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There's No Business Like Shogun Business is the 17th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 66th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 4th episode of the 4-part Ancient Japan arc.


The three bears chasing the D-Team…pass right by them and continue chasing only the Alpha Trio. Zoe tries racing off to the battle the fake Shogun is leading, thinking it could be her dad.

Hanzo and Tokugawa are hiding from Gabbro as a tree, the Shogun wanting to stay hiding as Hanzo takes him closer to Mikatagahara via piggyback. Tokugawa suggests going back for Zoe in case his lookalike is her father, but they hide from a noise, which turns out to be pet-sized Ace, who finds them hiding as a rock in two seconds. Hanzo's description of Dr. Drake's giant needle confirms his identity to the D-Team, who wonder if their other parents also escaped; Tokugawa orders that they can follow. The group runs on until they hear the sounds of battle, when the Kunoichi attack, Hanzo fighting them evenly with the Shogun on his back. Ace and Chomp are sent into battle (with DinoTector Armor for sword protection), holding off the Kunoichi before Shear summons her Deinonychus trio; the dinosaurs and Hanzo face the trio while the others head for the Battle of Mikatagahara, finding Takeda's outnumbering forces completely overwhelming Tokugawa's troops.

With both their western and eastern lines being overrun, Dr. Drake tries sneaking out of his command tent, but checking on their nonexistent southern line isn't a convincing enough excuse. Gabbro and Foolscap hover above the battle, not caring who's fighting or winning before noticing Shear's dinosaurs fighting. The Kunoichi block the D-Team and Shogun, but Paris is summoned; the other Space Pirates then arrive, summoning Tuojiangosaurus and Pentaceratops. The D-Team responds by racing into Takeda's army, chased by the Pirates' dinosaurs and calling their own away from their other fights to assist, leaving Hanzo alone with the Deinonychus and Kunoichi, who discover he has the gemstone. Zoe and Tokugawa try reaching the command tent, the Space Pirate dinosaurs falling one by one to the D-Team, with Shear grabbing the Cosmos Stone from Hanzo just before her final Deinonychus is sent crashing into her, knocking her to the ground; the Kunoichi retreat with her and the Stone.

Dr. Drake abandons the battle, citing Tokugawa's escape in history to a confused general, and races back to the fortress on a startled horse. Using their dinosaurs as a cavalry, the D-Team charge through Takeda's soldiers, bringing Tokugawa to his generals. Takeda orders his army to pursue the Shogun despite the monsters, the Kunoichi arriving to deliver their prize; Shear, however, begins to remember something. Arriving at Hamamatsu Fortress at sundown, Dr. Drake orders the gates be kept open despite the approaching army, again citing history to confused guards, and runs in to find a restroom. The D-Team's dinosaurs race into the fortress, too exhausted to fight, but Takeda's forces stop, suspicious that the open gate signifies a trap. The army falls back when word arrives: upon taking out the White Cosmos Stone to examine it, Takeda was inflicted with a force that made him glow and collapse, Shear snatching the Stone with a cloth and leaving.

The D-Team find Dr. Drake's empty armor in the restroom, apparently having climbed out the window to escape being Shogun. Walking in the woods, Dr. Drake sees a Pod Ship; as Shear assures Foolscap she's back to normal, Dr. Drake jumps into the ship with them to not be stranded in history, noticing Max arriving too late as the cockpit cover closes around him. He calls down that everyone's okay as the ship flies off; Zoe is sad at losing him again, but Tokugawa assures her they'll find him again.

Meanwhile, the Alpha Trio are held down by the sleeping bears' bear hugs, unable to move…


D-Team/Hanzo vs. Kunoichi/Shear & Foolscap/Gabbro[]

Shear and the Kunoichi are fighting Hanzo carrying Shogun Tokugawa, him leaping around and fighting back with his sword. Max and Rex summon Chomp and Ace, Armoring them for safety; the Kunoichi redirect to them, attacking with shurikens, swords, and explosive pellets to merely distracting effect. Ace swings his tail to fend them into a tree, which Chomp rams the base of.

They try progressing, but Shear summons her Spectral Armor Deinonychus trio. One dodges around Chomp while another climbs onto Ace, the leader engaging with Hanzo, knocking him around before getting hit aside by Chomp.

The D-Team reach the battle but are blocked by the Kunoichi, Zoe summoning DinoTector Paris to block their attacks again. Foolscap and Gabbro arrive, summoning Spectral Armor Tuojiangosaurus and Pentaceratops; they chase the D-Team into the midst of Takeda's army, who call for Chomp, Ace, and Paris for assistance. Hanzo faces the Kunoichi and Deinonychus alone. Chomp and Pentaceratops headbutt before Chomp dodges a tail and shoulders it away, Tuojiangosaurus facing Ace and dodging Paris.

One of the Kunoichi slices open Hanzo's bag to reveal the White Cosmos Stone's palette, Hanzo putting it in his shirt as he flees. Takeda's army shoots arrows at the Space Pirates, Tuojiangosaurus scattering them with Quake Saber. Gabbro blocks Zoe and the Shogun, but Paris rams him past the tree line. Tuojiangosaurus uses Quake Saber again, but Paris uses Green Impulse to summon Tupuxuara, the two destroying Tuojiangosaurus' Spectral Armor and defeating it; Tupuxuara then rams Foolscap past the tree line, too.

Foolscap loses

Hanzo arrives with the Kunoichi and Deinonychus trailing. Chomp quickly defeats Pentaceratops with Thunder Driver, destroying its Armor.

Gabbro loses

Meanwhile, Ace uses Ninja Attack to scatter the Kunoichi, knocking away the two side Deinonychus. The leader dodges Ace and attacks Hanzo, slicing open his coat; the Cosmos Stone's palette falls out, which Shear snatches. Ace rams Deinonychus from behind, sending it flying into Shear and defeating it, its Armor shattering as she hits the ground. The Kunoichi retreat with her and the Stone.

D-Team wins, Kunoichi profit

New Cards[]


(on the edge of Takeda's army, a commander rides up)
-Commander: "You there, soldier, why aren't you advancing?"
-Soldier: "Flying demons are in the way, sir."
-Commander: "Flying demons? There's no such thing." (looks up, sees Foolscap and Gabbro) "Okay, I stand corrected. Unleash your arrows, shoot the demons down!"

(Tuojiangosaurus has just been defeated by Green Impulse)
-Foolscap: "So you beat my dinosaur, that doesn't mean you've beaten me. Huh?" (Tupuxuara rams him past the treeline) "Then again, maybe it does!"


  • This episode's English title is a reference to the saying "there's no business like show business" from the song and film of the same name.
  • This episode has the longest English title by characters (including spaces), at 40. Despite having the longest English title by words by one (seven vs. six), The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone has a slightly lower character count, at 36.
  • The featured Battle of Mikatagahara is moved up from its real-world date of late January 1573, following about 2 months sooner after previous real events in late 1572. This indicates that they may have arrived around late 1572.
  • When Shear summons her Deinonychus, they are immediately wearing their Spectral Armor without her being seen activating it. This is odd as they didn't wear Spectral Armor the first time they were summoned and only the altered main dinosaurs are summoned in Armor, but it may simply have been an animation shortcut.
  • Only the main Deinonychus can be seen returning to its card when defeated, the other two Deinonychus simply being knocked offscreen by Ace's Ninja Attack. Presumably they returned to their card with their leader, but this wasn't shown.



There's No Business Like Shogun Business

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 17


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