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Helga is often depicted as the scary maid, who is feared by all except for Seth. Any child spotted by Helga is dragged over to study, even if they're the enemy. It is hinted that there will be severe consequences if she finds that they have left their studies, as Rod and Laura instantly flee the scene in episode 27 once Helga appears.


Helga is a robot created by Dr. Z to take care of household chores. However, she seems to be the boss of the other members of the Alpha Gang with the exception of Seth, who seems to be the only member who isn't afraid of her. Dr. Z says that Helga was a "do-it-yourself" kit he bought online[1]. She is also the only other android, alongside Jonathan. Dr. Z has "Helga Underwear", as shown in episode 1.


  • [To Dr. Z about Seth] "Calm down Doctor! Can't you see that Seth is not well? Let him regain his strength and then you can pulverize him."
  • [To Rod and Laura] "Do your homework!"


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