Spectral Armor Maximus is an armored version of Maximus made by Seth, programmed into Maximus' card. It is an upgrade form in the arcade and TCG, but his default and only form in the anime.


Arcade StatsEdit

Maximus card

Spectral Armor Maximus arcade card (Japanese Kakushin 1st Edition)


Like all armored dinosaurs and his base form, he was only available in the Japanese version.

Anime StatsEdit

Maximus card1

Maximus anime card

  • Species: Triceratops
  • Attribute: Lightning
  • Owner: Shear (Spectral Space Pirates), D-Team/Alpha Gang (probably)
  • Location: Renaissance Paris, 1615
  • Debut: The Haunted Hunt
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: Terry, Paris, Tank
  • Other: This is the only form of Maximus seen in the anime. He is Shear's last and main dinosaur. Maximus was the first of the Space Pirates' main dinosaurs to be defeated, though by less than a minute before Gigas. He is the last new Lightning Dinosaur during the series.

Move CardsEdit

Spectral Punisher
Maximus forms giant sheaths on his brow horns and charges, ramming and throwing his opponent into the air, then shoots a purple beam from between his horn sheaths that pierces through them! It had no card, and was an ability of his upgraded Spectral Armor.

TCG StatsEdit


Spectral Armor Maximus TCG card (SAS, French)

  • Attribute: Lightning
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Power: 2500
  • Level: -
  • Life: 4
  • Card Code: SAS-090/100, SAS-100/100, DKJC-0??/100
  • Card Rarity: Silver (SAS), Colossal Rare (SAS), Thai Common (DKJC)
  • Image From (SAS): Ep. 74 anime scene
  • Image From (DKJC): Ep. 74 anime scene
  • Other: As a Special Dinosaur, it can only be Dino Slashed by being placed on top of a regular Maximus. The only known image of its Jurassic Clash card is too blurry to be read, so its abilities there are unknown.
  • Abilities:
[Lightning Master] (all?)
This Dinosaur can use all Lightning Super Moves.
[Spectral Stun] (SAS)
All Dinosaurs battling this Dinosaur lose all their abilities until the end of the turn.
(DKJC ability)


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Maximus was a Triceratops altered by Seth to be able to handle using the new, stronger version of Spectral Armor, which is permanently affixed to him.

He was first summoned in The Haunted Hunt by Shear so he could tear apart Vasasi Castle to find the Green Cosmos Stone. He fought against Paris, but was knocked away by Terry when he joined the battle. Maximus quickly defeated Terry with Spectral Punisher and nearly fought Paris to defeat as well. When they threw rocks to distract her, Shear had him attack the Teen Musketeers and Ursula, letting Paris slip away and swallow the Green Cosmos Stone, gaining immense power and easily knocking him into a wall. She then defeated Maximus with Ultimate Leaf, but Shear reclaimed his card while retreating. Later that same episode, he, Armatus, and Gigas attacked the D-Team, but after a cliffhanger they were teleported away by Jonathan in the next episode.

Maximus and the others were summoned near the end of The Forestfire Effect to attack a Stone Age village and get the Black Cosmos Stone inside a volcano, but he ended up fighting Paris again, who dodged Spectral Punisher's laser. In the next episode, however, Brontikens accidentally caused the volcano to erupt, so everyone was recalled. They were later summoned to fight the defecting Seth's Cryolophosaurus, but Maximus was easily battered around and was frozen in place by Blizzard Smash along with Gigas and Armatus.

In Clash for the Cosmos Stones, they caught the D-Team and Alpha Gang in a surprise attack, Maximus defeating Terry and Paris with Spectral Punisher; after merging the Cosmos Stones, they were supercharged by the Dark Pterosaur.

In Fate of the Cosmos, they began attacking the city with their Spectral Moves. They were called into the Dark Pterosaur to attack the Backlander, Maximus trying to use Spectral Punisher to hit Terry, but instead defeating Tank when she jumped in the way. After the Pterosaur began protecting the Backlander, Maximus was defeated alongside Armatus by the combined power of Chomp's Lightning Strike, Ace's Sonic Blast, and Paris's Emerald Garden. What happened to his card after that is unclear, but it was probably reclaimed by the D-Team/Alpha Gang.


  • In the dub, Maximus was the only Space Pirate main dinosaur that didn't get its original roar switched to a different, more commonly-used roar in episode 76. However, its original roar was already a commonly-used one for Lightning Dinosaurs: Diceratops, Achelousaurus, and the second Pentaceratops, and also being a shortened version of Chomp's roar.
  • He is the only main dinosaur of the Space Pirates that was defeated by an Ultimate Move as well as a Super Move.



Dinosaur King Arcade Battle Scene Maximus Jark Armer

Dinosaur King Arcade Battle Scene Maximus Jark Armer

Maximus Video

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