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Dinosaur King

An Element Booster is a device that gives a suit of armor to a dinosaur, although the D-Team and Alpha Gang are the only ones who actually call them by the name "Element Boosters"; for convenience, it is the generic term on this Wiki.

DinoTector Armor[]

Element Boosters

Dr. Z's Element Boosters (as seen in There's No Place Like Rome)

The Element Boosters (English and Japanese) were created by Dr. Z in There's No Place Like Rome, using the information gathered from a piece of the Spectral Armor left behind by Torvosaurus at the beginning of the arc, and after going through a prototype or two. They are small devices that look like dinosaur heads and are connected to the inside of an extended Dino Bracer (Dino Holder v.2) or a spring-down tray on the bottom of an Alpha Scanner to activate, generating a suit of Element-themed DinoTector Armor on the dinosaur summoned by the same device. Each suit of DinoTector Armor is a unique arrangement of lightly covering metal-crystal blended plates, varying in color and design based on the Element it was designed for. Also, Ultimate Moves can only be used when Element Boosters have been activated. Owing to the Boosters' shapes, it's possible they are only compatible with the six main dinosaurs, though they are never tested for others.

This form of armor is "anchored" onto the dinosaur by three (in Tank's case, just two) small spheres the color of the dinosaur's Element that are in the armor on the dinosaur's forehead and either their shoulders, sides, or hips (or Tank's tail club). Going along with Mesozoic Meltdown's more "minimal" focus on dinosaurs, the transformation cutscenes for each suit of armor are shown in full exactly once in the entire series, in their debut episodes, everything later cutting immediately to the final pose, sometimes after the headgear appears in the same shot. Amazing Treasure Race shows a mashup of clips from the D-Team's three sequences as they armor up together, the only time any part before the headgear appearing is repeated onscreen.

The armor's name, "DinoTector", is a combination of "Dinosaur" and "Protector". The TCG spells it with a lowercase "t" as "Dinotector".

In the arcade game, special DinoTector Dinosaur cards have two different barcodes, white and orange. The white barcode scans in the dinosaur as normal, and an unarmored version fights, filling up a bar along the bottom every time they win or tie. The armor meter bar generally charges in 5-6 wins or ties, ties likely giving slightly less progress than wins. The bar charges even if an attack is stopped by Dino Stuffer or the like and causes no damage. Extra damage dealt by Assist or After-effect Moves etc. doesn't charge the bar any further. When the bar fills, the player is given a prompt with 20 seconds to swipe the orange barcode, which will apply the dinosaur's armor; the next win will activate their built-in Ultimate Move. If the meter is charged by the win/tie that defeats the first dinosaur in a 2v2 match, the armor prompt will appear after the second dinosaur enters the fight. If the prompt is rejected, the armor bar loses a small amount of charge; refusing twice in a row empties the armor bar completely.

In the TCG, Dinotector Armor dinosaurs are Special Dinosaurs requiring a specific Character card to allow each named main dino in one's deck, and the armored forms can only be Dino Slashed by being placed on top of a small form of the same dinosaur that has the [Dinotector On] ability. This ability and armored forms are included in every wave from the Dino Slash Starter and Dinotector Showdown onward.

Spectral Armor[]

Spectral Dinosaur Mark

Spectral Dinosaur brand (seen on Torvosaurus)

Spectral Armor (Jark Armor in Japanese) is used by the Spectral Space Pirates (likely invented by Seth) and is activated by placing a grayscale version of the dinosaur card on their unnamed Dino Holder devices. Its appearance is purple armor with hexagon patterns and pentagon-shaped "scales", with glowing pink crystal spikes and flowing red and yellow "veins". All Spectral Armor has a similar aesthetic but varies in shape, size, and arrangement for the Element and approximate body style of each dinosaur, as well as individual details.

This form of armor is "anchored" onto the dinosaur by three small, flat crystals bearing the Space Pirate's mark. These appear on the dinosaur's forehead and shoulders/sides even when their armor isn't equipped, to show them as Space Pirate dinosaurs. Not only do they facilitate the addition of Spectral Armor, they also seem to control the dinosaur's mind (as seen with Genie).

