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A list of cards from the Kyoryu-King website

Listed on this page are all of the Dinosaurs that appear in the Dinosaur King franchise as cards.

The list for the DS Game is available separately here.

Those from the TCG only that are merely renamed versions of regular dinosaurs (ex: Thundering Styracosaurus, Prowling Acrocanthosaurus) are listed here.

About Dinosaur Cards

Dinosaur Cards are used to summon dinosaurs, the main fighting force in every media iteration of the franchise. They are divided into seven Elements, with six regular and one special. Some dinosaurs also feature in the effects of Move Cards, where they can be part of Normal or two Elements of Super Moves.


In the arcade game, Dinosaur Cards are one of 3 card types alongside Move and Character. Some aspect of them, typically in the border and their name, is the color of their Element; in the case of foil cards, however, these aspects can be replaced with a shiny gold, silver, or bronze. They are used to select the dinosaur the player will be fighting as by swiping the barcode along one side through the arcade machine's card reader; though the machine usually spits out a random card for each new player, default dinosaurs exist on standby for those without cards. They have several important stats: Attribute, Sign, Strength, Technique, Attack, and Type. Early arcade card waves did not include the Type stat, and only cards from certain waves display the Attack stats.

The arcade game is the standard for Dinosaur Cards on this Wiki. Most dinosaurs have multiple iterations of their card based on how many waves they were released in, but differ only in artwork and sometimes Type. Owing to this, they are the only Dinosaur Card group without a standard appearance, and the only one that can have landscape orientation.


In the anime, Dinosaur Cards are one of 2 card types alongside Move. The body of the cards are a gray color; Secret Dinosaur cards have a gray-to-yellow gradient to indicate inherent Move Cards; dinosaurs with Spectral Armor have dark purple cards instead; Alpha Dinosaur cards have a brighter purple on the back only; and Black Dinosaur cards are nearly black. They can be activated and become the dinosaur in an Element-colored glow by coming into contact with their Element in the environment, or by being swiped across their Element's Stone; swiping a dinosaur's card down across a Stone summons them full size, while swiping them up across one summons them as a pet-sized chibi version; Spectral Armor Dinosaur Cards drain to complete grayscale when the dinosaur is summoned, this card later adding their armor. Only dinosaurs summoned with a Stone or a device powered by or copying the power of a Stone can be recalled on command. If a dinosaur, activated or summoned, takes too much damage or runs out of energy, they will return to their card in an Element-colored glow; the glow is always purple for Spectral Armor Dinosaurs. Velociraptor is a special case exception to almost every rule, more details on its page.

The anime contains many but not all Dinosaur Cards from the arcade game, including a host of Spectral Armor Dinosaurs not in the arcade. Uniquely among the various media, anime Dinosaur Cards usually only show the head and neck of the dinosaur instead of a full body view; only altered Spectral Armor Dinosaurs feature the armor in the image. Especially among those introduced in Mesozoic Meltdown, some dinosaurs' cards are only briefly seen as small on the screen during summoning, and sometimes only their Spectral Armor or grayscale versions.


In the TCG, Dinosaur Cards are one of 3 card types alongside Move and Character. They feature black headings and tabs. It is suggested they comprise about half of a player's deck. A player can control up to 3 Dinosaurs at once, the Turn Counter limiting which ones can be Dino Slashed at any given time based on their level, though any number can be Dino Slashed in a turn. They have several important stats (described here): Element, Icon, Power, Level, Life, and Abilities. A second variant, Special Dinosaurs, represent the anime main dinosaurs, and involve a small/weak version needing to be in play to replace it with a stronger/armored version; they can only be used with the right Characters selected.

The TCG contains almost all regular, altered, and Spectral Armor Dinosaurs from the arcade game and anime, with some exclusive altered and armored dinosaurs, as well as several Move Card dinosaurs featuring as standalone Dinosaur Cards. It also features "alternate" variants of dinosaurs with extra words in their names, such as "Thundering Styracosaurus", listed separately here.

DS Game

In the DS Game, Dinosaur Cards are one of 2 card types alongside Move. They work in battle much like they do in the arcade game, though with several differences in the stats used or how they work. HP is used instead of Strength, and scales up as a dinosaur's Level increases through battle experience. Elemental Attribute, Battle Type (Type), 3 Attack Powers (with a Critical Move referred to as a "hand sign"), and Technique are also present. A star-based Rarity system is also in place to show how likely a dinosaur is for the player to come by while searching for fossils, and indicates the relative values of their HP, Attack Power, and Technique stats; Battle Type can provide further slight variation in some cases.

Dinosaur Cards are acquired by excavating dinosaur fossils and cleaning them at D-Site Restoration Rooms, whereupon Minmi converts them into cards the player can use. A player can carry up to 3 dinosaurs with them while exploring the game's overworld and can swap them at D-Sites. The characters summon dinosaurs by sliding their cards across the top of a DinoShot.

As the game is digital, they are no actual collectible cards for players and the cards themselves are not often seen in-game, though they briefly appear in a cutscene as Japanese 2nd Edition / English 1st Edition arcade cards.

Fire Dinosaurs

Altered/Armored Fire Dinosaurs

Water Dinosaurs

Water Move Card Dinosaurs

Altered/Armored Water Dinosaurs

Lightning Dinosaurs

Altered/Armored Lightning Dinosaurs

Earth Dinosaurs

Altered/Armored Earth Dinosaurs

Grass Dinosaurs

Grass Move Card Dinosaurs

Altered/Armored Grass Dinosaurs

Wind Dinosaurs

Altered/Armored Wind Dinosaurs

Secret Dinosaurs

Altered/Armored Secret Dinosaurs

Normal Move Card Dinosaurs

Scrapped Dinosaurs

These Dinosaurs were planned to be playable in various games but were canceled; however, traces remain in the games' respective programming.

  • Ugrosaurus (DS only)
  • Tobaryu (DS only)
  • Tambaryu (arcade only)
  • Antrodemus (arcade only)
  • Benjamin (arcade only)
  • (Super?) Alpha Tyrannosaurus (DS only)
  • (Super?) Alpha Torosaurus (DS only)
  • (Super?) Alpha Parasaurolophus (DS only)
  • (Super?) Alpha Spinosaurus (DS only)
  • (Super?) Alpha Edmontonia (DS only)
  • Alioramus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Carcharodontosaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Giganotosaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Brachyceratops w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Diceratops w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Pachyrhinosaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Opisthocoelicaudia w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Dicraeosaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Amargasaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Edmontonia w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Sauropelta w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Ankylosaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Iguanodon w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Tsintaosaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Shantungosaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Neovenator w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Ceratosaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)
  • Monolophosaurus w/ Spectral marks (arcade only)



古代王者恐竜キング -恐竜博物館-

Official DVD video, introducing all Dinosaurs before 2007