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Helga (タルボーン Talbone) is a robot created by Dr. Z, although this fact isn't known until late in the first season.

Dr. Z also mentions that he didn't actually create Helga. She had come pre-designed from a company and he just put the parts together. Dr. Z didn't realize it may have been a bad idea to choose such a strict personality for her, but he comments that this can be cured with an electrical shock (which nobody, except Seth, dared to do).

In the English dub, she is first voiced by Maddie Blaustein, and later by Mike Pollock.

Character Design[]


Though not certain, Helga's Japanese name, Talbone might be a parody on the "Tailbone" which is the final part of vertebrae in the human skeleton. This name might also be an allusion to the old saying "pain in the tail" which can be supported by Helga being high demanding and very strict, much to everyone's dismay.


Helga is often depicted as the scary maid, who is feared by all except for Seth. Any child spotted by Helga is dragged over to study, enemy or not. It is hinted that there will be severe consequences if she finds that they have left their studies, as Rod and Laura instantly flee the scene in episode 27 once Helga appears. However, she is fiercely protective of Rod and Laura, confronting Seth when she learns his missions for them were not approved by Dr. Z.


  • Superhuman Strength: As an android, Helga possesses a great level of superhuman strength, which is demonstrated when she could temporarily knock a Stegosaurus and a Pentaceratops off their feet with her soup ladle, as well as when she easily threw a giant praying mantis with both of her hands.
  • Superhuman Speed: Helga possesses superhuman speed that enables her to run across the surface of water.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Helga fast enough to deflect nearly all of a Stegosaurus' spike arrows with her soup ladle.
  • Superhuman Durability: Helga is a highly durable android, for she can withstand the brute force of large dinosaurs, a spike arrow, and a collapsing building. She does however have her limits and was temporarily destroyed when Saurophaganax used Fire Scorcher.
  • Expert Cook: Helga is incredibly talented in cooking, and her ability is shown when she defeated Johnny Cook in a match on who can create the best crab and egg fried rice. When malfunctioning, however, her recipes instead resemble a swamp.


Dinosaur King[]

Helga is a robotic maid/cook with a German accent built by Dr. Z to take care of household chores. She accompanies him on Dr. Ancient's mission, being seen to also act as copilot to fellow android Jonathan with the crew's living members in sleeping pods. Though technically working for them, she is able to boss around the other members of the Alpha Gang through her intimidating personality, with the exception of Seth, who seems to be the only member who isn't afraid of her. Dr. Z late on admits that Helga was a "do-it-yourself" kit he bought online. She is also the only other android in the series, alongside Jonathan. Dr. Z has "Helga underwear", as shown in episode 1 when Terry bites his pants, but they are an edit in the dub only.

Though not revealed to be a robot until Mythical Mix-Up, Helga not being human was hinted at many times earlier in the season, such as brushing off lightning strikes (episode 8) and appearing instantly in a doorway after hearing it open from elsewhere in Zeta Point (episode 13), though these were left open to misinterpretation as simple cartoon physics at the time.

Upon realizing in Beast or Famine that Dr. Z didn't know about the missions Seth had been sending Rod and Laura on, she ran across the ocean to Chinatown to confront him, but he shorted her out, leaving her on the dock. Inactive, she wound up in Hollywood to be used as a prop, where she reactivated during Lights, Camera, Destruction!, Rod and Laura bringing her back to Zeta Point, but she was now malfunctioning, vacuuming peoples' faces, cooking akin to toxic waste, and forcing the Alpha Trio to study instead of Rod and Laura.

When Seth's betrayal goes into action, however, he is forced to zap her again, resetting her to her old self, after which she helps Dr. Z and the others escape the risen Backlander by holding off Seth's Saurophaganax, being blasted apart by Fire Scorcher. However, fellow android Jonathan soon finds her pieces and reassembles her, and she frees the D-Team and Alpha Gang after Seth had captured them.

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Helga continues to service the Backlander during its time travels to hunt down the Cosmos Stones, often in the background. She occasionally berates the Alpha Gang into behaving, retrieves the otherwise untouchable Red Cosmos Stone when she dropped down to gather their dusty clothes for laundry, and is the one to accidentally discover the Gel Jarks' weakness to salt when Seth takes over the ship with them. When reminiscing about family recipes, it is also revealed that Dr. Z ordered her kit shortly after his first and only attempt at making brownies.

In the finale, she is damaged saving Dr. Z from the D-Lab after Armatus wrecks it, but is repaired after the Dark Pterosaur is defeated, accompanying the Ancients and Alpha Gang back to the future on the commandeered Space Pirate Ship.


TCG Stats[]

Helga DKAA

Helga TCG card (DKAA)

  • Team: Alpha Gang
  • Card Codes: DKAA-078/100, DKBD-078/100
  • Card Rarities: Common (DKAA, DKBD), Thai Common (JCL)
  • Image From (DKAA): Ep. 38 anime scene
  • Image From (DKBD): Ep. 47 anime scene
  • Image From (JCL): Ep. 78 anime scene
  • Other: There is a Jurassic Clash Character card featuring both Dr. Z and Helga, though its name isn’t clear.
  • Abilities:
(DKAA) Return all Dinosaurs in play to their owners' hands. You can't Dino Slash Dinosaurs for the rest of this turn.
(DKBD) Until the end of this turn, all Dinosaurs lose all abilities and can't gain new abilities. Search your deck for a Move card and put it into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.)
(JCL) {translation uncertain} {Search your deck for a Normal Move and a Super Move. Put 1 card of each type into your hand, then shuffle your deck.} You can include "Terry", "Spiny" and "Tank" in your deck if you are using this Character.


  • (to Rod and Laura in general) "Do your homework!"
  • (to the D-Team after catching them in Zeta Point) "You are children, und children must study."
  • (to Dr. Z after finding Seth again) "Calm down, Doctor. Can't you see zat Seth iz not well? Let him regain his strength und zen you can pulverize him."


  • There is a running gag throughout several episodes of the first season where members of the D-Team often mispronounce Helga's name as Olga, Thelma, Wilma, and Hilda, Helga loudly correcting them.



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