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Dinosaur King

Hurricane Beat (Hurricane Beat ("Harikēnbīto") ハリケーンビート) is a Wind Super Move.


Arcade Stats[]

Hurricane Beat

Hurricane Beat arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 3rd Edition)

It is the second Special Attack Move of Wind.

  • Japanese Kanji: 暴風乱打
  • Attribute: Wind
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Strength boost: TBA
  • Technique boost: 100
  • Usage Condition: You have to win at Scissors after a loss to use this Move.
  • Effect: Send a pair of tornadoes to converge on your opponent, lifting them up into the air! Jump up and rapidly kick them in the face, then backflip and smack them away with your tail!


It was only available in the Japanese version.

Anime Stats[]

Wind Move Card back

Hurricane Beat's anime card's front is never seen

TCG Stats[]


Hurricane Beat TCG card

+800; If your opponent's Dinosaur in this battle is a Grass Dinosaur, your opponent loses 2 Life Points after the battle.


  • An anime scene featuring this Move is also seen on the TCG Move Card Spectral Hurricane Beat (Ep. 58).
  • It is one of the few Move Cards of the Space Pirates' that was used by the D-Team/Alpha Gang after reclaiming it from a dinosaur defeat. The other ones were Green Impulse (obtained from Foolscap's Shantungosaurus), Heat Eruption (obtained from Shear's Mapusaurus), Anhanguera Dive (obtained from Foolscap's Pachyrhinosaurus), and Hydro Cutter (obtained from Genie), though it's unknown which dinosaur Terry's Magma Blaster card came from.
    • However, it is also possible that the Hurricane Beat card that Ace later used was a second copy made by Dr. Z was created. This seems believable since the move was powerful enough to destroy the Spectral Armor and Dr. Z has reinforced the previous Moves of the D-Team in order to be more effective in the fight against the Space Pirates.



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