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Four Part Harmony is the 10th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 59th episode of Dinosaur King overall. It is the 1st episode of the 4-part Ancient China arc.


After Max broke the guidance system's control lever, the Backlander is now 30 seconds from shutdown, but Jonathan reports the problem is actually coming from the time warp regulator. Dr. Z is discovered to be suffering from time travel sickness (like carsickness) and drooling into a control panel; Jonathan recalibrates the system and the shutdown is averted, Dr. Z being taken to Helga for a cure.

In Ancient China, 636 AD, Foolscap is trying to have Shantungosaurus shove a giant boulder to no avail, a passing monk being forced into telling him that the mountain has a mystical seal of natural balance holding the boulder in place, and that only Genzo Sanzo Hoshi could possibly chant a strong enough chant to open the seal. Foolscap leaves to find this monk. After a delayed arrival, the Pterosaur warns the D-Team to protect the Cosmos Stones, which balance all of time and space, leading them into the new time period without explaining; Jonathan suggests she needs to concentrate on guiding them to the proper time and place instead of talking. They detect a dinosaur, Shantungosaurus causing havoc in a village, where Foolscap finds and grabs Sanzo Hoshi, his nervous chanting not protecting him at all and fainting in the process. The D-Team arrive to see Sanzo being taken on Foolscap's ship, his purple necklace resembling a Cosmos Stone.

Helga finds they've run out of the pickled plum motion sickness cure, but also that Dr. Z is gone. Still timesick, he's taken the Alpha Jet (and the Alpha Trio) to go after the Space Pirate, swerving incoherently until he rams right into the Pod Ship, both vessels going down. The Backlander gets another communication from Reese at the D-Lab, having taken 10 minutes to reestablish the connection 10 days later for the D-Team. After exchanging their lack of new information, Reese realizes Sanzo was featured in a story they knew as kids before the feed dies again. Investigating the crash site, they find the Pirate's ship unharmed but both ships empty. Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang has been taken in and fed by a village thinking they're wizards for falling from the sky, asking them to share the fruit of eternal life, but when the Alpha Gang blatantly explains how they've clearly never had such fruit, the villagers drive them out with swords and gardening tools. As they flee, Dr. Z vows finding this fruit as their mission.

Sanzo has become too tired to walk, so Foolscap motivates him by summoning Shantungosaurus again; Sanzo faints, so the dinosaur has to carry him. Getting the signal, the D-Team closes in. Coming to, Sanzo can feel that Shantungosaurus is actually a gentle monster, so when the D-Team summons Chomp in the way, he begs them not to fight. Foolscap mockingly argues that pirates are more in harmony than others, prompting Zoe to summon Paris, but he just has Shantungosaurus charge through the crowd. Zoe and Foolscap summon Move Card pterosaurs to snatch Sanzo back and forth, his necklace coming off in the confusion. Sanzo runs in to try and stop the fighting, but is forced to duck away from being grabbed again, before Chomp manages to defeat Shantungosaurus, who had actually knocked Foolscap away itself during the fight. Sanzo mourns the destruction of so many beasts, and the D-Team realize they have some explaining to do.

After showing Sanzo the mechanics of Dinosaur Cards with Ace, Max notices Sanzo's missing necklace, the Purple Plum of Tranquility. Zoe spots it in a tree, so naturally Max is sent up for noticing it was missing. He gets it, but realizes it doesn't quite look like a Cosmos Stone up close. Suddenly a branch below his foot breaks and he plummets…


Max/Zoe vs. Foolscap/Shantungosaurus[]

Max summons Chomp to block Foolscap's Shantungosaurus, who's carrying Sanzo Hoshi. Sanzo begs them not to fight, but Foolscap goads Zoe into summoning Paris, too. Knowing they can't attack with Sanzo in the middle, Foolscap sends Shantungosaurus charging, knocking Paris aside and forcing Chomp to be recalled.

Zoe activates Metal Wing, a Pteranodon snatching Sanzo (who faints yet again), so Foolscap adds Spectral Armor and uses Green Impulse to send a Tupuxuara after him. It rams the other two Pteranodon aside before pecking the third one's back, making it drop Sanzo, but another Pteranodon grabs him (his necklace slipping off). Tupuxuara dogs the Pteranodon, while Shantungosaurus headbutts Paris and knocks her over with a tail swipe; Pteranodon deposits Sanzo on the ground just as Paris and the Metal Wing trio return to their cards.

