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Dinosaur King

Laser Ray (Dynamic Ray in the Japanese version) is a Secret Move Card exclusive to Pachycephalosaurus.


Arcade Stats[]

Laser Ray Beam

Pachycephalosaurus shooting Laser Ray in the arcade

  • Attribute: Secret
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Used By: Pachycephalosaurus
  • Usage Condition: This Move will be able to activate after 7 turns have elapsed in the battle.
  • Effect: Pachycephalosaurus charges then shoots a beam of rainbow energy from its thick head dome at its opponent!
  • Other: Like all Secret Moves, it has no actual card; simply swipe a Scissors Normal Move Card listing any recommended Technique to access this Move.

Anime Stats[]

Laser Ray (Pachycephalosaurus) B04

Pachycephalosaurus using Laser Ray

  • Attribute: Secret
  • Owner: Dr. Z (Alpha Gang) (never used), Wild, Ursula (Alpha Gang) (never used), Max Taylor (D-Team) (never used), Jonathan (never used), Zoe Drake (D-Team)
  • Used By: Pachycephalosaurus
  • Debut: Child's Play
  • Used to Defeat: Terry, Black T. rex (in Super Fusion Move)
  • Effect: Pachycephalosaurus charges then shoots a beam of rainbow energy from its thick head dome at its opponent! It can also unleash a larger spread version of the attack against multiple foes. Using this Move at all saps its energy rather quickly, a fact Pachycephalosaurus takes little heed of, leading to its non-combat loss.
  • Other: Like all Secret Moves, it has no actual card, being an inherent ability usable by Pachycephalosaurus when desired or on command. It was stated by Dr. Z to have been a separate Move Card fused into Pachycephalosaurus' head dome, thus creating the first Secret Dinosaur.

DS Stats[]

  • Elemental Attribute: Mystery (Secret)
  • Hand Sign: Scissors
  • MP Cost: 5MP
  • Attack modifier: x1.2 / x1.8 starting on the 4th turn of the battle
  • Effect: Pachycephalosaurus' thick head dome glows, then it shoots a beam of rainbow energy at its opponent!
  • Other: Like with other Secret Moves, only Pachycephalosaurus can create or equip this Move.


  • This is the only one of Pachycephalosaurus's Secret Moves to appear in the anime.
  • While Laser Ray was directly stated to have been a Move Card fused to Pachycephalosaurus' head dome, other Secret Moves in the anime are not addressed, and may be implied to instead be from special training.
  • Like all Secret Moves, it has no presence in the TCG even though its user does, Secret Dinosaurs there instead being able to use any Element of Super Move assuming they meet the card's other conditions.
  • On a now-defunct Dino Holder website, Pachycephalosaurus was depicted as a Lightning Dinosaur (presumably its original attribute), and in Child's Play, Dr. Z explains that he fused a Move Card to Pachycephalosaurus' head dome to transform him into a Secret Dinosaur. Given that Pachycephalosaurus was originally a Lightning Dinosaur (if the anime was meant to follow this line of logic), Laser Ray may have originally been a Lightning Move. This seems likely since laser energy is energy released by electricity in atoms if they return to their ground state, supporting the original connection of this Secret Move to the Lightning Element.
  • Additionally, Laser Ray’s base arcade animation appears similar to that of Lightning Strike.



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