In the anime, a dinosaur with Spectral Armor will have a card where the typical gray of a Dinosaur Card is replaced with a dark purple. Placing this on the Space Pirate's Dino Holders will drain the card's color and summon the dinosaur. Using the grayscale card then adds the armor (as explained above). When defeated, the armor shatters away, freeing them from Space Pirate control.

Seth later created a new kind of Spectral Armor, but it was too powerful for any regular dinosaur, so he altered Gigas, Armatus, and Maximus to withstand using it, who each have a unique armor design that correlates to its built-in Move Card. Brontikens's Spectral Armor also correlates to its built-in Move. These cards feature the dinosaurs wearing their armor in the image and will immediately summon the dinosaur with armor. Furthermore, the armor cannot be destroyed: when the dinosaur gets defeated, the armor will return to the card with its wearer. These dinosaurs are not seen without their armor during the series (aside from chibi Brontikens, who already shows the Space Pirate marks).

This powerful Spectral Armor is the only type appearing in the arcade game. Special Spectral Armor Dinosaur cards work like DinoTector Dinosaurs with white and purple barcodes, fighting without armor to fill a bar, then swiping the purple barcode to apply the armor. When facing them as special arcade mode bosses, they start with their armor-charge bar about halfway full. A translated official arcade strategy page claims that dinosaurs wearing Spectral Armor aren't treated as having an Element for defensive purposes, meaning that Super Moves of the stronger Element don't cause increased damage like they normally would.

In the TCG, most Spectral Armor dinosaurs are regular Dinosaurs, but the main dinosaurs are Special Dinosaurs. In either case, the armored forms can only be Dino Slashed by being placed on top of an unarmored version of any variant of the same dinosaur. The regular Spectral Armor dinosaurs use the ability [Spectral Armor] (most of the time), while the main dinosaurs have unarmored forms with [Spectral Slash]. Several Spectral Armor dinosaurs are original to the TCG.

Omega Armor[]

Omega Armor (written Jark Armor Ω, or "Spectral Armor Omega") is worn by Goma's Eocarcharia. It looks like metal bones and is yellow in color. It is only seen in the arcade game.

This form of armor is "anchored" onto Eocarcharia the same way Spectral Armor is, as it is really a special form of Spectral Armor. Its arcade card also works the same way as other armored dinosaurs.

Ultimate Moves[]

Ultimate Moves are a generic name for any kind of Move Card that can only be used by a dinosaur equipped with Element Boosters, though only the D-Team and Alpha Gang's include the word "Ultimate" in their names.

In the arcade, they function as built-in Moves for Armored Dinosaurs that don't count towards the 3-Move Card maximum; they are generally powerful enough to defeat even a full health dinosaur in one hit. A bar along the bottom of the game screen incrementally fills each time you damage your opponent, and armor is applied when the bar is full (as explained above); the Ultimate Move is used in the next round you win (however long it takes), and the bar then empties to "recharge" the Move again (seemingly much faster now), the armor remaining for the duration of the battle. The Ultimate Moves are the only Moves that Armored Dinosaurs can use when the DinoTector/Spectral Armor is activated, all other Moves (Normal or Super) being deactivated in this form, leaving only the default attacks.

In the anime, only the D-Team and Alpha Gang Ultimate Moves have cards, while for the Space Pirates they are simply a function of the armor triggered directly from their hexagon summoners. Unlike the arcade, the armored dinosaurs can use other Moves while their Armor is active.

The TCG only initially included the D-Team and Alpha Gang's Ultimate Moves, and treats them as basic Super Moves for all dinosaurs that give a higher Power boost if the corresponding Dinotector Dinosaur uses it; the Space Pirates' Ultimate Moves are included later as basic Super Moves, most available only to Spectral Armor Dinosaurs of the Element but gaining an added bonus if used by their signature dinosaur, though one is exclusive to its signature user. There are also six other TCG-only Super Moves with "Ultimate" in their names from a far earlier wave that can only be used by level 6 Dinosaurs, but are unrelated to armor.

The D-Team and Alpha Gang's Ultimate Moves are Ultimate Thunder, Ultimate Wind, Ultimate Leaf, Ultimate Fire, Ultimate Water, and Ultimate Earth. The Space Pirate's Ultimate Moves are Spectral Lancer, Spectral Stinger, Spectral Punisher, Spectral Destroy, and Omega Phoenix.