Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

The anime-only Taylor household is the main setting for many of the D-Team's casual pre-dinosaur mission scenes in season 1. In season 2, it is stolen by the Space Pirates with the D-Team's parents inside.


Dinosaur King[]

Max's House

Max's house

Max's house is a simple residence where he, his parents, and Rex live, located up on a forested hill within Sanjo City; though she lives elsewhere in the city, Zoe often comes over. Many episodes begin with the D-Team here playing around before a dinosaur signal draws them to the D-Lab. They sometimes also return for the closing scene.

Little of plot significance happens at the house beyond keeping the dinosaurs a secret from Max's mom, though in Santa Saurus!, Rod and Laura manage to be invited inside by Mrs. Taylor for a Christmas party, ultimately leading to a failed attempt to steal Zoe's Dino Holder.

In the season finale, the Backlander leaves from above the house, but is immediately forced to return.

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Max's captured house

In Space Pirate ship

The house is teleported away by Spectral Space Pirate Gabbro in Alien Parent Trap with the adult Taylors, Drakes, and Ancients inside. The Space Pirates were only after the Ancients, whom they force to help build a Cosmos Stone Detector for them.

The house is stored in a room of unknown location on the Space Pirate Ship, the Ancients ferried to their lab and Dr. Drake to the dinosaur cages to be their vet every day; the others often work on digging out an escape tunnel with spoons (leading to an escape attempt that ultimately fails).

The house is recovered in the finale after recapturing the Space Pirate Ship from inside the Dark Pterosaur, returning it to its original location after saving the day.



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