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The No-Fun Shogun is the 15th of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 64th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 2nd episode of the 4-part Ancient Japan arc.


Shogun Tokugawa has fainted from being bitten by a snake! But it turns out it was actually just a harmless lizard that bit him and the Shogun is a crybaby.

Dr. Drake is being led by Hanzo to the Shogun's palace, reminding him not to break cover or the angry villagers might tear his limbs off. Meanwhile, Tokugawa gets angry that Zoe handed him her washcloth instead of the 'royal towel' (though Max and Rex think both look about as girly), the boys quickly convincing him to keep his sword unused. Elsewhere, the Alpha Trio are enjoying honey from a beehive they found, when the papa bear finds them again, politely asking for some; Ursula summons Tank in response, but she ignores the situation, forcing the Alpha Trio to flee.

Finding a waterfall, Tokugawa makes the D-Team climb down first, but slips and skids down himself, scraping his knee; Zoe forces him to put a bandage on it. The Shogun reveals that the Stone is due west hidden behind something that shines with 7 colors and is called the Half-Moon Stone of Yamata no Orochi. He silences Zoe's comment on knowing the story, Paris briefly summoning to scare him. The story continues: the hero Susanoo tricked and slew the 8-headed monster Yamata no Orochi, finding within it the Sword of the Snake and the Half-Moon Stone; Tokugawa wants the Stone to beat Takeda's ninjas, Zoe almost spilling that they already know how history happens. In the Shogun's palace, Hanzo keeps handmaids from noticing the over-enthused Dr. Drake is a bit taller than Tokugawa, when word arrives that Futamata Castle is under siege by Takeda; knowing from history the castle will be overrun, Dr. Drake refuses to send reinforcements, then chases a cat to cure it of fleas. At the Kunoichis' camp, Shear comes to, but has amnesia and only remembers her name; the Kunoichi offer for her to join them.

On the Space Pirate Ship, Spectre sends Foolscap to find the missing Shear and the Cosmos Stone; meanwhile, the parents discuss how Dr. Drake seems to have escaped. Soon, the D-Team realize that Tokugawa is leading them in circles, forcing him to admit he has no sense of direction, and figure out they're looking for a waterfall from his lack of a poker face. He says something almost nice, but as the D-Team heads for the waterfall they passed earlier, Foolscap swoops down and grabs Tokugawa. He "accidentally" drops the Shogun a bit to get the directions out of him, but the Kunoichi attack. Foolscap summons Megalosaurus, but Shear summons a Deinonychus trio against it, easily overwhelming and defeating it before it can use Spectral Armor as the Pirates duel directly, forcing Foolscap to retreat. Though confused by their battle, the D-Team step in with Chomp to rescue Tokugawa from the Kunoichi and Ace to defeat the Deinonychus, Shear reclaiming their card before the Kunoichi leave. Elsewhere, the Alpha Trio flee from a noise (in fact a cute raccoon/weasel creature) and fall down a hill near the waterfall.

Following the rainbow glow of mist, the D-Team reach the waterfall. Rex hears something (the Alpha Trio) in a cave inside the rock cliff, and they start climbing it to find a way in, but a centipede climbs on Max's face, and he falls…


Foolscap/Megalosaurus vs. Shear/Deinonychus[]

Foolscap summons Megalosaurus to scare off the Kunoichi, but the amnesiac Shear is working with them and summons a Deinonychus trio, who charge and circle Megalosaurus as Shear throws her crescent boomerang around Foolscap. Megalosaurus dodges one Deinonychus' kick before the next two land, using Gigantic Fall against them, but they easily scamper and leap around the boulders.

Shear throws her boomerang again, Foolscap dodging and shooting his wrist whip past her, Megalosaurus roaring at the Deinonychus. Shear and Foolscap duel with the boomerang and a spike, confusing the D-Team. The Deinonychus use their "Whip Attack", which Megalosaurus leans to dodge, following with Spinning Attack, Megalosaurus ducking two of the three hits, before immediately sending Crossing Attack from behind, defeating Megalosaurus.

