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The Third Cosmos Stone is the 13th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 62nd episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 4th episode of the 4-part Ancient China arc.


Looking for the vanished Sanzo Hoshi, Zoe falls off a steep cliff…that turns out to be five feet high, finding a "trail" left by Sanzo's horse, aiming the D-Team toward a nearby mountain.

Riding along, Sanzo is stopped and grabbed by Gabbro, who flies him up past the D-Team climbing up the sheer vertical edge of the mountain (to get ahead and not be noticed). Arriving at the top, Sanzo tries chanting apart the large rocks Dr. Z's cape is stuck in, Gabbro directing him instead at the gigantic rock across from them. Sanzo insists "Mr. Z" be released first ("It's Doctor Z!").

Elsewhere, the Alpha Trio has stumbled across an orchard in a fog they assume to be Lotus Land, but a farmer reveals it's just in the middle of a small town; however, he'll tell them where they can find Lotus Land if they help pick all the peaches. Back to Gabbro and Sanzo's argument, Dr. Z's cape slips out from the rocks and he falls down the mountain, Sanzo assuming his chanting shifted the rocks just enough. The D-Team reach the path to the top, where the full Space Pirate trio is threatening Sanzo to move the rock. Max summons Chomp to save him, but Sanzo insists they not fight, not even for his sake. He proclaims that the D-Team and Space Pirates' conflict should be dropped in peace; not to be outsmarted by a stubborn type, Shear says they'll release the D-Teams' kidnapped parents if Sanzo moves the rock.

Having only been told Lotus Land is where the clouds and earth meet, the Alpha Trio is climbing a mountain's sheer face, but fall and slide back down for the fourth time. Ed suddenly gets an idea, summoning Tank to dig them a tunnel up; Tank is drawn by the power of a purple gemstone at the top, and digs…a vertical tunnel even steeper than the outside. Sanzo begins his chanting, Max wanting to tell him he didn't actually stop the volcano, but Rex stops him, Zoe speculating Sanzo's chanting may actually cause other events to bring about his intended outcome. Tank has dug into the Purple Cosmos Stone's chamber, staring into it and going into a frenzy, charging down a tunnel, and shaking the gigantic rock free from the cave entrance. Naturally, the Space Pirates ignore their promise and head inside, the D-Team racing in after them. Meanwhile, Dr. Z wanders an ethereal orchard surrounded by clouds.

Inside the cave, the Space Pirates run into Tank, Gabbro summoning Carcharodontosaurus, while Shear sends Lanzhousaurus to jam up the D-Team. Zoe races ahead to the Purple Cosmos Stone, but Foolscap flies in and snags it first with a whip. The Alpha Trio finally climbs up to control Tank, them and the D-Team defeating the Space Pirates' dinosaurs, but the Pirates themselves have left with yet another Cosmos Stone. However, Max has learned from Sanzo's demeanor and won't stress over it. Meanwhile, Dr. Z is climbing out on a branch hanging off a cliff to reach the biggest peach in the orchard, but it falls, followed by the branch snapping and dropping him; with the Alpha Trio finally deciding to look for Dr. Z, he falls to the ground right in front of them.

Sanzo wishes the D-Team well, making the final leg of the journey back home himself, where he tells his disciples about his adventuring companions: "Monkey King", "Sandy", and "Pigsy". Back at the cliff, the D-Team and Alpha Gang realize that the Backlander isn't responding to them, fearing they may be stuck here…


Ed/Tank & Max/Rex vs. Gabbro/Shear[]

The Space Pirates come across Tank, Gabbro summoning Carcharodontosaurus. Tank sidesteps a bite and knocks it into the wall, tackling into it a second later. Shear notices the D-Team arriving, summoning Lanzhousaurus. Max summons Chomp, but he's immediately hit by Lanzhousaurus' Power Drain, prompting Rex to summon Ace. Tank is still pummeling Carcharodontosaurus as the Space Pirates and D-Team upgrade to Spectral Armor Lanzhousaurus and Carcharodontosaurus and DinoTector Ace and Chomp.

Carcharodontosaurus dodges a swing from Tank's tail, then knocks her over as the Alpha Trio arrives; Ed quickly upgrades her to debut DinoTector Tank. Ace uses Cyclone to swing Lanzhousaurus into a wall, followed by Chomp defeating it with Ultimate Thunder, while Tank uses Ultimate Earth to hit and defeat Carcharodontosaurus, destroying their Spectral Armor. Max reclaims Carcharodontosaurus' card and probably Lanzhousaurus' too.

Ed/Tank & Max/Rex win

New Cards[]


(Gabbro is holding Sanzo up by one hand)
-Gabbro: "If you want to achieve peace, it's very easy. Just move the rock." (walks Sanzo to the gigantic rock and presses him against it)
-Rex: "Leave him alone!"
-Max: "Sanzo!"
-Sanzo: "Stay away! Don't do anything. We must react peacefully to their acts of aggression."
-Gabbro: (presses Sanzo against the rock harder) "I haven't yet done an act of aggression. When I do, you'll know about it."


  • Like this episode's English title, several episodes' Japanese titles are statements of what number of an occurrence is featured. This episode, however, is not one of them.
  • This is the first episode where no chibi dinosaurs of any team appear at all, not even in their summoning sequences.
  • This episode shows that a dinosaur can also be influenced and powered up by a Cosmos Stone if it only looks at the Stone long enough, but this only gives it a short power boost and it largely retains control over itself, at least if the Stone has the attribute of the dinosaur in question.
  • This is the first episode in which Shear summoned a herbivorous dinosaur, in this case Lanzhousaurus.
  • When the Alpha Gang faced the Carcharodontosaurus, Ed simply referred to it as "some dinosaur". This may be due to the Alpha Gang previously being unable to pronounce the genus name Carcharodontosaurus correctly.
  • Although Cosmos Stones are perfectly spherical and seemingly as rigid as glass in all other instances, the Purple Cosmos Stone appears to be squashed and oblong during the scene where Foolscap takes it, possibly simply an animation error.
  • This is the only episode in the anime in which a Wind Move is successfully used against a Grass Dinosaur, but Lanzhousaurus was not defeated by Cyclone, leaving Ace as the only one of the six main dinosaurs who never defeated a dinosaur of the Attribute his is strong against.
  • All DinoTector forms of the six main dinosaurs and all six Ultimate Moves have now appeared in the anime.
  • This is the only episode in season 2 where Tank defeats a dinosaur, but Tank is still the only main dinosaur to not defeat a new dinosaur this season, as Carcharodontosaurus already appeared in season 1.



The Third Cosmos Stone

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 13


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