Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

General Statistics[]


full-sized Maiasaura

  • Name: Maiasaura peeblesorum
  • Name Meaning: Good Mother Lizard
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Length: 9-10 meters (30-33 feet)
  • Time Period: Late Cretaceous (77-76 MYA)
  • Classification: Hadrosauridae --> Saurolophinae --> Brachylophosaurini
  • Place Found: Montana, USA
  • Describer: Horner and Makela, 1979

Dinosaur King Statistics[]

Arcade Stats[]

Maiasaura card

Maiasaura arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 3rd Edition, variant)

  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Rock
  • Strength: 1400
  • Technique: 700
    • Compatibility: Tab 4
  • Attack:
    • Rock (Critical): 740
    • Scissors/Paper: 405
  • Types:
    • Tie Type (Japanese 2006 series; English & Taiwanese Series 1)
    • Crisis Type (Triple Slash Card set)
    • Charge Type (Japanese 2007 series; English Series 2; Taiwanese New Series)
    • Blitz Type (Japanese Gekizan series)
    • Tie Recovery Type (Japanese Kakushin series)
    • Revival Type (on the data of the Alpha Fortress version)
  • Arcade Nickname:
    • Japanese: 母なる癒し (Healing Mother)
    • English: Mother's Love
    • Taiwanese: 母愛的治瘉


Anime Stats[]


Maiasaura anime card (second version, with baby)

Move Cards[]

Diving Press
Kick dirt in your opponent's face, then jump at them, bite their neck, and slam them into the ground!

DS Stats[]

Maiasaura Grass

Maiasaura DS battle intro

TCG Stats[]

Maiasaura (DKPM)[]


Maiasaura TCG card (DKPM)

(Unnamed Figure Ability) When you Dino Slash this Dinosaur, put its figure on it. If this Dinosaur has its figure on it when it wins a battle, remove its figure. Then, you can put 1 card from your discard pile on top of your deck.


Maiasaura TCG card

Maiasaura TCG card (DKCG)

  • Element: Grass
  • Icon: Scissors
  • Power: 1400
  • Level: 3
  • Life: 2
  • Card Code: DKCG-062/160
  • Card Rarity: Silver Rare
  • Image From: cropped 06 3rd/S1 1st V2/Tai 1st Ext arcade card
  • Abilities:
[Nature Link] When this Dinosaur loses a battle, you can Dino Slash a Dinosaur from your hand.

Nesting Maiasaura[]

Maiasaura-Nesting TCG Card

Nesting Maiasaura TCG card

  • Element: Grass
  • Icon: Scissors
  • Power: 1500
  • Level: 3
  • Life: 2
  • Card Code: DKAA-032/100
  • Card Rarity: Silver Rare
  • Image From: Ep. 6 anime scene
  • Abilities:
[Life Cycle] When you Dino Slash this Dinosaur, you can put a level 4 or lower Dinosaur from your discard pile on top of your deck.

Baby Maiasaura[]

Maiasaura-Baby TCG Card (German)

Baby Maiasaura TCG card

  • Element: Grass
  • Icon: Scissors
  • Power: 1100
  • Level: 2
  • Life: 1
  • Card Code: DKBD-034/100
  • Card Rarity: Gold Rare
  • Image From: Ep. 6 anime scene
  • Abilities:
[Super Heal] When this Dinosaur uses a Super Move and wins the battle, you gain 1 Life Point.

Searching Maiasaura[]

Maiasaura-Searching TCG Card (French)

Searching Maiasaura TCG card (French)

  • Element: Grass
  • Icon: Scissors
  • Power: 1400
  • Level: 3
  • Life: 2
  • Card Code: SAS-033/100
  • Card Rarity: Common
  • Image From: 06 Rainy/08 Special/08 Limited arcade card
  • Abilities:
[Radiance of Life: 2] When this Dinosaur uses a regular Move and wins the battle, you gain 2 Life Points.


Dinosaur King[]

Maiasaura's card, along with her Move Card, was activated by a curious goat in the Swiss Alps, who kicked the Card Capsule open and spilled the cards onto the grass. Maiasaura was very protective of her egg, but allowed the goats near it. When the D-Team teleported in right in front of her, they thought that she was attacking them, so Max summoned Chomp to battle her. They were equally strong, but when the Alpha Gang spotted them, Ursula summoned Terry to battle them. However, they saw Maiasaura's egg and sent Terry after it. Zoe teleported in and saw this, summoning Paris to knock Terry away from the egg, bouncing it out of the nest. Realizing the situation, Max recalled Chomp, but Maiasaura saw her egg was gone and went on a rampage looking for it, hitting Terry with Diving Press and knocking him away, defeating him, before going after the nearby Paris. She nearly defeated her, but stopped when she heard her baby crying, who had hatched, which calmed her down enough to let the Battlefield disappear. She and her baby were reunited, and asked the D-Team, through the Dino Holders, to "go home". Through the power of the Grass Stone, Zoe was able to turn them both into a single card of a new design, collecting it along with Diving Press.

