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Dinosaur King: Mesozoic Meltdown (also known as Pterosaur Legends in the Japanese version) is the second season of Dinosaur King, consisting of the last 30 episodes (ep. 50-79). Despite being billed as "Dinosaur King: Mesozoic Meltdown" in 4Kids commercials leading up to its debut, neither the name nor theme song was changed during the actual episodes and the name was never used again after the season started airing. This season highlights the D-Team and Alpha Gang working together against the Spectral Space Pirates, a group of alien time-travelers who wish to destroy and control time and space by getting ahold of the Seven Cosmos Stones. Unlike the episodic first season, this season is split into a series of 4-episode arcs, each one in a different place and time in history. There is also an undubbed, poorly-known movie stemming off the season which was only shown in Japanese planetariums, though it isn't clear where if anywhere it fits into the story, and borrows elements from several episodes for its main plotline.

Series 1 can be found at Dinosaur King Series 1.

As of late 2014, all Dinosaur King episodes have been removed from Hulu, and a scattered portion have been listed as Private (unviewable by the public) or as only available in certain regions on 4KidsTV's official YouTube channel. As of 2024, the entire season is available on the Roku channel.



Max and Sofia, with Yangchuanosaurus, Piatnitzkysaurus, and Chomp

Rex Owen and the Alpha Gang have barely even left Max and Zoe when they come right back! Rex reveals that they returned to the past because they were attacked by unknown forces (later revealed to be the Spectral Space Pirates). While Max and Zoe tour the (now slightly damaged) Backlander and get a glimpse of their new Dino Holders, the adults are kidnapped by the same forces that chased Rex!

With the help of Dr. Z, the Backlander is repaired, but goes flying off into the time-space vortex with no destination! Racing uncontrollably through time, the D-Team and Alpha Gang encounter and are led by a mysterious birdlike being known as the Pterosaur to numerous places and time periods of Earth's past, as they fight the Spectral Space Pirates, who use dinosaurs equipped with powerful Spectral Armor, for control of the 7 Cosmos Stones, glowing gemstones that have enough power to control or destroy the entire universe, every dimension, and all of time-space ten times over! The battle for the fate of the Universe has begun . . .


50. Alien Parent Trap

Ancient Rome Arc[]

51. Ancient Roman Holiday
52. Desperately Seeking Spartacus
53. Coliseum Clash
54. There's No Place Like Rome

Caribbean Sea Arc[]

55. Dinosaurs of the Caribbean
56. X-treme Map Quest
57. High Sea Chase
58. Amazing Treasure Race!

Ancient China Arc[]

59. Four Part Harmony
60. Elements of Surprise
61. Monk in the Middle
62. The Third Cosmos Stone

Ancient Japan Arc[]

63. Two Shoguns are Better than One
64. The No-Fun Shogun
65. Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!
66. There's No Business Like Shogun Business

Ancient Persia Arc[]

67. The 39 Thieves
68. Desert Heat
69. Princess of the City
70. Malice in the Palace

Renaissance Paris Arc[]

71. The French Conniption
72. The Wee Musketeers
73. All for One
74. The Haunted Hunt

Final Arc[]

75. Bad Deal
76. The Forestfire Effect
77. The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone
78. Clash for the Cosmos Stones
79. Fate of the Cosmos


??. Take Back Our Earth! (movie, Japanese only)