Tupuxuara swoops down and hovers over Sanzo, Max resummoning Chomp into his DinoTector form, who rams Tupuxuara aside. Sanzo comes to and runs in to stop Shantungosaurus and Chomp from fighting, but after ducking Tupuxuara, Rex tackles him aside from a grab by Foolscap. Foolscap orders Shantungosaurus to attack, but gets tail swatted away himself instead. Chomp then uses Plasma Anchor to defeat Shantungosaurus, destroying its Spectral Armor, Tupuxuara returning to its card as well.

Max/Chomp win

New Cards[]

  1. Shantungosaurus dinosaur card
  2. Spectral Armor Shantungosaurus dinosaur card
  3. Green Impulse move card (featuring Tupuxuara)


(Dr. Z is feeling woozy)
-Jonathan: "You're probably suffering from time travel sickness."
-Rex: "Is that like carsickness?"
-Zoe: "How come none of us have it?"
-Max: "Guess you could say his 'time' has come."
-Dr. Z: "This is no time for jokes, and if it was, I would make them and they'd be funnier."

(monk comes across Foolscap and Shantungosaurus)
-Monk: "We need milk and butter an—great grain of sand in the desert! A monster! Please don't eat me, I am one with the universe, a man of peace and not tasty at all."
-Foolscap: "Oh stop your sniveling, he's not gonna eat you." (monk looks up and screams) "Even if he weren't a vegetarian, you'd barely make a snack."
-Monk: "First a monster, now a huge buzzing mosquito man! Hickuva-lickuva-shoo-shoo-fly. Hickuva-lickuva…"
-Foolscap: "Hohh, what are you mumbling about now?"
-Monk: "It's a chant to send you back to the underworld, you demon!"
-Foolscap: "That's not where I'm from."
(monk collapses in dissapointment)
-Monk: "Nnn—I never know the right chants."

(Shantungosaurus is stomping around a village)
-Villager: "Oh, please don't eat me."
-Foolscap: "If you're not a blade of grass, you have nothing to worry about. Now, where's Sanzo Hoshi?"
-Villager: "Follow the chanting, you'll find him."

(the D-Team has summoned Chomp to block Foolscap from moving Sanzo on Shantungosaurus)
-Zoe: "That's ridiculous, saying that just because you call yourself a thief that it's good to be a thief!"
-Sanzo: "Stop, this fighting will never solve anything."
-Zoe: "Dino Slash! Spring up, Parasaurolophus!" (summons Paris to join Chomp)
-Sanzo: "…I should probably get down from here, huh?"
-Foolscap: "And give up the best seat in the house?"


  • With Shantungosaurus, the Space Pirates have summoned a dinosaur from each of the six main Attributes.
  • References to eternal life and eternal youth are used almost interchangeably throughout this arc.
  • When Sanzo is snatched by Pteranodon, Shantungosaurus is missing its Spectral marks, but it has them in the next shot while still in the same position.
  • With the defeat of Paris by Shantungosaurus in this episode, Ace remains as the only one of the six main dinosaurs who has never been defeated by a dinosaur of his own Attribute.
  • Despite Paris and the Pteranodon being defeated, the battlefield remains even before Chomp is resummoned into the fight.
  • This episode gives a first indication that the Space Pirate dinosaurs do not voluntarily follow their orders, but are controlled, when Sanzo explains that Shantungosaurus is really good-natured at heart. Genie later confirms that the crystals on the forehead and sides of the Space Pirate dinosaurs control their minds.
    • While a Space Pirate dinosaur usually has to obey orders, it seemingly can also turn against its summoner if the order is too imprecise. Shantungosaurus demonstrates this when he knocks Foolscap away, which technically wasn't an act of disobedience, as Foolscap had simply ordered him to attack without specifying a specific target. Whether this allowed Shantungosaurus to willingly rebel by technicality or was simply Foolscap being a fool is unclear.



Four Part Harmony

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 10


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