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Laura (ロア Loa) is the youngest member of the Alpha Gang, and is Rod's younger sister and Dr. Z's granddaughter. Like her brother, she is shown to be a better dinosaur battler than the Alpha Trio, despite her young age. In the Japanese version, she is voice by Asuka Tanii, and in the English dub, she is voiced by Rachael Lillis.

Character Design[]

In all media, Laura wears a loose-fitting purple cloak-like outfit with pink cuffs and the Alpha Gang logo, as well as purple and pink boots. Her pink hair has a pair of crescent spikes sticking out from the back.


Her Japanese name "Loa" is a reverse reading of the first part of "Allosaurus" when written in Japanese katakana: ア-ロ (a-llo) becomes ロ-ア (lo-a). This is probably a reference to how she frequently uses Allosaurus and other Wind Dinosaurs in the DS game. She also seems to be the owner of the Alpha Wind Dinosaurs.

"Laura" is then a regular name that sounds similar to "Loa".


Laura is a genius with numbers, seemingly due to the high level of schooling in the future, and makes money playing in the stock market to fund the Alpha Gang's activities. She saw Rex's birth, despite the fact that she is younger than Rex by six years due to Rex's time travel. Although she and Rod are much smarter and better with dinosaurs than the Alpha Trio, they are often stuck on Zeta Point thanks to Helga. Laura, like most of the Alpha Gang, fears Helga, the caretaker, whose job it is to keep her and Rod doing their schoolwork (which includes general relativity).

The siblings defend and fight for Dr. Z's goals, even acting antagonistic towards the D-Team on their own, but it is indicated that they believe not having retrieved all of the dinosaur cards is what's keeping Dr. Z from repairing the time machine and them from going home, as they miss their parents deeply. Unlike Rod, however, Laura is slightly more friendly towards the D-Team, being the one to question if they should be so mean. She was also the first person in the Alpha Gang to learn about (or get a hint of) Seth's true ambitions, when he threatened to hurt Dr. Z if she told anyone about his tests. Eventually, Laura reveals that she and Rod never knew what their grandfather did to Rex and his parents that caused the timeship to crash in the present, and force him to cooperate with the D-Team upon finding out. They quickly become easy friends with the D-Team after this.



On Christmas Day in 2127, she and her brother Rod left their parents to join their grandfather Dr. Z, who was part of the Ancients' time travel mission on the Backlander to save all the dinosaurs from extinction. However, Dr. Z and Seth's sabotage of the mission (unknown to Laura) partway through caused the timeship to crash in the present day.

Dinosaur King[]

Laura is first seen with Rod on the beach of Zeta Point after she uses the Alpha Scanner to summon Terry, directing him to chase after Dr. Z and Ed for fun. During the season, Laura is mostly seen in quick snaps of Zeta Point with Rod, having less interactions than him. Although she and her brother later prove to be much better than the Alpha Trio on dinosaur missions, Helga forces them to stay inside and study. When she uses a dinosaur later in the season, she typically summons Tank alongside Rod's pick of Terry or Spiny, but sometimes uses Spiny herself and once used Terry.

Laura has her first major moment in Escape from Zeta Point, when Helga catches the D-Team sneaking around and force them to study with Rod and Laura. They accompany the D-Team as Max manages to break them out, having a discussion where Rod and Laura tell the D-Team to leave Dr. Z's goals alone, until the Alpha Trio corner them, having stalled after Rod sent their coordinates. Despite showing no sympathy for the D-Team themselves, however, they are impressed by Max's father after his efforts to rescue the D-Team.

The siblings step up again halfway through the season in Carnival of Chaos, with Rod and Laura summoning dinosaurs to fight the D-Team for the first time after sneaking out of Zeta Point, Laura using Spiny, but are quickly forced to retreat upon Helga's return, not wanting to be caught.

Later starting in Dueling Dinos, Seth secretly recruits them to capture dinosaurs, giving them the Velociraptor Move card which they use all of once. They immediately score victories where the Alpha Trio had been without success for quite a while, but soon begin to slip, too. Despite being better fighters than the Alpha Trio, Laura never manages to defeat a dinosaur on her own.

