then activates Ace's DinoTector form. After a brief skirmish, Ace uses Hurricane Beat and defeats Afrovenator, destroying its Spectral Armor.

Rex wins

New CardsEdit


(after finding the treasure)
-Zander: "I'm going to start my own country!"
-Ed: "I'm going to start my own chain of tasty taco stands!"
-Dr. Z: "I'm going to buy your country and your taco stands and put up a solid gold statue of me instead!"


  • This marks the second time one of characters says a dinosaur family order.
  • Genie appearing in Persia could be a coincidence because fossils of his species were found in India and India is near Persia (a.k.a. Iran).


The 39 Thieves

The 39 Thieves

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 18

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