Dinosaur King

Spectral Armor Lexovisaurus is an armored form of Lexovisaurus, used by the Space Pirates when under their control.


Anime Stats

Spectral Armor Lexovisaurus

  • Species: Lexovisaurus
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Owner: Shear (Spectral Space Pirates)
  • Location: Ancient Persia, A.D. 757
  • Appeared In: Princess of the City
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: Chomp
  • Defeated by: Ace
  • Other: This form could be activated by putting the drained grayscale version of Lexovisaurus' card on Shear's summoner after it was first summoned.

Move Cards

Sand Trap
Lexovisaurus summoned a pool of quicksand underneath Zoe, Zahrah, and Paris to trap them.

TCG Stats

Spectral Armor Lexovisaurus TCG Card (French)

[Iron Defense] When this Dinosaur uses a regular Move and loses the battle, its life is reduced to 1.


Mesozoic Meltdown

Shear triggered this form for Lexovisaurus when Zoe tried leading Zahrah away to safety. It defeated Chomp with a ramming charge, knocking him into a stone wall and collapsing the entrance to the secret passage. It then used Sand Trap to catch Paris, Zoe, and Zahrah. However, Ace took his DinoTector form and defeated Lexovisaurus with Hurricane Beat, destroying its Spectral Armor. Rex presumably reclaimed its original card.


  • As it appears in the Spectral Armor Shock TCG deck, it doesn't have the ability [Spectral Armor] that most other Spectral Armor Dinosaurs do.



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