Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Dino Slash! Go, Triceratops, roar!

—Max Taylor, Summoning Speech

Maximus "Max" Taylor (Kodai Ryūta) is the main protagonist, and the unofficial leader of the D-Team. He owns Chomp the Triceratops. He is voiced by Megumi Matsumoto in the original and Veronica Taylor in the English dub.

Character Design[]

Max has pale skin, spiky brown hair, and big round purple eyes. He wears a red short-sleeve T-shirt with a yellow collar and a black fanny pack around his tummy decorated with a dinosaur tooth. He also wears orange joggers, red sneakers and red gloves with no fingers. Most distinctive of all, he wears a visor with a clear 'shade' and Triceratops horns that double up as flashlights. (This electrocutes him in episode 61.)


Much like his father, Max's Japanese name "Ryūta" has the Japanese word "ryū" in it which means "dragon" or "dinosaur", a similar reference to many of the main characters' names. The "ta" (タ) in Max's Japanese name is a common suffix for Japanese names. However, this term does have a meaning as is translated as "thick" or "big". His surname "Kodai" means "ancient"; this would later be switched for the name Taylor in the dub, while Rex's true family would use the name in its English translation.

Max's English name may come from the now invalid Triceratops species "T. maximus", while his last name Taylor comes from his father's name origin.


Max is happy-go-lucky, much like his father, Spike Taylor. He loves dinosaurs, like his father, who is a paleontologist. His favorite foods are hamburgers and vegetables[2], especially carrots and peppers. He is really bad at math, and Rod and Laura say that his brain is on par with a dinosaurs'. Much like his father, Max is known to be quite clumsy which can be supported by frequent times of crashing or falling from certain areas. Max is known to be quite manipulative at times. It has been shown many times where he uses these opportunities to get out of trouble even going beyond on the point of putting his teammates in danger, which also shows at times he is highly selfish and puts his priorities first before anything else at times. Max seems to take pride in himself often and is very cocky (sometimes) and when drawn into an event that involves his fame it goes far to him to become self-absorbed, but when criticized about his intellect and feats, his cocky personality immediately vanish and Max's pride and ego get the better of him which goes so far for him to jeopardize or forget his missions with his rash thinkings.

Caring for the dinosaurs, Max has devoted his life to save them. When he encountered with the Alpha Gang, he dislikes how the Alpha Gang abuse dinosaurs that uses them for evil biddings. Max is very vain to the extent when dinosaurs, sentimental to his companion, Chomp are taken away that feels it is his dire responsibility and will save this particular dinosaur. However, this goes far beyond his extent when he has a dream of experiencing the dinosaurs' extinction. By this instance, he becomes vainer and makes this his solace reminder to save all the dinosaurs from any villains they come cross against. Max seems to hold sentimental values at points which can be referred to as childish (especially towards food), as far to the point when his long wait for a favorite dish has been interrupted or given the first by someone else, Max loses his complete control and goes berserk, acting without complete hesitation and becoming temporarily insane (this was shown when Rod and Laura were the first to taste Jonathan's (known under the identity of Johnny Cook) famous, crab and egg fried rice, Max goes into a complete rage and after defeating their dinosaurs, he laughs in pleasure). Max is oblivious, brash, lovable, clumsy, caring, dinosaur-loving, happy-go-lucky.


  • "Dino Slash! Triceratops, roar!" (summoning speech)
  • "No way! It's the old lady!" (noticing Ursula on TV in episode 24)
  • "Element Booster! Dino! Tector! ON! Go!" (armoring speech)


Main article: Chomp

Max's main dinosaur in the anime and most other media is Chomp (Gabu) the Triceratops. He and Chomp are very close and rarely ever lose. However, the amount of discipline Max has trained Chomp is debatable, as Chomp has run away several times out of distracted curiosity. In the arcade games, Max along with the Rex and Zoe can use any elements of the dinosaurs, but he primarily chooses the Lightning element. Much like his anime counterpart, he uses a Triceratops.

Owing to not being present during the battle with the Black T. rex, instead dealing directly with Seth, Max is the only D-Team member to never summon a Dinosaur Card other than Chomp's in the anime, though he did once use Tag Team to bring out Pawpawsaurus to be thanked for the work it did.

Main article: Mini-King

In the manga adaptation, Max instead uses a hybrid ceratopsid species named "King", who fills the same role as Chomp.


TCG Stats[]

Max Taylor DKCG

Max Taylor TCG card (DKSS/DKCG)

  • Team: D-Team
  • Card Codes: DKSS-030/032, DKCG-143/160, DKTB-075/100, DKAA-069/100, DKBD-071/100, DKS2-035/035, DKDS-070/100, DKTA-070/100
  • Card Rarities: Oversized Exclusive (DKSS), Silver Rare (DKCG, DKTB), Common (DKAA-DKTA)
  • Image From (DKSS/DKCG): Ep. 28 anime scene
  • Image From (DKTB): Ep. 2 anime scene
  • Image From (DKAA): Ep. 16 anime scene
  • Image From (DKBD): Ep. 37 anime scene
  • Image From (DKS2/DKDS): Ep. 50 anime scene
  • Image From (DKTA): Ep. 60 anime scene
  • Abilities:
(DKSS/DKCG) Choose 1 of your Dinosaurs. It gains +500 Power the next time it battles this turn. Then, search your deck for a Move or a "Chomp" and put it into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.) You can include "Chomp" in your deck only if you are using this Character.
(DKTB) You can choose 1 of your opponent's level 5 or lower Dinosaurs. It loses all abilities the next time it battles this turn, and any effects from those abilities after the battle are negated. Search your deck for a Move or a "Chomp" and put it into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.) You can include "Chomp" in your deck only if you are using this Character.
(DKAA) Choose 1 of your Lightning Dinosaurs. It gains +700 Power the next time it battles this turn. Then, search your deck for a "Chomp" and put it into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.) You can include "Chomp" in your deck only if you are using this Character.
(DKBD) Until the end of the next battle, Dinosaurs can't gain or lose Power except from Move Cards. (Any Power changes in effect when you use this ability are negated.) Then, search your deck for a Lightning Super Move and put it into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.) You can include "Chomp" in your deck only if you are using this Character.
(DKS2/DKDS) Search your deck for 1 "Chomp (Battle Mode)," 1 "Chomp (Dinotector)," or both and put them into your hand. You can include "Chomp" in your deck only if you are using this Character.
(DKTA) Choose 1 of your Dinosaurs that already attacked this turn. It gains +500 Power this turn and can attack again. You can include "Chomp" in your deck only if you are using this Character.



