Dinosaur King

A recent study claims that Lexovisaurus was based on nondiagnostic remains (not unique enough to be distinguished from relatives), so most later fossils have been reclassified under the name Loricatosaurus, though some scientists disagree with this conclusion.

General Statistics

full-sized Lexovisaurus

  • Name: Lexovisaurus durobrivensis
  • Name Meaning: Lexovian Lizard
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Length: 5 meters (16.5 feet)
  • Time Period: Middle/Late Jurassic
  • Classification: Stegosauria --> Stegosauridae
  • Place Found: UK; France
  • Describer: Hoffstetter, 1957

Dinosaur King Statistics

Arcade Stats

Lexovisaurus arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 3rd Edition)

  • Attribute: Earth
  • Sign: Rock
  • Strength: 1200
  • Technique: 800
  • Attack:
    • Rock (Critical): 750
    • Scissors/Paper: 400
  • Types:
    • Tie Defense Type (Japanese Gekizan series)
    • Lethal Type (Japanese Kakushin 6th Edition)
  • Arcade Nickname: デンジャラス・バディ (Dangerous Buddy)


Lexovisaurus was only available in the Japanese version.

Anime Stats

Lexovisaurus' anime card's front is never seen

Move Cards

Sand Trap
Lexovisaurus summoned a pool of quicksand under it's opponent's feet, rendering them unable to escape! It was defeated before the erupting sand mountain part of the Move activated, so it's unclear if this part was meant to be present.

TCG Stats


Lexovisaurus TCG card

[Armored] When this Dinosaur loses a battle, you can discard 2 cards. If you do, this Dinosaur stays in play. (You don't lose any Life Points from that battle.)

Boulder Bash Lexovisaurus

Boulder Bash Lexovisaurus TCG card

  • Element: Earth
  • Icon: Scissors
  • Power: 1200
  • Level: 2
  • Life: 1
  • Card Code: DKBD-027/100
  • Card Rarity: Gold Rare
  • Image From: cropped Geki 2nd(+) arcade card
  • Abilities:
[Super Survival] When this Dinosaur uses a Super Move and wins the battle, you can return 1 of your other Earth Dinosaurs in play to your hand.

Cliff Lexovisaurus

Cliff Lexovisaurus TCG card

  • Element: Earth
  • Icon: Scissors
  • Power: 1200
  • Level: 2
  • Life: 1
  • Card Code: DKTA-027/100
  • Card Rarity: Common
  • Image From: (new art)
  • Abilities:
[Armored] When this Dinosaur loses a battle, you can discard 2 cards. If you do, this Dinosaur stays in play. (You don't lose any Life Points from that battle.)

Persian Lexovisaurus

Persian Lexovisaurus TCG card (French)

  • Element: Earth
  • Icon: Paper
  • Power: 1300
  • Level: 2
  • Life: 1
  • Card Code: SAS-027/100
  • Card Rarity: Common
  • Image From: Ep. 69 anime scene
  • Flavor Text:
The pointed spikes that ran along the back of this dinosaur and the long spines on each of its shoulders gave it a ferocious look even though it was only an herbivore.


Mesozoic Meltdown

He was summoned by Shear in Princess of the City to scare away the 40 Thieves bandits while trying to kidnap Zahrah from them. It fought against Chomp, but when Zoe led Zahrah away, Shear gave it its Spectral Armor form to defeat Chomp with a ramming charge, knocking him into a stone wall. It then used Sand Trap to catch Paris, Zoe, and Zahrah. However, Ace used his DinoTector form and defeated Lexovisaurus with Hurricane Beat, destroying its Spectral Armor. Rex presumably reclaiming its card.

Later in Bad Deal, pet-sized Chomp encountered a recolored wild Lexovisaurus in the Jurassic Period.

Character Design


Not much is known about the personality of Shear's Lexovisaurus, since it was under the control of the Space Pirates when it fought the D-Team. It showed itself to be an unusually strong dinosaur for its size, easily defeating Chomp in one hit, even if it was partly because it was wearing its Spectral Armor while Chomp had no Element Booster.

The wild Lexovisaurus in Bad Deal was a friendly dinosaur, but not much is known since it only appeared briefly in the episode.


  • Dr. Taylor's arcade & anime comments:
    • Original: せなかにとがったほねの板がならんだ草食恐竜で、肩の大きなトゲは1mくらいあった。
    • Translation: A herbivore with sharp-pointed bones on its back. The big bones on its shoulders are 1m long.
  • Along with Stegosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, and Dacentrurus, it is one of the available dinosaurs in the Japanese non-sale Dr. Taylor's Stegosaurs Card.
  • Lexovisaurus was the only dinosaur in the anime defeated by Hurricane Beat that wasn't a Wind Dinosaur.




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