In Carnival of Chaos, another Maiasaura of unknown origin was seen in the Alpha Gang's amusement park, but due to not eating in so long, its control device failed and it went berserk. It was returned to its card after pet-size Paris knocked its device off, which was collected by an Alpha Droid, and was never seen again.

Later, Zoe summoned the first Maiasaura to fight against the Black T. rex (her baby not appearing), but she was defeated when she tried leaping at it and it kicked her.

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

A wild Maiasaura and her group of babies were caught in the Cretaceous meteor impact in Alien Parent Trap.

Max thinks back to the wild Maiasaura and babies in the finale when looking for motivation.

Character Design[]


Maiasaura was a gentle but very protective dinosaur, especially toward her baby, fighting Chomp and attacking Terry, Paris, and nearly the D-Team when her egg was threatened and later disappeared, showing her strength when she easily defeated Terry. However, she was rather impulsive in her defense, as there was no indication Paris had harmed her egg when she attacked her. However, she realized her mistake and calmed down when her baby showed up safe, even asking the D-Team through the Stones to help them. When Maiasaura speaks to the D-Team about the Stones, she has a very gentle and friendly voice.

As shown in Dinosaur War!, in addition to her impulsive protectiveness, Maiasaura can sometimes act very recklessly and carelessly as she attacked the much larger and stronger Black T. rex, which resulted in her being defeated with just one hit.


  • Dr. Taylor's arcade comments:
    • Japanese: すを作りこどもを育てていたらしい。名前の意味はここから来ている。草食恐竜だ。
    • English: A herbivore that makes nests and takes care of its young, from which it got its name.
    • Taiwanese: 他似乎有築巢照顧孩子的能力,故有此名,是草食恐龍。
  • DS Game Encyclopedia entry: Apparently builds a nest to raise its young. Its name comes from this fact.
  • Along with Parasaurolophus, Lambeosaurus, Shantungosaurus, Iguanodon, Tsintaosaurus, Ouranosaurus, Saurolophus, Altirhinus, Corythosaurus, and Muttaburrasaurus, it is one of the available dinosaurs in the Japanese and Taiwanese non-sale Grass Egg card.
  • Maiasaura is the only dinosaur to alone use the power of the Stones to communicate directly to the D-Team via spoken words. All other instances of this power (Battle at the Pyramids, Metal Imbalance's dream, Tricks of the Traitor's flashback, etc.) feature crowds of dinosaurs all talking over each other to say the same thing at once.
  • Maiasaura is the only anime dinosaur to have two distinct cards but not be altered (unlike Acrocanthosaurus and Velociraptor). When she was first activated, she came from a card featuring only her. When she allowed Zoe to return her and her baby to the same card, they became a card featuring both of them; this card appeared on all the "tally screens" at the end of each episode from 20-48. But when she is summoned to fight the Black T. rex, she is alone, and returns to the first version of her card when defeated. The Carnival of Chaos Maiasaura's card isn't clearly seen.
    • It is possible that Maiasaura can at will choose whether her baby appears with her when she is summoned, in order to prevent her baby from getting into a fight and getting hurt. However, this doesn't explain why Maiasaura reverted to the first version of her card when she was defeated.
    • It would be possible that when the baby is fully grown, activating Maiasaura's card would then summon two Maiasaura, the mother and the baby.
  • As was reflected in her anime appearance, a number of Maiasaura's arcade cards also feature one or more baby Maiasaura alongside the adult, even in waves where every other dinosaur's card showed them alone (as some waves featured natural landscapes with shots of herds or packs for many dinosaurs).
  • When Dr. Taylor looks at the Maiasaura card at the end of the episode, he also holds a Grass Move Card in his hand. That was probably an animation mistake, since Diving Press is a Normal Move card, and the D-Team rarely uses Normal Moves.
  • Maiasaura was the only wild dinosaur in season 1 alongside Pachycephalosaurus and Therizinosaurus that was not defeated by the D-Team or the Alpha Gang, but unlike the other two, Maiasaura was never defeated in her debut episode as she voluntarily allowed the D-Team to turn her back to her card.



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