Dinosaur King

Spectral Armor Isisaurus is an armored version of Isisaurus/Genie used by Shear when under her control.


Anime Stats

Spectral Armor Isisaurus (Genie)

Move Cards

Hydro Cutter
Genie sent three blades of water flying at Terry, Spiny, and Tank, slicing and defeating them.

TCG Stats

Spectral Armor Isisaurus (called Titanosaurus colberti) TCG card (French)

[Aquatic World] Whenever you draw 1 or more cards, draw an additional card.


Mesozoic Meltdown

During the D-Team's storming of the 40 Thieves-controlled palace in Malice in the Palace, Shear used her ship to add Spectral Armor onto Genie and take control of him. After capturing Zahrah, Shear used Genie to fight Terry, Spiny, and Tank in their DinoTector forms, countering Terry's Heat Eruption with Hydro Cutter and then using the same Move to defeat all three of them. He then fought against DinoTector Paris, who used Metal Wing against him, summoning the three Pteranodon, but he knocked them away. After Shear was lassoed by Aladdin and fell, Genie became outraged and defeated Paris (and thereby the Pteranodon) by stomping on her. However, Chomp and Ace were then summoned into their DinoTector forms to battle, combining Ultimate Thunder and Ultimate Wind to defeat Genie, destroying his Spectral Armor, and releasing the Red Cosmos Stone he'd unknowingly eaten at the beginning of the arc. Zoe reclaimed his original card (and Move Card).


  • Genie wears a unique hodgepodge suit of Spectral Armor, consisting of a stegosaur's helmet, a stegosaur's back armor on the underside of his neck, a Grass Dinosaur's back, hip, and tail armor, a Wind Dinosaur's spiked knee pads, and unique unspiked pads on the backs of all his legs.
  • As it appears in the Spectral Armor Shock TCG deck, it doesn't have the ability [Spectral Armor] that most other Spectral Armor Dinosaurs do.


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