Jim Smith (ジミ Jimmy) is a boy that the D-Team encountered in the Caribbean Arc, trying to use a map hunted by Blackbeard so he could get the Blue Cosmos Stone to cure his village from an unspecified illness. He is voiced by Carrie Keranen.

Character DesignEdit

Jim is possibly the same age as the D-Kids. He has spiky strawberry hair and wears a crimson glory waistcoat, a shirt with a golden handkerchief wrapped around his neck. He also wears blue knickerbockers and faded yellow drawers as underwear.


Jim is persistent when it comes to finishing what was started; he is also very rude and is secretive as well, as seen when he mostly told everything to Zoe while keeping Max and Rex clueless. He has a crush on Zoe, attempting to kiss her twice (both times, Zoe smacked him in the face). But he gets to kiss her on the cheek, much to Max and Rex's chagrin. He holds a sort of rivalry with Max due to his affections for Zoe, but the first time Jim attempted to kiss Zoe, he ended up kissing Max instead after she ducks.


While searching for a jewel alleged to be able to heal the illness gripping their village, Jim and his father were attacked by Blackbeard's pirates and the British Navy (who thought Jim and his dad were with Blackbeard). When his dad ends up captured, Jim decides to help the D-Team out in searching for the jewel, suspected to be a Cosmos Stone by the Space Pirates' involvement. Sheer, however, once again obtains the Cosmos Stone. He was reunited with his father, cleared of piracy suspicion, who revealed there was still hope for their village because he ha a lead on another healing jewel.

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