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Lady Constance

Lady Constance is the servant of a young King Louis, appearing in the Renaissance Paris arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 71-74), and vaguely based on her literary counterpart, Constance Bonacieux. She is voiced by Tara Jayne in the English dub.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Lady Constance is the attendant of an orphanage which, while in the royal palace in The French Conniption in 1615, she overhears will be destroyed in the search for the Blue Eye of Gaia, rushing to the orphanage to warn them. D'Artagnan and others try defending their home from Chancellor Richelieu's soldiers, but he threatens Lady Constance aside as Shear summons Rajasaurus to start the demolition, which ends up happening despite (or because of) its battle with Chomp. The D-Team joins Constance to find Princess Anne, matron of the orphanage, at Duke Dumas' chateau, another building the Blue Eye of Gaia might be at.

After being briefly delayed by boulders to catch their attention in The Wee Musketeers, D'Artangan and the newly-formed Teen Musketeers join the party. They meet up with Anne at the Dumas chateau, finding an artifact that isn't the Blue Eye; Princess Anne joins the party.

After the group is stopped in All for One by Richelieu's soldiers, Princess Anne convinces them to let the D-Team and Teen Musketeers go free if she comes with them to meet Richelieu, Lady Constance being suspicious enough to join her. As expected, Richelieu locks them in an inn, but after being rescued by the Musketeers, the Musketeers are captured. Lady Constance directs Princess Anne, the D-Team, and now the Alpha Trio towards Vasasi Castle, where Richelieu must be heading, and they catch up at a bridge. With a dinosaur battle raging against Foolscap, D'Artagnan sends Anne and Constance across the bridge to distract Richelieu, where they watch the Alpha Trio's Jet rescue the Musketeers' prison wagon and their pterosaurs rescue the D-Team from Richelieu cutting the bridge before he crosses it, which gives them a head start to Vasasi Castle.

They arrive in The Haunted Hunt, pet-sized Paris leading them into a glowing moss-filled chamber as a dinosaur fight starts outside against Gabbro. Shear summons Maximus to search for the Cosmos Stone, beating down DinoTector Paris, but after Shear shakes off Zoe from keeping her from reaching the Green Cosmos Stone, Princess Anne and Lady Constance grab the Space Pirate's legs, dragging her down long enough for Paris to reach and swallow the Stone, winning the battle with its power boost. After King Louis's arrival with orders for Richelieu to give the Stone to the D-Team, Lady Constance heads off with the Teen Musketeers, presumably to begin rebuilding the destroyed orphanage.


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