Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King
Jim's father

Jim's Father

Mr. Smith is the unnamed father of Jim Smith, featured in the Caribbean Sea arc of Mesozoic Meltdown.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

He and Jim set sail from (presumably) Britain to search for a rumored healing gemstone to cure a sickness in their village, arriving in the Caribbean only to be attacked by Blackbeard, who forced them to abandon ship. At shore, they ran into a corrupt British Army Officer working with Blackbeard, whose soldiers chased them until Edmontonia interrupted.

The Smiths fled with the D-Team until they were cornered by Blackbeard's pirates, Jim's father slipping down a ravine and being captured as the soldiers caught up and forced Jim and the D-Team to flee.

He was eventually released by the British Navy Captain after he arrested the corrupt Officer. With the Blue Cosmos Stone stolen by the Space Pirates, he and Jim set after rumors of another healing gemstone.


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