Kunoichi (Ofu in front, Oren at left of image, other members unnamed)

The Kunoichi are a group of four female ninjas employed by Takeda to go after Shogun Tokugawa during the Ancient Japan Arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (episodes 63-66).


They constantly fight Hanzo, and took in Sheer after she got amnesia, and she and her Deinonychus trio fought alongside the ninjas against Hanzo and the D-Team, who were protecting Tokugawa. They are shown to possess great ninja skills, once appearing from bursts of four classic elements of nature, and are able to simulate the fast running of the Move Card Ninja Attack on foot. They show no fear in attacking dinosaurs, their bladed weapons often prompting the D-Team to apply DinoTector Armor before fighting them. They are armed with short swords and shurikens, also carrying many smoke and explosive pellets.

The only named members are Ofu, the apparent leader (who appeared in either wind or water for the above-mentioned scene), and Oren, a younger and friendly member (who appeared in leaves).


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