Dinosaur King[]

Max Taylor is a preteen boy who is the only son of a famous paleontologist, Dr. Spike Taylor. His best friend, Rex Owen, lives with their family while his own dad is working. Together with their other best friend, Zoe Drake, the three dinosaur-loving kids form the "D-Team".

After Max woke up early one morning, he saw a meteor fall from the sky, so he invited his friends Rex and Zoe to come with him to the forest where he saw the meteor fall. There they found a lightning, wind, and grass element stones. Then Max accidentally rubs Chomp's stone and activated him. After that, they have become best friends and Chomp now "belongs" to Max.

Unfortunately, soon after meeting Chomp, he, Rex, and Zoe encountered Terry, a Tyrannosaurus from their rival group, the Alpha Gang. The three of them split up, but Terry chased Max and Chomp until his father arrived to give him his first Dino Holder. After a brief fight, Max successfully landed his first win.

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

In Mesozoic Meltdown (Pterosaur Legends), Max's house disappears, with his, Zoe's, and Rex's parents inside. Their parents have been abducted by the Spectral Space Pirates, who intend to use them in their quest to find the Cosmos Stones.


In the manga, Max is a Japanese boy who loves dinosaurs. He at first didn't have many friends, but then one day a transfer student from America named Rex came, but he didn't speak Japanese so he became lonely. Max scared Rex when he was reading a book, and Max notices he's reading a book on dinosaurs. Max tells him he loves dinosaurs too and wants to find fossils when he grows up. Rex doesn't understand what he's saying, so Max uses gestures and hand signals to show that he loves dinosaurs.

Max is also the hero of the tablet, being the one to find it and being transported to the time of the dinosaurs. He meets a baby Styracosaurus, who he names King, but King's mother is kidnapped by the Alpha Gang, so Max decides to help King get his mother back. His catchphrase is "You'll never know unless you try!"

Max has very dark brown hair and has proved to be a real hothead at times. He has a bigger waist pack and has a band-aid across his nose. He's also very tough and has hit Zander a few times. He defeats Ursula and Zander in the first part of his way to Alpha Mountain and defeats Rod as well. He also defeats Laura and Ed with Rex's help.

DS Game[]

If you chose to play as Max, you receive a Triceratops as your starter dinosaur. At the end of the game, you can go to the Stone Circle and gain Chomp as an extra. He more closely resembles his arcade counterpart in the DS game.


  • Max's age is only given on NagoyaTV's website, where it is listed as 12 in the context of Mesozoic Meltdown. As Rex had a birthday in the first season and the passage of time isn't certain, Max may also have been 11 at some point during the series, but it isn't specified.
  • Max may have a crush on Zoe, like Rex. For example, when Jimmy kisses Zoe, both Max and Rex look jealous, and Max was the first to ask Zoe about the kiss. Even when Zoe asked Max whether he's jealous, he said he wasn't, even though it's quite obvious that he was.
  • During their mission to find the Red Cosmos Stone in Ancient Persia, he developed a huge crush on Zahrah, like Rex which has caused them to fight over who should protect her. Zahrah is presumably Max's first kiss.
  • In the arcade and DS games, he is seen with a bandage on his nose all the time, a trope for an active youth character. In the anime, he is only seen with one in the first episode, after Chomp bit him.
  • In the 4koma manga on Kyoryu-King.com, he occasionally becomes half-human, half-Triceratops. This form also allows him to use Lightning Moves.
  • Max is the first one to use the term 'Dino Slash'. He used it in episode 2, but he only added 'Triceratops' without 'roar' (which later becomes his summoning phrase).
  • His full name is Maximus, but he was only called that in episode 35 by his mom, to which he complains, "Mom, I thought you promised never to call me that again!".
    • "Maximus" was also the name of a formerly-recognized species of Triceratops (T. maximus), likely the inspiration for his name and that of Maximus, the altered Triceratops used by the Space Pirates.
  • While Rex's true name in the dub is Rex Ancient, in the Japanese version, Max's last name is Ancient (Kodai means Ancient).
  • Max's voice actress (yes, a woman), Veronica Taylor, originally voiced Ash Ketchum in the first few seasons of the Pokémon series when it was being dubbed by 4Kids. Ursula also has the original voice of the Team Rocket trio's leading female member, Jessie. This may be a further reference to how similar Dinosaur King is to Pokémon in almost every medium (especially the anime and DS game), to the point that some people consider Dinosaur King to be a ripoff of the former (but by no means the only one, it was quite a popular trend for a while)







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