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Alien Parent Trap is the 1st episode of Mesozoic Meltdown, and the 50th in Dinosaur King overall. It is the only episode of season 2 not clearly part of an overall story arc.


Before the Drakes and Taylors can even mutter a word after Rex and the Alpha Gang had left, they come right back, the timeship almost crashing upon reentry! Rex, Laura and Rod, and Drs. Cretacia and Ancient teleport down and tell the surprised families that, instead of being sabotaged by the Alpha Gang again (who are being kept in time-out by Helga), they were attacked in the time vortex by an unknown ship with technology much more advanced than their own, as the unknown ship had weapons. With the Backlander put into stealth mode for safety, the children go up to the ship to reunite with their dinos, while the parents go to Max's house for some tea and lemonade. The D-Team discover the new Dino Bracers Dr. Cretacia is developing, and Reese decides to finish them.

At the house, the Taylors, Drakes, and Ancients discuss Rex's real parents meeting his adoptive father Dr. Owen, how the Drakes' house was teleported away by the Alpha Gang once, and how unlikely that is to ever happen again—as Dr. Owen and Patrick make their way to the house, a flying red alien with a bad haircut arrives and teleports the house away. As the D-Team arrives on the scene, Rex uses his TPS (time positioning system) to determine their parents are traveling through time! With the time machine damaged from the attack, they get to work fixing it, Dr. Z volunteering to do it for them so he can gloat about how they had no chance to do it alone. Meanwhile, the parents are looking out of the house and wondering where they are, when a Torvosaurus with a strange mark on its forehead chases them inside. Gabbro flies up and pushes Torvosaurus' head aside, Dr. Taylor's failed lasso attack giving him the impression that humans say hello by fighting. He demands the Ancients help them or face Torvosaurus.

As Dr. Z gets to work on the Backlander with only his eyebrow curler and earwax remover, Reese presents the D-Team with their completed Dino Bracers before going down to the D-Lab with Rod and Laura to investigate extending the TPS's range. Dr. Owen is reassured by Rex that he's proud of him as a dad despite knowing his birth parents now, but is promptly kicked off the ship by Dr. Z for distracting from his work. As the Ancients' signal slowly fades on the TPS, Dr. Z announces the time machine is fixed, but as soon as the warp generator is fired up to test, he hits a button and the Backlander accidentally shoots off through time leaving everyone at the D-Lab behind. And without any set destination! With destruction waiting for them whether they're heading for the beginning or end of time, and the controls to properly steer through time not working, their only choice is a blind crash landing. Jonathan dives the ship through the vortex wall and they end up in the Late Cretaceous period. Seizing the lucky opportunity, the Alpha Gang heads down with their Stones and tries rounding up wild dinosaurs, but Max debuts his new Dino Bracer and sends Chomp to defeat Terry with the help of the wild dinosaurs, Ace and Paris stopping the Alpha Trio from summoning anyone else.

Just then, the infamous dinosaur-ending meteor, relevant in a way they yet have no idea, arrives, and as destruction rains around them they are helpless to stop, the D-Team and Alpha Gang escape on the Backlander into the timestream just in time, though still without any destination. However, suddenly a large, glowing phoenix-like entity appears in front of them in the vortex, and she tells them she can lead them to safety, and to their destiny…


Alpha Gang vs. D-Team[]

Dr. Z summons Terry, who attacks a wild Iguanodon and Saurolophus. Max summons Chomp, knocking Terry away from a herd of wild Triceratops. To retaliate, Terry hits Chomp with Volcano Burst, who stands firm and takes the whole attack to protect the herd. As Terry tries to use it again, a wild Ampelosaurus hits him from the left, canceling the Move and sending him flying into a charging wild Pachycephalosaurus and Styracosaurus, who send him flying and tumbling head over heels. Chomp then uses Lightning Strike, defeating Terry.

Dr. Z orders Ursula, Zander, and Ed to summon Tank and Spiny, but they are surrounded by Ace and Paris, and don't dare to do anything.

D-Team wins

New Cards[]


(Torvosaurus has driven the parents inside Max's time-napped house; Gabbro shoves past it)
-Dr. Taylor: "It's lasso time! Hee-YA!"
(Dr. Taylor swings his chameleon tongue whip, it wraps around Gabbro's wrist)
-Gabbro: "Must be a strange Earth greeting." (tosses Dr. Taylor past him and into the glass door) "Hello to you too." (approaches Ancients) "You two scientists, we need you to help us, right away."
-Dr. Ancient: "No way after you time-napped us."
-Gabbro: "Well, doctor, you can either help us or you can help him. And all he wants is lunch." (gestures to Torvosaurus, who roars)


  • The 4kids YouTube channel and the TCG incorrectly name this episode "Time Napped".
  • The actual title, "Alien Parent Trap", is a reference to the Disney movie series The Parent Trap.
  • The characters in this episode claim that a whole day passed between this episode and the previous when it was actually just a few seconds.
  • Helga is briefly seen holding the jar of pickled plums that will become important later in High Sea Chase.
  • This episode features all wild dinosaurs of the past with alternate, muted color pallets as opposed to the prehistoric dinosaurs featured in season 1, which all had the same colors as usual, even those not converted into cards. Later season 2 episodes keep using the muted colors for prehistoric dinosaurs.
  • Because the prehistoric landscape was already CGI like "Dinosaur World", it's unclear if the Battlefield was meant to be a Time Warp or just happened to look like one. As Time Warps seem to bring the prehistoric landscape to the present, perhaps being in their original time makes Time Warps the only Battlefield style possible.
  • This is the second time an Ampelosaurus has stopped Terry from properly using Volcano Burst, the first being Planes, Trains and Dinosaurs.



Alien Parent Trap

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 1


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