Dinosaur King

Monk Genzo Sanzo Hoshi (typically just Sanzo Hoshi or Sanzo) was a well-known and well-respected monk encountered in the Ancient China arc of Mesozoic Meltdown. He is voiced by David Lapkin in the English dub.


Being a proponent of harmony with and within the Universe, he is opposed to all forms of fighting and violence, even to the point of attempting to intervene in the D-Team's battles with the Space Pirates.

Character Design

He is always seen wearing white and yellow robes, usually with a similarly colored hat. His earlobes are very elongated, and his head is bald.


Mesozoic Meltdown


  • Sanzo and his adventuring with the D-Team are similar to (and seemingly intended to have unintentionally inspired) the story of "Journey to the West", featuring Shwan-dzang/Xuanzong (Sanzo), his horse (Sanzo's horse he acquires from a village), the Monkey King (Max), Sandy (Rex), and Pigsy (Zoe). The D-Teams' similarities to these characters are noticed and pointed out by Max and Rex (Zoe isn't happy with her character parallel).


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