Santa Saurus! sees her and Rod being sent to Max's house to retrieve the remaining dinosaur cards, but before they can break in, Mrs. Taylor invites them inside because it's Christmas. They have been missing their own parents, and briefly relinquish their mission, but Rod grabs Zoe's Dino Holder and they flee, seeing dinosaur cards as their only way home. However, after a battle makes them drop everything, they ignore the Holder and instead pick up the picture books Mrs. Taylor had drawn for them.

In Full Scheme Ahead, Laura sees Seth's test of Terry using the new Move Fire Scorcher leave Terry unable to move, and he tells her not to say anything. Claiming Terry to be sick, she has Rod take him to Dr. Drake's vet clinic, where the D-Team arrive and she is forced to reveal what she saw. As the D-Team and Rod teleport to Zeta Point, she stays behind with Terry, helping Jonathan explain their travels from the future in the next episode, learning of Dr. Z and Seth's sabotage of Dr. Ancient's mission for the first time and realizing that Rex is the same as "Baby Rex". After Rod and the Alpha Gang escape to the D-Lab from the now-flying Zeta Point/Backlander, she and Rod force Dr. Z to cooperate with the D-Team to stop Seth together.

In the finale, she summons Tank, Euoplocephalus, and Stegosaurus in the battle against the Black T. rex (though Euoplocephalus seemingly vanishes partway through) and, after Jonathan delivered the Secret Dinosaurs, she summons Megalosaurus, too. She has them combine Earthquake, Spike Arrows, and Zero G Throw with a dozen other attacks into a Super Fusion Move, managing to defeat the Black T. rex after three hits. After the Ancients return, they, Rex, and the Alpha Gang leave for the future…

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

…but are immediately forced back by the attacking Space Pirates. Rod and Laura head down to the D-Lab with Reese, but are accidentally left in the present when Dr. Z starts the half-fixed timeship without them aboard. After that, they and Reese occasionally manage to contact the others on the timeship through the D-Lab, neither sibling being seen without the other.

Late in the season, the D-Team is forced to return to the present to save them when they discover that altering time has caused a giant plant and bug invasion. Laura and the others have been grabbed by moving vines, but are freed when Chomp destroys the plant's main root with Lightning Strike. The siblings finally join the Backlander's crew, but only as observers until Seth takes over the ship, when they help Helga melt Seth's Gel Jarks with salt and retrieve six of the Cosmos Stones that were dropped in a struggle.

After the defeat of the Dark Pterosaur, Rod and Laura accompany the Ancients and Alpha Gang back to the future on the commandeered Space Pirate Ship with all the dinosaur cards.


In the manga, Laura is Dr. Z's granddaughter and Rod's sister. In the manga she isn't shown to be as smart as she is in the anime, but more childish and emotional. She controls her dinosaurs with her emotions, such as when Rex made her cry when he said he didn't want to be her friend, so her dinosaur attacked him once she started screaming.

She seems to enjoy playing games like hide and seek, and she looks for people by having her dinosaurs fire attacks at hiding spots. Max pointed out that this was unfair, although she didn't listen. After Max and Rex defeated her, she asked if she could be an actual friend of theirs, and to make her happy, they said yes.

DS Game[]

In the DS Game, Laura is the first Alpha Gang member to be fought. She primarily uses Wind Dinosaurs, like Ceratosaurus, Alpha Dilophosaurus, Utahraptor, and Alpha Allosaurus. In some battles, she also uses a Baryonyx.

She has a habit of crying whenever she loses or when she wants to go somewhere with the Alpha Trio. She is very powerful and apparently has telekinesis, being able to lift either Max or Rex with her mind.


  • Laura's age is only given on NagoyaTV's website, where it is listed as 6 in the context of Mesozoic Meltdown. As Rex had a birthday in the first season and the passage of time isn't certain, Laura may have been 5 at some point during the series, but it isn't specified.
  • Though Laura shares the same English voice actress as Misty from the Pokémon series (using nearly the same voice), the two characters are not in any way parallel, unlike some other repeated voice roles between the shows.
  • Laura looks a lot like Myst in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne in the Dinosaur King Ranker image.




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