Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Giant Insects are a multitude of species of gigantic insects that appeared in the present due to the alteration in the timeline in Bad Deal/The Forestfire Effect.


Mantis Monster teal 1

What happens when plants and insects rule the world.

When Gigas lit a forest fire with Magma Blaster in the Jurassic Period that the D-Team didn't extinguish, the blaze became large enough to wipe out the dinosaurs early by food chain destruction, taking all mammals with them, and leaving only plants and insects to take over the world. This new timeline began overwriting the existing present day by merging new elements into it, such as moving vines growing over everything and massive insects roaming around.

After fixing the Backlander's time circuits and returning to the Jurassic to put the fire out just a few seconds after they and the Space Pirates had left the first time, the timeline alterations reverse themselves, and the giant insects technically never existed anymore, despite everyone in the present day remembering the experience.


A multitude of giant insects are seen briefly, most resembling warped versions of known species (which is accurate, owing to how little insect body plans have changed in hundreds of millions of years). A swarm of brown dragonflies, yellow and purple wasps, and green 10-legged grub-like creatures attack the Backlander, jamming its engines, and forcing Jonathan to electrify the hull to zap them away. On the ground, giant teal and green mantises chase the D-Team and Alpha Gang, respectively; Chomp fights back the teal mantis while Helga stops the green one (because the Alpha Gang forgot to bring any Alpha Scanners with them).


  • The giant wasps share a striking similarity to the Pokémon Mega Beedrill, despite that specific form of Beedrill not being released until six years later.


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