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Dinosaur King

Gojirasaurus is now considered a dubious genus because the only bones attributed to it that are distinguishable from other coelophysoids turned out to belong to a rauisuchian.

General Statistics[]


full-sized Gojirasaurus

  • Name: Gojirasaurus quayi
  • Name Meaning: Godzilla Lizard
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Length: 5.5 meters (18 feet)
  • Time Period: Late Triassic (210-201 MYA)
  • Classification: Coelophysoidea
  • Place Found: New Mexico, USA
  • Describer: Carpenter, 1997

Dinosaur King Statistics[]

Arcade Stats[]

Gojirasaurus card

Gojirasaurus arcade card (Japanese 2008 CoroCoro Promo)

  • Attribute: Wind
  • Sign: Rock
  • Strength: 1000
  • Technique: 1100
    • Compatibility: Tab 6
  • Attack:
    • Rock (Critical): 610
    • Scissors/Paper: 395
  • Type: Charge Type
  • Arcade Nickname: スレンダー怪獣 (Slender Monster)
  • Card Rarity: Gold


It was only available in the Japanese version, and only as a special promo card, but it can be used in the English and Taiwanese machines.

  • 2007 CoroCoro Comic Promotional Edition (New; 2007 EX06-竜)

Anime Stats[]

Gojirasaurus card anime

Gojirasaurus anime card

Move Cards[]

Defense Burst
Gojirasaurus absorbs his opponent's incoming Move, condenses it into a ball of energy, and then hits it back at them!

DS Stats[]

Gojirasaurus Desert A

Gojirasaurus DS battle intro

  • Elemental Attribute: Wind
  • Critical Move: Rock
  • Rarity: 1 star
  • Battle Type: Blitz Type
  • Fossil/Move Set: N. American Fossil (European Normal Moves, no LV28/31 Move)
  • Users:
    • (None, player only)
  • Encyclopedia number: D72
  • Other: The Normal Move list it learns from very oddly doesn't match its continent despite only being available by local Fossil; several others don't match, but were either identical to earlier Mystery Fossils or were red ping Fossils using the shared late/postgame Move list of North America. Tangential to this, it is also the only known Dinosaur to not learn any LV28/31 Rarity-based Super Move (among those who learn Super Moves). It is also one of the few Dinosaurs not to be used by a foe.

TCG Stats[]



Gojirasaurus TCG card

This dinosaur gets its name from "Gojira", the Japanese name for "Godzilla." It was extremely large compared to other carnivorous dinosaurs of its time.

Japanese Gojirasaurus[]


Japanese Gojirasaurus TCG card (Thai)

  • Element: Wind
  • Icon: Rock
  • Power: 1400
  • Level: 3
  • Life: 2
  • Card Code: JCL-040/100
  • Card Rarity: Thai Common
  • Image From: Ep. 63 anime scene
  • Abilities:
[Copycat] {translation uncertain} {When this Dinosaur fights, you can discard 1 Wind Dinosaur from your hand. If you do, this Dinosaur gains the ability of the discarded Dinosaur until the end of the battle.}


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

Gojirasaurus was first summoned by Shear during Two Shoguns Are Better Than One in Ancient Japan to attack Tokugawa and his guards for not having the Cosmos Stone, his scales deflecting Hanzo's weapons. Gojirasaurus leapt down after the fleeing Tokugawa and found the D-Team, fighting against Chomp and easily knocking him down with his extreme speed and agility. Even when Ace joined the battle, the D-Team were still outpaced, and Shear giving him his Spectral Armor form only made him even faster, letting him easily down both Chomp and Ace. They then activated their DinoTector forms, Chomp trying to use Plasma Anchor against him, but he countered it with Defense Burst, nearly defeating Chomp with the rebounded attack. However, when Shear was (probably) about to use the Move again, Ace used Hurricane Beat, the tornadoes grabbing Gojirasaurus before he could evade, and the attack destroyed his Spectral Armor and threw him into Shear, knocking her into a tree and giving her amnesia. Weary, Gojirasaurus returned to his card, which was reclaimed by Rex.

Character Design[]


Not much is known about the personality of Gojirasaurus, since he was under the control of the Space Pirates when he fought the D-Team. He seems to be a strong dinosaur for his size because he easily overpowered Chomp and Ace, but his biggest advantage is his speed, dodging attacks and making rapid passing strikes and sneak attacks.


  • Dr. Taylor's arcade comments:
    • Original: とても古い時代の肉食恐竜だ。日本の有名なモンスターから名付けられた。
    • Translation: An earlier carnivore, named after the famous Japanese monster.
  • DS Game Encyclopedia entry: A carnivore from a very early period. It's named after a well-known Japanese monster.
  • Gojirasaurus' only arcade card was the 6th exclusive card in 2007, a promo card from the Japanese 2007 CoroCoro Comic.
  • The name given to Gojirasaurus in the Japanese version, Nightmare, is basically a pun for the ideal of Godzilla in films that impact him as the antagonist or deuteragonist.
  • This is the only dinosaur in the anime from the Triassic Period, and one of the few in the overall franchise.
  • While not the only Common Rare TCG card to also have a Colossal Rare version, Gojirasaurus is the only Colossal Rare dinosaur (in a normal booster deck) to not have any abilities. The only other Colossal without abilities is Triceratops, which had a Colossal Exclusive Collectors' Tin card.
  • Though its fossils weren't found there, it was activated in Japan, the source of its namesake, the famous monster Godzilla/Gojira.



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