The Third Cosmos Stone is the 13th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 62nd episode in the Dinosaur King anime.


Sanzo Hoshi goes to the Space Pirates and tells them to release the D-Teams' parents. They instead force him to move the giant boulder blocking the entrance to the cave where the Cosmos Stone is hidden.

Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang picks fruit for a peasant farmer who, in return, gave them directions to Lotus Land, the place where the Fruit of Eternal Youth grows. While searching, they find the mountain where the D-Team are, and Ed has Tank dig a tunnel up to the top of the mountain. As Sanzo chants to move the rock, Tank's digging causes the rock to fall over, opening the tunnel. The Space Pirates quickly head inside, followed by the D-Team.

Gabbro summons Carcharodontosaurus to fight Tank while Shear summons Lanzhousaurus to attack the D-Team, who counter with Ace and Chomp. After activating their Element Boosters, the D-Team and Alpha Gang beat the Space Pirates and reclaim their dinosaur cards, but Foolscap beats Zoe to the Purple Cosmos Stone.

The episode ends with the D-Team and Alpha Gang realizing they have lost contact with the Backlander.


Gabbro/Shear vs. Max/Rex/EdEdit

Gabbro summons Carcharodontosaurus to fight Tank, but it doesn't go so well for Carcharodontosaurus at first. He tries to bite her, but Tank dodges it and rams him into a wall, biting him in its stomach. Shear then summons Lanzhousaurus to attack the D-Team, and Max summons Chomp . Lanzhousaurus drains much of Chomp's energy with Power Drain , and Ace is summoned. Tank continues to knock Carcharodontosaurus away, which is the reason for Shear and Gabbro to give their dinosaurs their Spectral Armor forms. Max and Rex give Chomp and Ace their DintoTector forms, but not for Tank. As the Alpha Gang arrives, they see that Carcharodontosaurus is beating up on Tank. Ed activates her DinoTector form.

Ace uses Cyclone to grab Lanzhousaurus's tail and smashes it into a wall. Chomp uses Ultimate Thunder to defeat Lanzhousaurus, destroying its Spectral Armor. Tank uses Ultimate Earth to defeat Carcharodontosaurus, destroying its armor.

Max, Rex, and Ed win

New CardsEdit


  • This is the first episode where no chibi dinosaurs of any team appear at all, not even in their summoning sequences.


The Third Cosmos Stone

The Third Cosmos Stone

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 13


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