Spectral Armor Mapusaurus is an armored version of Mapusaurus used by the Space Pirates when under their control.


Anime StatsEdit

Mapusaurus (Spectral Armor) detail

Spectral Armor Mapusaurus

  • Species: Mapusaurus
  • Attribute: Fire
  • Owner: Shear (Spectral Space Pirates)
  • Location: Ancient China, 636
  • Appeared In: Elements of Surprise
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: None
  • Other: This form could be activated by putting the drained grayscale version of Mapusaurus' card on Shear's summoner after it was first summoned.

Move CardsEdit

Heat Eruption
Mapusaurus causes a nearby volcano to erupt, sending flaming lava rocks flying everywhere, pelting the ground around Ace and endangering a nearby village with the lava flow.

TCG StatsEdit

Mapusaurus armor TCG card

Spectral Armor Mapusaurus TCG card

  • Species: Mapusaurus
  • Attribute: Fire
  • Sign: Paper
  • Power: 2400
  • Level: 7
  • Life: 4
  • Card Code: DKDS-001/100
  • Card Rarity: Gold Rare
  • Image From: Ep. 60 anime scene
  • Abilities:
[Spectral Armor]
You can only Dino Slash this Dinosaur by placing it on top of a Mapusaurus.
[Infinity Bite]
When this Dinosaur wins a battle during your turn, your opponent loses 5 extra Life Points.


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

This form of Mapusaurus was triggered by Shear after Chomp almost knocked it into the volcano. It tussled with him in his DinoTector form, but after Ace was send to attack it, Shear used Heat Eruption, which caused the volcano they were fighting on to erupt. Caught off guard with the unplanned side effect, Shear recalled Mapusaurus as lava began flowing over all ground to stand on and retreated. She would quickly challenge the D-Team again at the base of the volcano, but Mapusaurus wasn't given its Spectral Armor; it was defeated by Chomp and its card claimed by Max.


  • This was by technicality the only Spectral Armor form of a defeated dinosaur to never itself be defeated, being recalled from battle and then not given armor in the fight it was defeated in.
    • Despite its armor not being directly destroyed, it returned to its gray unarmored card after its defeat. Later, however, Deinonychus would be defeated without armor and return to its purple armored card instead.
    • It shares its "never defeated armored form" distinction with Spectral Armor Ankylosaurus, who was also recalled from battle, but was never used again and was therefore truly never defeated.


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