Goma is an arcade-only character, appearing in neither the anime nor the DS Game. It is unknown whether Goma appears in the manga.


Goma was first a member of the Spectral Space Pirates, but is now the leader of the Shadow Kingdom. He appears after he finds the defeated Space Pirates. After discovering what happened to his father (grandfather in the Japanese version), Spectre, and his three minions, he decides to challenge the D-Team himself.

In a study of Eocarcharia's power, the A-Team figures out his strategy, he says "Dammit! You're superior in mathematics, aren't you! Huh!"[1]


He owns an altered Eocarcharia It is the most powerful Shadow Empire dinosaur, possessing the Shadow Fire. It can be upgraded into Super Eocarcharia. Omega Eocarcharia has an Element Booster design based on Goma's outfit.


  • Goma pronounced with a shorter "o" sound (ゴマ) means sesame seed in Japanese; the white parts of Goma's hair vaguely resemble sesame seeds.
  • Goma's name in Japanese can be rearranged to reveal another meaning, much like the Alpha Gang team members' Japanese names. His name, Goma (ゴーマ) written backwards and without the accent/hyphen, becomes Mago (マゴ). A kanji character of the same reading is 孫, meaning grandson, referring to his relationship with Spectre (Goma is referred to as Spectre's grandson in the Japanese version).
  • Goma's name may also be a reference to the Legend of Zelda boss, who shares the same katakana (ゴーマ) with him.
  • Goma's appearance closely resembles Max Taylor's despite their personalities being polar opposites; both also receive similar humiliation from their respective fathers' actions.



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