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Hanzo Hattori (Hattori Hanzō) is a samurai and Shogun Tokugawa's right-hand man and bodyguard during the Ancient Japan arc of Mesozoic Meltdown (ep. 63-66), but is loyal to the Shogun's interest's instead of the D-Team's. He is based on his real-life counterpart, and is voiced by Andrew Paull in the English dub.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

In 1572, Hanzo and two other samurai accompany Tokugawa in his search for the Half-Moon Stone in Two Shoguns are Better than One. Their group is attacked by the Kunoichi sent by Takeda, which he tries fighting off before the appearance of Shear and her Gojirasaurus, who chases the Shogun off a cliff and whose scales are impervious to Hanzo's weapons. After the Kunoichi and Hanzo each retreat, he searches for the Shogun only to find Dr. Drake, who looks nearly identical, close enough to pass as Tokugawa until he can find the real Shogun again, escorting him to the Shogun's palace in the next episode. He tries to keep anyone from noticing the difference, smoothing over Dr. Drake's refusal to aid the besieged Futamata Castle because he knew from history it fell by accepting it was likely a lost cause.

Not willing to let this double lead their army into the upcoming battle at Mikatagahara, Hanzo sets out to find the real Shogun in Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!, picking up his trail in search of the Stone, and unknowingly being followed by Gabbro, who knocks him out at the entrance to a cave to find it first. After coming to, he heads in to find the Shogun, bringing news of his double leading a battle and taking both the Shogun and White Cosmos Stone the D-Team discovered towards Mikatagahara despite Zoe's pleas, tossing a smoke bomb to block Gabbro.

After hiding against a tree from Gabbro in There's No Business Like Shogun Business, Hanzo insists they continue to the battle despite Tokugawa wanting to stay as a tree longer. The Shogun agrees once Hanzo apologizes for his rudeness, but he hides them again as a rock from a noise, quickly being discovered by pet-sized Ace. After his description of Dr. Drake's giant needle confirms to Zoe the Shogun double is her father, Tokugawa endorsing their battle skills convinces Hanzo to let them follow, if they can keep up, and he races off with the Shogun on his back. They are soon attacked by the Kunoichi and Shear again, now after the gemstone; he keeps them at bay with midair sword fighting while darting amongst the treetops until the D-Team's dinosaurs distract them. Shear's Spectral Armor Deinonychus go after the dinosaurs and Hanzo, who fights the leader after sending Tokugawa off with the D-Team, losing ground before DinoTector Chomp helps out, but he's left against all of them when the dinos are called off to stop more Space Pirate dinosaurs. He keeps fighting, but the gemstone's palette is sliced out of his bag, quickly grabbing it again and fleeing towards the battle under close pursuit until DinoTector Ace storms through with Ninja Attack, the lead Deinonychus taking one last chance to slice the palette out of his shirt to be grabbed by Shear before it gets defeated by Ace, the Kunoichi retreating with their prize. Hanzo follows the D-Team's dinosaurs charging through Takeda's army in the race to Hamamatsu Fortress, pointing out the efficacy of the preceeding Dr. Drake's orders to keep the gates open and unsettle the pursuing army into backing off. After the D-Team went to look for Dr. Drake, who had already climbed out a window to escape, Hanzo wasn't shown again before they left.


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