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Gobi Village is a location in Asia in the DS game first visited in Chapter 2.


Map - Gobi Village

Gobi Village Map

According to the Teleporter map, it is unsurprisingly located in or around Mongolia. Accessed through the Asian D-Site; it links to South Gobi Plain then East Gobi Plain in Chapter 2. Being a peaceful location, its map is unlocked by default upon gaining access to it, and no drilling spots spawn.

It has 5 buildings: a D-Site (southwest) and Ovi Shop trailer (southeast), the Village Elder's hut (northwest), and two incidental huts (center and northeast). Torr is also in the center, and Blazing Chef Bao's stand is also in the northeast.


Chapter 2

Upon arriving, the player hears about a sleeping sickness striking the dig site near town, which residents blame on the curse of a Dragon following the theft of the Dragon Skull. Upon attempting to exit the open south gate, Rod will challenge the player to try and find the next Stone Fragment in Darkwood Forest first. Torr can upgrade the player's Excavation Radar into the Deluxe Radar in exchange for Bamboo.

Following Rod (1)'s defeat, the sleeping sickness has hit the village itself. The player must acquire the Forest Tree Charm from Darkwood Forest's Woodcutter before they can exit the east gate.

After acquiring the Dragon Skull, the player must return, the Village Elder instructing them to take it to Sprout Lake.

Chapter 3

Following Zander (1)'s defeat, the sleeping sickness has lifted, and new content is available. Torr can now upgrade the player's Deluxe Radar into the Super Deluxe Radar in exchange for the Gemstone.

Chapter 4

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Torr can now upgrade the player's Super Deluxe Radar into the Ultimate Radar for free.


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Set Items[]

The following Key Items are acquired here.

  • Deluxe Radar (recommended; from Torr for Excavation Radar and Bamboo in Chapter 2+)
  • Asian Iron (required; from south gate man for Package in Chapter 2)
  • Super Deluxe Radar (recommended; from Torr for Deluxe Radar and Gemstone in Chapter 3+)
  • Bag Lunch (from Blazing Chef Bao for South Dust Hills kid in Chapter 3+)
  • Tom Yum Goong (from Blazing Chef Bao for Polar Point man in Chapter 4+)
  • Ultimate Radar (from Torr for Super Deluxe Radar in Postgame)
  • Valuable Urn (from northwest courier for Eternal Ice in Postgame, Wire quest 4/4)

The following basic Items can be acquired here.

  • Alpha Stop Drop + (deliver Seed to man by D-Site; repeatable)
  • Ancient Bowl (fetch Hen for Blazing Chef Bao in Chapter 2+; repeatable Chapter 3+)
  • Ancient Bowl (fetch Spring Water for Blazing Chef Bao in Chapter 3+; repeatable)

Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be acquired as set fossils.

  • Mystery Fossils:
    • Rajasaurus S (Crisis, 3 star, Fire); Chapter 2 or later, from center west man after recruiting 2 diggers for new well (repeatable in Chapter 3 onward)


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