Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Futaba Super Cannon (Futaba Mega Cannon フタバメガキャノン in Japanese; Futabasaurus Cannon in the English arcade and DS) is a Water Move Card.


Arcade Stats[]

It is the first Special Attack Move for Water.

Water Move Futaba Mega Cannon

Futaba Mega Cannon arcade card (Japanese Kakushin 2nd Edition)

  • Names:
    • Japanese Kanji: 双葉大砲 (Futaba Mega Cannon)
    • English: Futabasaurus Cannon
    • Taiwanese: 雙葉加農砲
  • Attribute: Water
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Strength boost: 400
  • Technique boost: 100
  • Usage Condition: This Move activates when you win with Scissors after a win.
  • Effect: Summon a Futabasaurus who shoots a powerful jet of water from its mouth at your opponent!


Anime Stats[]

Futaba Super Cannon card

Futaba Super Cannon anime card


Dinosaur King[]

The Futaba Super Cannon card was found by the Alpha Trio in a Card Capsule in a mine in Japan when searching for Alpha Metal during A Miner Disaster. They had Spiny use it against the D-Team, summoning Futabasaurus and defeating Ace in one hit, but Tank accidentally hit Futabasaurus in the neck with her tail club, causing him to sink back into its puddle and disappear from the battle.

The plesiosaur somehow ended up in a nearby lake, where he befriended Zoe after she had Paris use Nature's Blessing to heal his injured neck. However, when Tank and Spiny were called back, Futabasaurus returned to his card too, and Zoe got ahold of the card. Later when she used Paris to battle Spiny, Tank burst through a wall next to her, making her drop the card. Ursula retrieved the card and used it again, almost defeating Chomp, but Paris healed him with Nature's Blessing. Futabasaurus remembered Paris healing it with the same Move earlier and realized which side it should be fighting for, turning on the Alpha Gang. It defeated Tank in one hit after she hit him with her tail club again, and knocked Spiny away when he tried attacking Paris. It then defeated Spiny in one hit, but as Spiny was the one using his card, he also returned to his card in the process, allowing Zoe to reclaim the card.

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

It was used again in High Sea Chase by Ursula to counter the Ophthalmosaurus summoned by Jobaria's Ocean Panic, Futabasaurus blasting them away from Spiny. It then drew them away from the fight and eventually lured them into the path of Spiny's Ultimate Water.


  • The puddle of water Futabasaurus springs from to attack in the anime appears out of nowhere on the ground, much like the arcade game, though it forgoes this when there is already a suitable body of water nearby.
    • In the anime, however, the puddle accumulates from nowhere on the surface of the ground before acting like there's more water underneath it when Futabasaurus emerges, whereas in the arcade game the surface of the ground bursts away to reveal an underwater puddle.



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