Shear/Deinonychus win

Rex/Max vs. Shear/Deinonychus & Kunoichi[]

Rex and Max summon Ace and Chomp, Ace facing Shear's Deinonychus while Chomp races to rescue Shogun Tokugawa from the Kunoichi. The Deinonychus hit Ace with Dynamic Galaxy, prompting him to upgrade to DinoTector Ace.

The Kunoichi surround and pelt Chomp, the Shogun on his back, with swords and smoke pellets. The Deinonychus run over to assist, but Ace uses Sonic Blast, defeating the trio. Shear reclaims their card and the Kunoichi retreat.

Rex/Max win


-Tokugawa: "I'm leading this expedition and I know exactly where we're going! That direction is west! …or is it that way?"
-Max: "Shogun, you don't have a sense of direction, do you?"
-Tokugawa: "Of course I do! I'm the Shogun! I've won wars! I could find my way home in a blinding snowstorm on a starless night!"
-Max: "Oh I get it. If he's in charge of battles, and has no sense of direction, he has to keep it a secret."
-Tokugawa (groans): "Ohh…"
-Zoe: "Don't worry, it can't be that bad."
-Tokugawa: "The truth is…I even get lost in my own house sometimes."

(Foolscap is surrounded by the Kunoichi, one immitating Ninja Attack on foot)
-Foolscap: "Wanna see a magic trick? I can clear this area with one word! Megalosaurus!"
(summons Megalosaurus, causing the Kunoichi to retreat a distance)

New Cards[]


  • The apparent royal towel the characters refer to is shown to have the Taylors' faces on it, not likely something the Shogun could have owned; this is likely the dub changing either the lines or the towel's graphics, though why is unclear (although it could be Max’s personal towel).
  • The bandage Zoe pulls out features the Green Dino Trooper from A Game Show Showdown.
  • In the real Yamata no Orochi story, Susanoo only finds the sword after cutting open the beast.
  • Though unaddressed, Dr. Drake "knowing" Futamata Castle falls and not helping may have actually been why it fell.
  • As of this episode, each of the Space Pirates has summoned a dinosaur that had already appeared in season 1.
  • Since Shear has amnesia, it's unclear why she was still able to remember the names of Deinonychus and their Moves but not her Space Pirate affiliation, though selective instead of total memory loss is common in amnesia, especially fictional cases.
  • Megalosaurus is one of the Space Pirates' least accomplished dinosaurs all season, getting no hits against opponents, never facing the heroes, and being defeated by a should-have-been ally.
  • While Megalosaurus' purple card indicated it had Spectral Armor, it never used it as Foolscap was too distracted by his direct fight with Shear to activate the armor.
  • Although two Spectral Armor dinosaurs are summoned by two different Space Pirates in this episode, neither of them uses their Spectral Armor.
  • Megalosaurus glows purple when defeated, indicating it retained its Spectral Armor, which the defeated Deinonychus' card clearly does, both contrasting Mapusaurus' previous unarmored defeat and reversion to a non-Spectral card.
    • Megalosaurus was probably the only Spectral Armor dinosaur that was reclaimed by the D-Team, but it is unclear whether they could have summoned it, since Spectral Armor cards were never tested with Dino Holders.
  • The 'monster' noise the Alpha Gang hear from the weasel creature is Spinosaurus' arcade roar in both the original and dub.

Dub Edits[]

  • Owing to the setting, many stray Japanese characters on signs around the town are left unaltered.
  • Japanese text and the English "LOVE" are removed from the washcloth Max takes from his pack.
  • The Alpha Gang's encounter with the bear is moved from after Dr. Drake's scene discussing Futamata Castle to earlier, between the Shogun and D-Team's washcloth and cliff-climbing scenes; team icon peephole transitions are replaced with icon collage sweeping transitions to hide the frames of overlapping footage.
  • The scene of Spectre dispatching Foolscap to find Shear is moved from after the parents realizing Dr. Drake must have escaped to before it, it and Shear waking among the Kunoichi also being moved from after the original's mid-episode commercial break to before one of the dub's commercial breaks.



The No-Fun Shogun

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 15


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