Mary is a minor character in the anime, appearing only in Rhino or Dino?. She is a member of the Wildlife Protection Team (WPT), and protects the wildlife in the Kenya Reserve, tracking down poachers like Ungaro. She is voiced by Veronica Taylor in the English dub.

Character DesignEdit

Mary has spiky blonde hair, which is tied back into a ponytail. She wears a normal ranger outfit, with a tan-colored shirt, shorts, and boots. She also keeps a lasso on hand, which proves to be useful.


Mary is a good friend of Dr. Spike Taylor. She is devoted into saving nature and is kind-hearted, Because of her experience with poachers it also shown that she has lack of trust for strangers that come around Africa. This made her interrogate the D-Team children until Dr. Taylor told her the truth; much of less she keep well at keeping secrets.



Some time in the past, Mary faced Spike Taylor in a World Lassoing Contest, which she had won (after Dr. Taylor had accidentally lassoed himself in the final round).

Dinosaur KingEdit

The D-Team meets Mary when a Torosaurus is activated in Kenya, in the area where Mary patrols. She doesn't believe their story at first, until Dr. Taylor calls in on the Dino Holder, in which she recognizes him and believes their story. After that, she takes the D-Team around looking for the dinosaur.

Later during the big battle, when Ungaro was about to catch Chomp, who had been knocked into the air by the battle between Torosaurus and Terry, Mary used her lassoing skills to catch Chomp and return him to Max. When the Ungaro was distracted by the dinosaur battle, Mary used the opportunity to capture him.

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