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Kunoichi (Ofu in front, Oren at left of image, other members unnamed)

The Kunoichi are a group of four female ninjas employed by Takeda to go after Shogun Tokugawa during the Ancient Japan Arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 63-66). Though based on a real type of ninja Takeda among others used, their personal names are seemingly fictional unlike other named characters in the arc, and the term "kunoichi" likely dates from well after the time period and so wouldn't have been known or used.

Character Design[]

They are only shown dressed in identical dark purple colored standard ninja attire, their faces barely visible with no other distinguishing features between them save eye color and slightly visible hair.


In addition to being greatly athletic and acrobatic, they are shown to possess great ninja skills, darting around as streaks or blurs in battle, once appearing from bursts of four classic elements of nature, and are able to simulate the fast running and visible copies of the Move Card Ninja Attack on foot. They show no fear in attacking dinosaurs, their bladed weapons often prompting the D-Team to apply DinoTector Armor before fighting them. They are armed with short swords (at least Ofu often using a reverse grip) and shurikens, also carrying many smoke and explosive pellets.


With no spellings apparent, the only named members are Ofu/Ofuu (Japanese name unclear), the apparent leader (who appeared in what is either wind or water for the above-mentioned scene), and Oren/Orin (possibly Isa/Issa in Japanese), a younger and friendly member (who appeared in leaves). The two others are not named nor are they heard speaking outside of possible battle grunts.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Hunting down Shogun Tokugawa on orders from Takeda in 1572, they find and attack the Shogun's party in Two Shoguns are Better than One, fighting with Hanzo until the appearance of Shear and her Gojirasaurus, when they retreat. Continuing to watch, they see Shear knocked into a tree by her dinosaur's defeat and retrieve her while she's unconscious.

When Shear comes to, Ofu and Oren discover she has amnesia, Oren offering to let her join them, being convinced Shear is some form of high-level kunoichi herself. Having accepted, they track down Tokugawa again, currently being interrogated by Fooslcap, who tries holding the Ninja Attack-imitating Kunoichi at bay with Megalosaurus before Shear sends her Deinonychus trio at it for an easy victory. The Kunoichi surround Tokugawa, assailing him with daggers and bomb pellets even as Chomp charges in and gets the Shogun on his back, but retreat after the Deinonychus' defeat to Ace.

After a brief introduction of Shear to Takeda in the next episode, their mission is changed from stopping Tokugawa to finding the legendary gemstone he seeks first. They catch up to Hanzo carrying Tokugawa in There's No Business Like Shogun Business, chasing him through the treetops while sword fighting, but turning their attention to DinoTector Chomp and Ace with shurikens, swords, and bomb pellets. They are forced to take shelter from the dinosaurs in the trees, but Shear sends in her Spectral Armor Deinonychus to face them and Hanzo, the Kunoichi following the Shogun but facing DinoTector Paris. They turn back to Hanzo when the D-Team's dinosaurs are called off to other battles, Ofu slicing the gemstone's palette out of his bag but being unable to grab it, turning their full attention to pursuing him towards the battle. Ace scatters them with the real Ninja Attack, knocking out the sidekick Deinonychus before the leader and Shear get the gemstone away from Hanzo, but it gets knocked into her and defeated, the Kunoichi retreating with her and the gemstone behind a smoke ball.

However, after presenting the retrieved White Cosmos Stone to Takeda, he picks it up in his bare hand and is afflicted with its harmful power, collapsing as Shear, her memories returned by the second fall, retrieves it and leaves, the Kunoichi surrounding their ailing leader.


  • In the Japanese version, the Kunoichi manage to unscramble the pun behind Shear's name ("Mihasa" from "hasami", or scissors), and call her "Hasami" instead. As the English dub named her after a synonym rather than an anagram of scissors, they merely call her Shear as usual.
  • During Shear's time with the Kunoichi in the Japanese version, she drops her signature "kamo ne" phrase at the ends of her sentences, but when her amnesia abates as she watches Takeda with the Cosmos Stone, her next line features the phrase again.



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