The name of this page is descriptive, as the subject has no known official name.

This unnamed, unreleased Move Card is included in the programming of the Japanese arcade game, but has no legitimate way of accessing it.


  • Names: N/A (unreleased)
  • Attribute: Normal (presumably)
  • Sign: (unknown)
  • Compatibility Tabs: (unknown; possibly All)
  • Usage Condition: (unknown)
  • Effect: A glowing golden bird-like creature flies across the screen and breaks all of your opponent's move buttons, removing their ability to attack this turn! This move can be used up to three times in a game mode before being deactivated until the end of the mode.


This Move was never released as a card, so no artwork exists, though its animation and function were programmed into at least (and likely only) Japanese arcade machines.


  • Though it is a white silhouette too vague to distinguish, the golden bird creature most closely resembles Microraptor, which would be its only card-associated appearance in the franchise. It also appears to be the same shape as featured in the logo for Pterosaur Legends (Japanese name of series 2), which represents the Pterosaur, who also resembles Microraptor.
  • Instead of being a 3D model like all other Assist Move Card Dinosaurs, the golden bird is instead simply a flat image moving across the screen, but not existing in the scene itself. This may be an early rendition that was meant to be improved later, but this is unknown.
  • The activation of this Move resets the 10-second timer the player has to choose their Move in, further muddying its possible activation condition.
  • If one lets the timer run out without choosing a move button, the game will treat it like a tie, despite the opponent not being able to attack.
  • This Move's effect is similar to Critical Block/Shockwave (block one move button) and Move Block (block all Move Cards from triggering), but far more extreme, blocking the opponent from making any attack at all.
  • Being programmed into the arcade but without a released card puts it into a similar position as Siamotyrannus, though at least that dinosaur appeared in other media.



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