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James "Jim" Smith (ジミ Jimmy) is a boy that the D-Team encountered in the Caribbean Sea Arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 55-58), searching for a jewel to heal is village. He is voiced by Carrie Keranen in the English dub.

Character Design[]

Jim is roughly the same age as the D-Team. He has spiky strawberry hair and wears a crimson moleskin waistcoat, a tea green shirt with sleeves rolled up, and an amber handkerchief wrapped around his neck. He also wears indigo knickerbockers and faded yellow drawers as underwear, seen briefly when he lost his belt.


Jim is persistent when it comes to finishing what was started; he is also very rude and is secretive as well, as seen when he mostly told everything to Zoe while keeping Max and Rex oblivious. He has a crush on Zoe, attempting to kiss her twice (both times, Zoe smacked him in the face), but in the end he gets to kiss her on the cheek, much to Max and Rex's chagrin. He holds a sort of rivalry with Max due to his affections for Zoe, but the first time Jim attempted to kiss Zoe, he ended up kissing Max instead after she ducks. He also gets a bit embarrassed when he shows how he doesn't understand advanced technology like radar while others do.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Having crossed the ocean to search the Caribbean Sea in 1718 for a yellow jewel alleged to be able to heal the illness gripping their home village, Jim and his father's ship was burned and sunk by Blackbeard's pirates and British soldiers under a corrupt Army officer trying to get the map they have, looking for the jewel as well.

The pair are chased by the soldiers until a brief distraction by Edmontonia in Dinosaurs of the Caribbean, where Jim runs into Zoe, dragging her along until they and the rest of the D-Team are cornered by pirates and soldiers, his father tripping and getting captured as the four kids escape. Immediately smitten with Zoe, he only tells his story when she asks for it, pulling her aside to ask her to be his girlfirend (being let down easy) and to inform her he has the treasure map. Lurking nearby, Blackbeard overhears this, but Jim throws sand in his face and runs to distract the pirates before Zoe even has a chance to summon Paris. Jim trips, letting Blackbeard catch him and swipe the map, noting the classic beginner's trick of hiding it layered underneath his belt; the map is quickly taken by pet-sized Chomp, who tears it in half when Diceratops steps on it, Gabbro swiping the other half for the pirates as they all leave. Jim discovers the half they kept doesn't show the treasure's location.

In X-treme Map Quest, he and Max argue over whether Chomp should be blamed, but Jim lets himself be distracted by Zoe and tries to kiss her, but she ducks and he ends up kissing Max instead. Soon the Alpha Pirate Ship arrives to help follow the pirates, Jim briefly thinking Blackbeard's ship is actually inside the radar display screen and saying they should just open it up and take the ship out; he gets mad at Max for pointing out his mistake, but tries to ease off and kisses at Zoe again, only to be slapped to the floor. He manages to convince the British Navy Captain who intercepts them that the ship is on a just mission, saving Zoe from falling overboard after the "Notorious Pirate Z" manages to ruin the truce. Following the radar to the second island Blackbeard stops to check, Jim uses the close-up on the back of the map to lead the search, arguing with Max over whether he knows what he's talking about. When they find pirates, Jim leads Zoe the opposite direction as the other boys, winding up on the beach with the rest of Blackbeard's men; Paris has to briefly leave her battle with Diceratops when some pirates try grabbing Jim. He tries to kiss Zoe again after she wins the battle, but she slaps him away, accidentally into Gabbro's arms, and he's taken to Blackbeard's ship. Luckily (or unluckily), Zoe took the map half from him earlier.

He is traded for the D-Team's half of the map in High Sea Chase against his protestations, having wanted them to get the treasure quickly, before being reminded they all have loved ones to look out for. While the others are watching a dinosaur fight during their pursuit of Blackbeard's ship just shy of treasure island, Jim suggests to Max that they sneak onto the ship and get the map back, Zoe summoning the Pteranodon to fly them over. They're quickly spotted, but Jim jumps off to swim aboard, letting Max unwittingly be his distraction. He gets the map halves from Blackbeard, but is stopped by Copper until Max flies by, Jim clinging to the Pteranodon's feet.

Now with the map in Amazing Treasure Race!, Jim leads them to where on the island the map says the treasure should be, continuing to argue with Max over their pace along the way, until they realize the island doesn't resemble the map. As Shear attacks, Jim jumps down onto Blackbeard's ship heading into a tunnel, where it hits a rock spike trigger, making the island sink a ways. He is discovered, but wriggles free to stop Blackbeard shooting a cannonball at the Alpha Pirate Ship. The ship emerges in a river and goes over a waterfall, splintering; Jim is rescued from a wooden plank among the wreckage, but the map getting soaked lets the two halves show one image that matches the new island, Jim quickly identifying the treasure's location. He and the D-Team head to it, but are blocked by Shear, Meg's Hurricane Beat shattering a boulder to delay Jim. Down a ravine, he finds the treasure cave with the healing jewel, the Blue Cosmos Stone, but Shear snatches it with her crescent boomerang.

He is left downtrodden, until the D-Team notices his father on the Navy Captain's nearby ship; they are reunited, both cleared of piracy suspicion, and his father reveals there is still hope for their village because he has a lead on another healing jewel. As the D-Team prepare to teleport out, Zoe, having been turned by his constant kind gestures towards her, gives him a kiss before they vanish, shocking the other boys.


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