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Euro Town is a location in Europe in the DS game first visited in Chapter 1.


Map - Euro Town

Euro Town Map

Map - Euro Town (east gate)

Euro Town (east gate) Map

According to the Teleporter map, it may be located in or around Ukraine or west Russia. Accessed through the European D-Site; it links to North Euro Plain then South Euro Plain in Chapter 1, then unlocks the East Gate just before Chapter 4, which only contains a Teleporter to reach Antarctica. Being a peaceful location, both its maps are unlocked by default upon gaining access to their areas, and no drilling spots spawn.

It has four buildings: a D-Site (southeast) and Ovi Shop (northeast), the Mayor's house (southwest), and the house visited by Africa's Fresh Air quest (northwest). Doc is also in the southeast, and Dinoman is also in the southwest.


Chapter 1

Upon arriving, the player must speak to the D-Site's Branch Head so that the man guarding the north gate will let them leave in pursuit of the kidnapped son of another resident in North Euro Plain. Returning victorious, they will be directed into the D-Site to meet Minmi and learn about Fossil cleaning. Also being gifted the Broken Radar, they are directed to Doc, who tells them to retrieve the Broken Drill from the North Mine before upgrading them into the Excavation Radar and Mass-Produced Drill. Players must return to present the Family Photo to the Mayor's son.

After clearing the North Dig Site, electrical power has been cut to Euro Town, the Mayor opening the south gate for the player.

Chapter 2

Following Ed (1)'s defeat, power has been restored and new content is available. Doc can now upgrade the player's Mass-Produced Drill into the Custom Drill in exchange for Asian Iron.

Chapter 3

Doc can now upgrade the player's Custom Drill into the Special-Order Drill in exchange for the Superalloy.

After clearing North America, the Alpha Gang's Headquarters is discovered in Antarctica; arriving in Euro Town, the east gate has been unlocked, and the player must use its Teleporter to reach Polar Point.

Chapter 4

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After starting the postgame story, the player is sent to Euro Town again as a starting point; this is the only location the player can reach from the D-Lab manually. Doc can now upgrade the player's Special-Order Drill into the Master's Drill for free.


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Set Items[]

The following Key Items are acquired here.

  • Broken Radar (required; from D-Site Branch Head, trade to Doc for Excavation Radar in Chapter 1)
  • Excavation Radar (required; from Doc for Broken Radar in Chapter 1)
  • Mass-Produced Drill (required; from Doc for Broken Drill in Chapter 1)
  • Custom Drill (required; from Doc for Mass-Produced Drill and Asian Iron in Chapter 2)
  • Paint (from Mayor to fix sign in South Euro Plain in Chapter 2+)
  • Special-Order Drill (required; from Doc for Custom Drill and Superalloy in Chapter 3)
  • Video Letter (from woman by D-Site for Antarctic Ice in Chapter 4+)
  • Master's Drill (from Doc for Special-Order Drill in Postgame)

The following basic Items can be acquired here.

  • 500 chell (from southwest woman for Small Dino Drink from Shop in Chapter 1+)
  • Alpha Stop Drop + (from boy by Shop for Knightia Fossil in Chapter 1+; repeatable in Postgame)
  • Medium Dino Drink (from northwest house with Fresh Air in Postgame)

Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be acquired as set fossils.

Dinoman (he isn't Dr. Taylor, he swears it) stands in the southwest corner of town, waiting for the player to fill their Dinosaur Encyclopedia to varying degrees (regular Dinosaurs only, Helper and EX Dinosaurs don't count) before awarding them Mystery Fossils; though many of them are available elsewhere, they may be easier to acquire through him. While Dinoman's Fossils can be acquired at any time, unless the player is trading with another game, they will only have access to enough Dinosaur Fossils to fill their Encyclopedia after certain points in the story.
  • Mystery Fossil Alioramus R (Counterstrike, 1 star, Fire); 10 entries (earliest is Chapter 2+), also in Wanderwood Forest (late Chapter 2+)
  • Mystery Fossil Edmontonia S (Defense, 4 star, Earth); 20 entries (earliest is Chapter 2+), also elsewhere in Euro Town (early Chapter 2+) and in Alpha Gang Depot (mid Chapter 3+)
  • Mystery Fossil Iguanodon S (Defense, 3 star, Grass); 30 entries (earliest is Chapter 3+), also in Polar Point (Chapter 4+)
  • Mystery Fossil Euoplocephalus R (Crisis, 6 star, Earth); 45 entries (earliest is Chapter 3+), also in Alpha Gang Base (mid Chapter 3+) and through Stone Circle (Postgame)
  • Mystery Fossil Mapusaurus R (Super Crisis, 6 star, Fire); 55 entries (earliest is Postgame), exclusive
  • Mystery Fossil Eoraptor Lunensis S (Attack, 6 ?'s, Mystery); 72 entries (all), exclusive
    • Due to the Nintendo WiFi shutdown, one of the main 72 Dinosaurs, Megaraptor, is no longer legitimately available to new players, making Eoraptor also unobtainable.


  • The road layout of Euro Town resembles a Japanese character "土", meaning earth or soil. This being the layout of the small, first town location is a possible parallel to Pokémon's Twinleaf Town, first featured in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl which released several months earlier than the Dinosaur King DS game.


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